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  1. She’s a beaut, clark! i was figuring you hung it from the ceiling like a model airplane. iphone,volume buttons down when taking a pic. try opening photos, edit without changing it and copy to your photos. I think then it will stay downside down.
  2. Think stihl has had power washers for some time. Comes with a tip with a ball bearing in it, like a single point jet that moves in a circle. Blasts away dirt nicely. I dont even know the psi,but its enough. the flying rats are creatures of habit,and if i see one hanging around i first ask it nicely to leave. Then i use deadly force to take care of it. I have a fox that patrols the yard, and it knows to look for pigeons. The one fall it got 20 some over the course if a week.
  3. I bought a stihl electric a couple years ago. To replace the junk gas one i had that would never run. Cheap honda knock off. i use the electric way more, cars and cleaning my mower. Wash parts with it, and my trailers in fall before i put them away. Also, i need to wash things off after seasonal storage if the birds are doing their business on them. thank goodness the pigeons have moved on-sorta...
  4. Bought a 91 pt cruiser that a transmission shop diagnosed as a bad transmission. I scanned it and it called for an output speed sensor. I replaced it, then it wanted an input speed sensor,and after that one it wanted some pressure sensor. Wtf? Ordered a factory manual and discovered it had a seperate trans controller. In the fender ahead of front wheel. road salt corroded it and controller was full of wet salty sand. Had a huge hole in it. $40 for a used one and it ran until my daughter crashed it. had a later model caravan that wires were broken in the harness,right ahead of transmi
  5. Wondering if its a bad wire in the harness? Have you tried unplugging and plugging the harness back in without replacing sensor? also, any debris stuck to the sensor when you remove it. it wouldnt suprise me that the quality of the replacement part is poor. been a while since i had anything to do with one that old, is the transmission part of the ecm or is it a seperate unit?
  6. I have a little flip top bottle that i use to prime engines that sit a long time. I get them with friction modifier in them. And save the bottle. I keep one on the shelf in the shop, other one is in my old dodge i use around the yard. Handy and it doesent leak. Other thing is it doesent hold a lot of gas. 2 oz maybe. Way safer then anything else i used.
  7. So now i know where Derrick at vise grip garage got it from..
  8. Found a 36” one. Looks to be like new. $130. Would prefer glass,as shop gets dusty from time to time and acrylic will scratch.
  9. I sure like the finished product. gargoyles are a nice touch. i havent been able to find a mirror like yours, exactly what i need as well. I have a big flat mirror, it works, not as nearly effective as yours though. now get to work and dirty it up! when spring shows up i will be repainting my hoist,something that needs to be done after 3 years of daily use. Winters are the hardest on it, salt is the worst.
  10. When i had the box off the frame, i took the time to remove all the rivets and replace them with bolts. Knowing i have to go back into it at some point. In my 80 truck shop manual it described the process. Remove rivet and drill to next oversize and replace with grade 5 bolts. I used grade 8 as they resist corrosion better. when i built the lift for my 80, thats exactly what i did, 20 years ago, and i havent been kind to that truck. Its held up fine and nothing has moved.
  11. The “wrench” in that tool kit is pretty cool. Guy gave me a bucket of tools, a very similar wrench was there. Its now welded to my “custom” grille on the Fargo.
  12. Why did i not find this sooner? i have a t5 in a truck that was given to me. And a spare bellhousing. And a lathe. Also a good friend that is a machinist to do the things i cant.
  13. A lot of sellers dont know the history. Inherited it or bought it to restore and changed their mind. Have to be ready for a complete tear down and renew/repair and replace everything. Title is important,without it its just a parts donor. hundreds of hours,and lots of dollars.
  14. Frank is referring to steering shaft. Its a universal joint. With two collars that fit the steering shaft.
  15. I guess it all depends on what you are planning to do with the body off the frame. If you are using it to move body around while doing bodywork and prep, sure. but if you are welding in floor sections, then steel is a wiser choice. Lots of shops have a cart of sorts, for setting the body on so it can be moved around shop for various tasks. i built a rotisserie that fits my drive on hoist, works well.
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