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  1. I feel better, almost. The greasy ball of goo i call a transmission Doesent look much worse. the fill plug should be 1/2 up on case,likely a recessed plug. A cleaning may be in order. Mine moreso.
  2. Best option is fitting air bags used in air ride suspension. And relocating shock if necessary.
  3. Air shocks wont provide the results you are after. Air ride is something you will want to look into. Any deviation from stock will take away from your ride and handling.
  4. Looking good! Mine’s not so pretty. i dont mind, i want to leave it close to the way i found it.
  5. I misunderstood the washer question earlier. Yes theres copper washers. I got one with one washer out of two with the new flex hoses. But i save the copper washers when i do brake jobs. so i have an assortment. If you had the old ones you could anneal them and reuse. Dont necessarily need to, i have reused them without annealing in the past.
  6. Pardon my minor error, you are correct. Ethanol. Regardless any alcohol of any kind in most vehicles is detrimental to the fuel system as well as performance. we are fortunate enough to have one service station that sells ethanol free premium gas.
  7. Tooljunkie


    Apparently im not the only one that agrees with this. In this particular case, suggestions would be helpful,such as finding a machine shop to correct the issue by fabricating and installing inserts On the wheels . Its been done.
  8. Transmissionstill attatched? bet that has someting to do with it. drop clutch out the bottom then flywheel.
  9. The fuel pump discussion can go on forever. Methanol in todays gas is an easy way for our petroleum companies to sell you water. fuel pump failure? They fail. As i have been in the business since fuel injection became mainline in all vehicles i have yet to replace more than a couple pumps in ford vehicles. One was broken due to a collapsed tank and pump broke. general motors products by far have the highest failure rates.99 % of the fuel pumps i have replaced are gm products. Which is something i just realized at the writing of this post. Hundreds of gm pumps. Only a handful of mopar pumps.
  10. That is a very nice truck! If you can keep your daughter interested, you will be the cool dad, not the old guy that doesent know anything. looks to be very solid, a bonus for these old buggys.
  11. That’s a good looking truck! Looking forward to seeing your progress. cant wait until i have brakes on all four wheels in my Fargo.
  12. Building is red with a big chrome handle on the roof? or your toolbox has a walk in door! my shop is splitting at the seams,between parts and tools. during this quiet time im organizing and re-grouping. but yours is way mor impressive!
  13. Drums must have been swapped side to side. My fargo had left hand on left rear and right hand on left front. no longer an issue. Studs/nuts.
  14. Not many exceed engine operating temperature. Never really thought engine oil temperature was anything to be concerned about. i only recall one that was excessively hot,was a customers dakota v6 straight off a 1/2 hour highway run,was over the boiling point,as steam/smoke would rise out if the oil drain.
  15. As i said, open differential, there is a gearset in the housing that allows the wheels to turn independently of each other. This allows truck to turn corners. If it runs and rear axle isnt making any concerning noises, drive it.
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