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  1. Hahaha so funny,, When I go to a show & shine meeting,, I blackout the ''Do not'' on the sign that said, ''do not touch' so peoples can enjoy it,,
  2. This was I ordered this summer from Amazon , works perfect,, CTA Tools 2049 Square Head Drain Plug Sockets, 2-Piece Set Designed to Service female Square Plugs Set Includes 8-Millimeter and 10-Millimeter Sockets Applications Include: BMW, Ford, Toyota and Renault Vehicles Use with a 3/8-Inch Square Drive Heavy-Duty Construction Allows for Strength and Durability CTA Tools 2049 Square Head Drain Plug Sockets, 2-Piece Set : Amazon.ca: Automotive
  3. hi you all. Is there a way to stop the right side hubcap to walk or move toward the tire valve and bend it???
  4. Hi, its this time of the year again to start thinking about it,, Where the summer went.. I was readings in an article on winter storage, pretty well standard stuff, except for one thing.. To open the doors and trunk slightly, to give the rubber seals a change to relax!! What do you think on that or anyone as tried it??
  5. Talking about the fuel gauge, it is always moving when you are down from the full mark, it move with the motion for the car and bumps.etc.. If it is normal ? will this wear out he fuel gauge mecanism after a while,,?? any maintenance with light oil to the dash fuel gauge or something like that. or is it a problem with the fuel sender?? or finally '' live it alone '' lol
  6. I found an article about the eternal question, How Fast Should I Drive It?, especially for the younger collectors.. Interesting in the way ours engines are built compared to others brands.. .Plymouth First Decade: How Fast Should I Drive? (ply33.com)
  7. Hi, I have a hard time to figure out the gas mileage on my 51 Dodge with a 251, 3 speeds, and a 3.9 axle, It does idle more often & longer than my modern car, mainly for maintenance and at show (peoples want hear how quiet the engine is,, 😂). But the last time I check it was around 15/16mpg(us) combined,, and the city traffic up-here is light and I drive 45-50 mph on secondary road, I should be happy with 15mpg, but with 1,000miles a year it is hard to figure it right,, but since I will be going to the 2022 P15 pinic in N.H... a 350 miles ride one way,, sure will be able to figure out the MPG a lot easier,, Here a thread from 2017 about Fuel economy,,
  8. There is this site who helps find Ethanol-free gas station across North-American, up here on the eastern part of Canada, most 91/94 octane gas sold by well-know gas station is Ethanol-free, and lucky for me the Costco in my town sell 87 & 91 Ethanol-free,, As for the price,, as today,, with all the calculations it turn-out to be about $5.22 a US gallon, and Monday it will go up again, the radio just said, Montréal is already at the $2 mark a litre,, ($5.88us).. wow that's crazy; on my 51 Dodge, I used 87 at Costco and 91 every where else.. here the link,, up to date I don't know?? Ethanol-free gas stations in the U.S. and Canada (pure-gas.org)
  9. Look like that video was made when you rebuilt an engine, and you only have the ''HOT"" setting supplied by the cam compagnies,, this 'cold'' setting could be a ballpark setting for the first start??? but I like the last paragraph , it makes more sense,, You can take the “hot” setting given to you in your cam manufacturer’s catalog or cam specification card and alter it by the following amount to get a “cold” lash setting: • Iron Block Iron Heads – Add .002? • Iron Block Aluminum Heads – Subtract .006? • Aluminum Block Aluminum Heads – Subtract .012? Remember this correction adjustment is approximate and is only meant to get you close for the initial start up of the engine. After the engine is warmed up to its proper operating temperature range, you must go back and reset all the valves to the proper “hot” valve lash settings.
  10. I'm Register and I will get my Dodge in top shape this summer for the 350 miles trip , one way,,,. Hope to see you all there..
  11. Welcome to the world of flatheads and 6v electrical system Mike,, And also to the best forum on the subjet... I did the same thing..The Mopar from the 60's & 70's no problems. But I want something different, out of my comfort zone,, so I bought a 51 Dodge Crusader,, no regrets at all,, so easy to maintain, to fix, parts are still fairly cheap and plentyfull. and most of all, so must fun to drive!!!
  12. WOW! I checked the area on google map,, What a beautifull area, must have nice!! I remember we used to get logs with our semi-trailer from a place near Middleburg, n.y.. on US30,, and also many travels from Albany to Binghamton on Inter 88.. But it's all hills, so no problems with the cars then??
  13. Greg ,, a head gasket,??, are they prone to blow, I will get one, they are not expensive, I got every thing else.. thank you.. I like to go to the Picnic next summer, I was thinking about trailering My Dodge across the Border with my Pick-up, I couls save 120 miles of bad road!! lol !! then unload it around Newport, Vermont, and drive to the picnic.., but will see still a few months away...
  14. Yes indeed!!! It's cooler than the summer's 100F,, You are so lucky, Keep on driving mopar..,
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