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  1. HAHA ride free in the wind,, must be a blast!!! well done, looks like you going down the road at a pretty good clip..(speed)
  2. It's always a real pleasure to see and hear those Mopar being resurrected ans taking care of,, Congrats Nick
  3. WOW!! Great story about the BandShell, older than your Dodge !! lol and the Commercials about Winona in Winona ,, so funny and there more than one video of Big game 2020, I remenber the 3 seasons on Nexflix called ,, FARGO (the series),, set in Minnesota and North Dakota,, just can wait for the fourth seasons. The show is inspired by 1996 film.. Thank you for sharing a piece of history about area..
  4. You can go to this site http://www.imperialclub.com/Repair/Lit/Master/ and go to session 062., it is called : 1953 Chrysler Service Book - Oil And Grease Seals (Session 62) here are direct link , http://www.imperialclub.com/Repair/Lit/Master/062/index.htm. there is also a video of it at http://www.imperialclub.com/Repair/Lit/Films/index.htm and youtube also.. and bonus with Master tech, it is entretaining , I rewatched almost all of them during the confinement, But I think the best info is from the members of this site!! I can not name one without naming them all!! lol
  5. HI Worden 18, that could be you're next story,, new muffler day! lol And yes it sound great,, Keithb7 , I should video my car exhaust with engine running,, it does sound different on film than in reallity ,, isn't it?? but that's me,,, keep up the good work and the topic..
  6. lepic56


    I found a pic of a vintage Hush-Thrush, that's how I remenber them,, and on the Thrush W,E,B, site the new one looks problally better built and they have so many models now.. Sniper ..Thank's for the menories,,
  7. WOW!! very nice and love the color match,, well done !! Keep-it up!!
  8. WOW what a great way to start the month of may.. To the newly wed,, "Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness." And Congrats to the parents of both famillies,, What a excellent ways to used our old cars,, everybody is in a festive mood and love older Mopar .. I used my 51 once ,, so far, for a 25th wedding anniversary , and we were suppose to drive our grand-daughter for her high-school graduation party.. but because of Covid-19,, it all cancelled or report to an other date,,
  9. HI The distributor cap worried me.. All the firing was made from the right side of the wire tower, even the contact at 6 o'clock is almost new. Look like the rotor is sending the firing voltage just before it line=up with the wire contact.. Maybe to much avance or retard on the timming of the firing.. cause by ?? maybe , like keithb7 said .. you're Pentronix system as something or it simply off center on the sub-plate and plate ?, or bad static timming ? anyway let us know what you find,,
  10. lepic56


    Sniper , you have done an excellent job & patience.. with all the videos of different systems.. thank you!! Now Question?? If I installed a turbo muffler or something similar, on a single exhaust bone stock 230, will I get a better performing engine??? or just for sound??
  11. Wow, like Falconvan said,, Quite an Undertaking ,,it is a labor of love !! lol But very nice result, keep it up and show us with pics,,
  12. Wow!! Nice Mopar,, Welcome to the Forum,
  13. Is the new garage bigger?? ,also we don,t see your 48 B1D driven often,,??
  14. OMG ,, I did not know that,, I learn something new ,, even at 63yrs old..lol.. I will check on that also.
  15. Hi John lucky you , the snow is all gone.. here almost all gone,, but the cold weather won't leave us,, still around 32 f , too cold for the end of april.. but soon we will ride in a Dodge.. lol
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