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  1. To each his own i would say. Taking the most challenging would be the way to go,thinking outside the box will impress some people. myself, i wouldnt consider damaging a rare manifold. the later dodge 2bbl idea intrigues me. My carb may need a kit and a float, and i have a few 2 bbl carbs kicking around.
  2. I would try them, im going for a similar look, aluminum turbines. They all crusty, all im doing is polishing the raised part of the fins.
  3. So, sorted out leaks, converted to 12 volt mopar alternator and now i can drive it into shop to work on it. what amazes me is every bolt i touch comes out Without a fight. Every single one. a friend’s uncle was admiring truck,says he has some parts for me. Come pick them up. turns out they are nos from a dealer that ran in my town in the 40’s and 50’s. cant wait to see what he has.
  4. Mine was like this too,clean out the ports behind the mixture screw.
  5. Anything is possible. Just depends on skill level and tools. I cant imagine its a bolt in. My plan is to swap in a mid 70’s full size pickup rear end. Leaf spring saddles will have to be relocated and something will need to be done with driveshaft. A good friend is a machinist, so driveshaft modification wont be the hard part. same thing goes for a dakota rear end. When i get to it, i guess i should document my process.
  6. Did it ever start? My 49 hasnt run in 40 plus years. Compression on highest cylinder was 65 psi. I cleaned points and carb, added fresh gas and it fired up, ran rough and got better as it warned up. Now it starts without much effort. i should check compression again now that it has been running a while.
  7. So,a follow up,unsiezed,unstuck valves and cleaned carb. Tested points for open/close. Plugs out and cranked it. Great spark. i did get a reman starter, my original had bad field coils. poured some gas in carb and it made a few bangs. tried and tried. Just a few pops. so turned distributor and opened the idle mixture a couple turns and it fired off! patched in a rad and fired it again. ran it for 30 minutes. Debris in block plugged rad,frost plug leaking and water pump is pouring coolant. Im excited!! so i wired the ign switch,and started it,and tried clutch. It felt fine so put it in reverse. I backed it out of shop, and into storage. Next round is sort cooling system and build alternator brackets.
  8. Had it running,30 minutes. To me it sound no worse than any others i listened to on youtube. one frost plug leaks, oil filter isnt sealing and at the 30 minute mark the water pump seal let go. new pump coming from Rockauto. a week and i can replace pump. will see if i can locate a freeze plug kit, replace as necessary.
  9. Brought it in on a rainy day. Figure this is how i want it to look. Pretty much how i found it. I unsiezed it that day, unstuck the valves and resumed working on it yesterday, 2 weeks later. checked for spark,it has after cleaning the points. cleaned carb and put some gas in the bowl. It fires and runs for a few seconds,not bad for sitting since the 70's. so onto rad and hoses, a belt and try to keep it running for a few minutes. I used a slant 6 rad,it should be enough for this part. 12 volt conversion coming up,and time to start hunting for parts. Grille is gone, front engine isolator is broken, bumper is shredded.
  10. Hole in cylinder head,with a pipe plug on top,whats it for? above #6 cylinder.
  11. I bought the one outside. Guess i should get a photo of the vin plate and run the numbers,as i was told its a ‘49. i maybe should have started a discussion about the one in the garage,but was thinking i had enough on my plate.
  12. Hello, just joined. i bought a 1949 fargo,been sitting for a very long time,plate on truck is from late 60’s. Solid,but seized. Looking forward to learning more about my truck from you all on the forum. Frank
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