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  1. No question in my mind. I’d go original. Look how good they are after a lot of use. Grease well upon assembly.
  2. Engine had a burnt valve at 72,000 miles. Valve was replaced with a good used one and the others were lapped. A set of rings were thrown in also after honing the cylinders. Bearings were right in the middle of specs and reused. That was over 40 years ago. I’ve owned the car since 1975. I change oil when it gets a bit dark and lube everything then also. Paint is original to the car as well.
  3. My engine looked tired so I thought I’d give it a quickie rebuild. Before After Total cost approximately $1.00 CDN. 🤪 As I said, it looked tired but even with 102,000+ miles it still runs just fine. I was changing out a water pump so I thought I’d take the opportunity to spruce the old girl up with a bit of silver paint. Engine is original to my ‘53 Plymouth.
  4. If the car is the one shown in your profile, it seems a shame to modify a beautiful car like that. Is the original engine broken? Unless you have great fabrication skills or the money to pay someone else, you could end up with a project car that’s never finished.
  5. I just fully drained my block today. Want to get the radiator checked and change a bad water pump. Drain is between the distributor and oil filler tube. Mine drained perfectly which pleasantly surprised me as they are often plugged with crud. I will add new anti-freeze when I refill the cooling system.
  6. Most likely Australia. Note the right hand drive. Australia was known for its utes.
  7. The machinist I have had do some work on my cars has absolutely no time for speedi-sleeves. Says they are way too thin but may be ok for vehicles that get low miles but not daily runners. He wouldn’t put a Speedi-sleeve on the same hub as shown above. He machined the hub and made his own thicker sleeve to bring it back to original specs. Very reasonable on price as he likes working on old car stuff. I’m lucky although I think he has retired now. He had his own business for years but sold out to a big outfit and ran their shop. He did small jobs like mine on his own time. He’s a real character and very proud of his trade!
  8. A member in my car club has that Chev………or one just like it.
  9. Ditto. Solder and shrink wrap. Then I know it will outlast me and probably the car!
  10. Coupe windows can be different than sedans. This is certainly true of the Plymouth P15 sedans and club coupes.
  11. Here’s the forecast 🤬😵‍💫 for where I live, Lethbridge, Alberta. We have had a very mild winter so far thanks to El Niño. However, for some reason, we are going to suffer due to a Polar Vortex occurring. Apparently highly unusual during an El Niño year. It looks to last four or five days. Temperatures are in Fahrenheit for those unfamiliar with Celsius. Both Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same at -40.
  12. A factory shop manual for any car with the Sissons choke will also explain how to set it properly. I have two cars with Sissons chokes and the chokes work perfectly if set as directed.
  13. I’m 75 next month with good health so far. However, when people complain about getting old I have a simple reply. “Getting and/or being old means you didn’t die young or die in middle age.” If possible, enjoy the fact you are alive on our wondrous planet! As mentioned above, it’s better than the alternative.
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