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  1. Think i may have stripped a bolt or 2 in the past as well. Fine thread strips easy. if i need to pull them together, i use my vise.
  2. Never paid much attention to the pickup when i had it apart. Cleaned it thoroughly when i pulled the pan. Both times.
  3. I disassembled my spring packs. I pried the clamps open to seperate them. A couple broke, i welded the broken tab back on. Welding that tab back on is no big deal. there was grease between the springs when it rolled out of the factory. dont concern yourself with saving centre bolt,cut it and get a couple new ones. They come quite long, which will pull the stack back together. Then cut off the excess.
  4. If its that stuck, then the nut was previously overtightened. So its really wedged on the taper. The usual method then is cut the whole works off. I have the snap on puller intended for pulling the drums/hubs and sometimes it wont do it. The expense alone for parts for theses rear ends prompted me to graft in a rear end from a 77 dodge 1/2 ton. I can replace everything on that rear end for way less money, and gear sets are easy to come by.
  5. 800 foot driveway, i can do it all with my plow on the pickup. Just a few swipes with a shovel at each doorway to finish it off. I really hate winter, and all things associated with it. usually we get to escape for a week on a southern vacation, but thats on hold, due to the present situation.
  6. Some great photos and stories. Perhaps next year i will get to cruise the Fargo and make some memories. Its still a work in progress, very slow progress. Until then, i will enjoy the photos and stories! Thanks to you all for sharing.
  7. I think i met someone with 2. One is a convertible, think the price tag was around $80,000 cdn both were refinished/ painted by the owner. Pretty cool cars.
  8. Seems to be a sensible decision. obviously there is a collection with some value. in my case, not so much value, more sentimental than anything else. i was dealing on a ‘65 barracuda before the gentleman passed away. Its basically a parts car, a good donor to finish my car. Kids dont want it, its on the son’s property rotting away. wife wants double what i think its worth, way more than i paid for my solid roller. old guy should have put something on paper. mine simply stipulates it all gets sold,and money divided equally.
  9. I downloaded the tremec app on my phone,fabbed my own perches for my 8-3/8 dodge truck rear end. its such a hassle for the app, basically a pass/fail. So i made driveline level, by jacking diff with perches in place,u bolts loose. pointed diff down 2 degrees if i recall and the app shows it as a pass. Box was off so i put some weight on frame to make up for it.
  10. My old vehicles get tucked in for the winter. A well deserved rest.
  11. If the knobs are a chrome housing with a hard plastic insert, they thread off the steel stem. Trick is the center stays stationary while the metal outer part of knob rotates to thread off. A little back and forth coaxing and it should come undone. The ones in my old trucks came apart easy, and time hasnt been nice to them.
  12. I hate to break it to you, but i think you put the steering column back in the wrong side... all nice and shiny, i like it.
  13. As mentioned, toe plays almost as much a part in this as caster. and i dont recall 40 psi being the correct pressure for bias-ply tires. guess higher pressure lowers rolling resistance. seems you are getting close, and there are so many variables. one change at a time, and make a note of the change. side note, my 2001 pt cruiser has only toe adjustment. After replacing a tie rod end with careful measurement it was difficult to drive,it took 1/2 turn on adjuster to make all the difference. changing caster or camber, toe is always reset last.
  14. If vehicle was manufactured without seat belts, it doesent require them,regardless what seats are in it. I dont need a heater or signal lights either, as it didnt have when it rolled off the assembly line. In the regs i posted above, it mentions seat belts 1970 and up as required. i get it, i may put some in mine, mainly in case i take a kid for a ride. Seat base mounts will be sufficient.
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