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    1936 dodge 1/2 ton truck in storage since 1987. Engine is running now. P-23 acquired 2 years ago that is a project.

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    Born 1955 Sacramento,CA BA Chico State Ma,MFA UNM,NM
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    Restarting working on mopars. Printmaking. Restoring old house in country and helping sculptor wife

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  1. Hello. Want to apologize for an inaccurate response to the gas tank straps for your Woodie. I apparently don’t know my Woodie knowledge. I have a P-15 update manual and it showed a picture of the underside floor pan areas. I thought perhaps a doner pan could work for the time being until you could resolve the strapping issue. After seeing the new pictures which was cool to see.... lol I must have been excited at my own endeavor. Good luck getting that tank set up!
  2. And... this is the tank from that parts car. I am taking a chance of trying to clean it out myself. First rinsing with diesel and then some lacquer thinner. After that I will throw in a good laundry detergent. Last rinse will be diesel again. That should free up that old gas-varnish. Hopefully. Trying to send that last photo of the other side of that tray assembly but it’s too big. I’ll take another pix if you want. Let me know. R
  3. Sorry that the pix rotates but you can see the back trunk area where I cut it out. I wanted the exact template so I can transfer the tank and strap assembly to my ‘36 dodge truck after I refabricate the plate.
  4. Hello. I am a new member who hasn’t shown up lately but I’m trying to catch up. I recently cut out the back floor panel holding the straps to the gas tank. It is a parts car, a P-23. I can only send one pix at a time but can send 2 more to show how the straps were attached. Rodney
  5. Awesome stories! Ahh, the term “sales territory” brought back memories as my dad was on the road a lot in the 60’s and 70’s. 1-2 weeks was normal. His station wagon was always loaded down. We used to go to the drive-in in those company car station wagons. I was always in my pajamas as a young kid in the back. Lot of fords. As a momento I have his “Smokey the bear” cigarette butt extinguisher head with the magnet that held it to the metal dash.
  6. Thanks for rotating that. I grew up in Sacramento and my dad’s territory was everything north of Bakersfield to southern Oregon and a lot of Nevada. Yes, I was used to seeing exhaust pipes and hanging mufflers on the walls. Fan belts and hoses. Counter with a knowledgeable guy/s behind it who always knew my dad’s name. They talked shop. Then there were the shelves of stuff going into the back and many times the machine shop was back there. And don’t forget the parts catalogs. Their bibles. I kept some of them as a momento. My dad was always on the lookout for old dodge parts and he found the
  7. I came across a poem that is too good to keep to myself. My dad was a factory salesman back in the day who used to travel to many parts stores from the 50’s to the 70’s. He took the orders, came back with correct parts, did changeovers etc. He was also known as the “wire guy” on the road. I used to go with him as a kid to the many parts stores (before big box of today) and to the warehouse itself. Up to the day he died he could recite a parts number. Amazing. When I go to Napa or whatever I think about how it used to be. Sorry it is sideways!
  8. Brilliant! The parking cable site. I put the broken temp bulb head and fitting into a vise after much soaking in liquid wrench and pressed it out. I wanted to understand how hard or easy it should be. Now I see how it should have been done the method that dodgeb4ya recommended. I will never make that mistake again.
  9. Nice info all. I am going to contact a local speedometer repair shop here in abq and see if they can repair the outter casing. I’m looking at different conduit options and doing my own temp repair. I will research the capillary bulb restoration link. I love that you can use an ordinary 1/2 pipe thread plug into the block when repairing things! This summer I want to attempt to start this engine but much work is ahead
  10. Rich, thanks for the #. I’ll work on that. I sent a pix of the parts car dash I removed today. I think I have a good speedo from the cluster. I lost the temp capillary tube though. Darn, was rusted badly in the block and when I gave it that “one too many turns” a little squirt of water I think shot out. The other one works at least. I’m learning. Thanks everybody for the info.
  11. I guess my post was vague as I should have asked where I could get another cable just like the original. Just curious if others had a cable housing rupture. Part # looks like code 4-23-1. *1325 873. 71-72” long. I will swing by Napa and see what they have as well. Also, I partly removed the dash inorder to remove a bracket for the lever assembly. The next question I have is how do you remove the bulb end of the temp line out of the back of the temp gauge? Is that just stubborn pressed into the back? I took a picture of it and stopped when I realized plyers was not the right way. Thanks fo
  12. I just harvested a semi-broke emergency brake cable assembly off my parts car. It will eventually go into my truck. I had a helluva time slipping it through the small cavity between the motor mount and the cross member. The cable housing was sheared and the splayed wires looked like a long haired-wire brush-porcupine party. Snipped about 25 3-4” wires in order to snake it through. Bummed when I saw the damage. Can’t understand what would have caused it unless this car had a lot of rough gravel road past. Quik web search and I see I have replacement options but I wanted to keep the ‘51 assembly
  13. Ahh. Thanks for the enlightenment. I am not a Luddite, but have only been using my phone for one year.
  14. I need help understanding how this forum works. When you post something with your subject is that the only place where you see responses? I think I’m getting confused when I see someone reacting but it doesn’t add to the chain of discussion. What is a reaction actually. I feel dense asking.
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