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  1. Been a while since i put a photo up, my buddy made up some stencils for me. A few leaks to take care of and then electrical. Clear on it in spring.
  2. I like the hangar doors that have horizontal hinges, and fold horizontally. Winch operated. A few farmers put them on their shops. i sure like your building, not something that would work well up here, probably would not hold up to the snow load.
  3. Code 504 is the company that makes a swap kit for s10 chassis swaps. if i recall, they were working on a dakota chassis kit.
  4. B is headlight power in from headlight switch. Then there is low beam post and high beam post. Im assuming the 4th one is high beam indicator.
  5. I want one, but shop is way too small for it. Very handy. think i would prefer a distributor machine over a behemoth engine analyser.
  6. Place where i used to work, had a shop cat. Was awesome, but he always wanted praise before he would devour his bounty. Something i couldnt bear to watch. Then the other killer cat i knew would leave them on the doorstep. Buddy stepped on more than one mouse,sometimes barefoot.
  7. Well, a little liquid seemed to have worked. 1” in the bottom and mickey couldnt make the leap. Reset and see what happens i guess.
  8. Couple reasons, if latch is similar to my 51 pickup, the square shaft could be worn. Door striker isnt adjusted properly or the door mechanism is worn out. Not familiar with the cars, but are there repops or a reman service for the mechanisms? i just pulled the door apart, and found a spring was caught. Moved it back and handle is no longer drooping. my passenger side was way worse, but square drive was worn out. I bought some key stock and made a new one.
  9. I would be demanding they stop. And get a towtruck. i run my own shop, if im about to dig into something that was no part of the original job i get authorization first. With a rough estimate. that exhaust is pretty straight forward if its anything like the exhaust in my 51 Fargo. I did mine from end to end for a touch over $100 in parts. this is a major F-UP on their part and trying to cover their ass. get your butt down there and look at what they have apart.
  10. I did some repair on fargo, panel that visors mount to. Was rusted out due to them critters. So, removed cab,pressure washed everything with some strong detergent,washed chassis and everything i could. Brought it into quonset and the next day, i find mouse droppings on cab floor. Piss me off. Well,move on and get to assembling truck and its back to its near complete state. Trying to trap whatever is causing my anxiety with mixed success. Built a bucket trap, caught 3 in my shop and only one in quonset. this last one cleaned up the bait,and is nowhere to be seen. Would fall into bucket
  11. If the spider gears are broken, it may not be worth fixing. Los Control has covered what may be your best solution.
  12. I have made a couple purchases from vic. Nice guy.
  13. I got mine from vic’s. Right up there in the vendor’s thread.
  14. It is possible that clutch is set a little tight, but i doubt it. pressure plate needs setting up? But usually would make for uneven wear/chatter.
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