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  1. WOW! I checked the area on google map,, What a beautifull area, must have nice!! I remember we used to get logs with our semi-trailer from a place near Middleburg, n.y.. on US30,, and also many travels from Albany to Binghamton on Inter 88.. But it's all hills, so no problems with the cars then??
  2. Greg ,, a head gasket,??, are they prone to blow, I will get one, they are not expensive, I got every thing else.. thank you.. I like to go to the Picnic next summer, I was thinking about trailering My Dodge across the Border with my Pick-up, I couls save 120 miles of bad road!! lol !! then unload it around Newport, Vermont, and drive to the picnic.., but will see still a few months away...
  3. Yes indeed!!! It's cooler than the summer's 100F,, You are so lucky, Keep on driving mopar..,
  4. Great Idea, I have one laying around,, thank you
  5. It could be early for some, but October is a good time to thing about it.. be prepare, I saw snow on the weather channel, and it is coming this way.. lol excellent link,, the first link of course is our forum, started by desoto1939 in 2020, witch fine tune any other link below.. second link, Hagerty write-up and the third,, a video, not bad either Enjoy,, and tell us what could be missing or you do different... https://www.hagerty.com/media/maintenance-and-tech/step-by-step-guide-to-winterizing-your-car/
  6. Will you used Regular 87 or Premiun 91 fuel (all ethanol free of course) to do the timing, or you just do the adjustments with the type of fuel you used all the times??
  7. What kind or brand of products can you applied on your weather seals to keep them soft & new,, like door, windows etc,, , My father used Vaseline on the door seal, is it still good to used vaseline ?? or some silicone spray from the store,, ??
  8. When I bought my 51 Dodge Crusader, I thought it was a long-block 218 cu in so I should had the by-pass housing, I did worry for awhile, but I saw the label on the side of the block ,, ''Industrial engine 251 cu,in.'' and of course because of the great help on this forum, I find out my set-up what ok,, never overheat in 3 years. But next year, I will do the 3 engine/trans mounts replacement, timing cover gasket & seal, and of course the full cooling system maintenance as per the shop manual..
  9. My 251 cu,in. in my Dodge after I adjusted the valves ,this summer, did the same thing,, maybe one is too loose but like greg g it is better a little on the loose side than too tight,, after this long winter, I will get an other go at it.. and also I will do the timing with a vacuum gauge..
  10. just wondering,, is the old Tstat is a by-pass style and the new one isn't??? I think the thermostats housing are not the same,, on my 251 , I have a newer style,, like the one on the right, Here are the different style, first by-pass and second regular,, but I forgot to mention my 251 in my Dodge is an Industrial engine, maybe that's why I have a regular housing???,
  11. Thank you all for your answers,, after reading this and other topics on brake up-date, (dual MC, disks and all..). The Dodge is bone stock , the brake system works excellent and I used it only on roads with a speed limit of 55 or less, so if I keep my stock brake systems in top shape, I should be ok for a long time,, Maybe change the brake fluid every 2 years, since there is so much temperature variation during the year and humid too!! And it wouldn't hurt to do a good check-up on the brake system at the same time. I should invest in a good set of seat belts instead!! LOL.
  12. I Have a 1951 Canadian Dodge (Plodge) lol.. with a stock master cylinder that has 2 outlets, I consider installing a combination valve to added safety. It wont help if my master cylinder fails but it will help if I blow a line between the valve and the front or rear brakes. Question is anybody has try it and what brand of car did it came from.??
  13. Thank you all for the great advises, I will change the seal & gaskets, I have a speedi sleeve on order.., anyway these cars are so easy (most of the time) & fun to fix.. thank you all again
  14. Is anybody have used this product, Blue Devil oil stop leak,, with success. I used it on my 251, because of a timing cover seal leak,, it seems to be worse???
  15. Code: 178598393142974904 Your code expires on September 5, 2021, 12:00 Midnight CT, so do not wait!
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