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  1. Started on adapter. Test fit reveals the need to unbolt steering box. two flanges and a piece of tubing. Once i get it in place will tack weld it. There will be extra tubing, will trim it after i figure out length. Other photo comes up upside down. So i had to delete it.
  2. I get awesome calendars from a member at forabodiesonly. Seems quite a few people enjoy calendars with their favorite automobiles featured.
  3. Tooljunkie

    My new 54

    Lots of work behind you. I admire your determination!
  4. Waay back when, garages and mechanics were few and far between. So cars were built to be reapairable. But still requires parts. farmers are way out in the boonies and only had the materials at hand to fix and get rolling. Same went for the farm machinery. I can only respect what they did to keep things rolling.
  5. Looks like the pt master cyl will work. Will build an adapter this week.
  6. There are 2 options for the points,one arcs left and one arcs right. Depending on distributor model. i looked them up on rock auto to identify which ones i needed.
  7. Look closely around brake hose. the patches were definitely a farm repair, bottom if frame rail was 2 pieces of leaf spring. Most of the welds were just flux and a bit of birdshit holding it together.
  8. Was digging around, found a spare m/c for my dart. No go, too long. but the pt cruiser i have in the back parts pile has a short one,i think its a 15/16” bore with inverted flare lines. Next on my list.
  9. Well it’s getting closer. While revamping front suspension I decided i should address the poor attempt at frame repair. Cut Off old plate and leaf spring That was welded To frame, re-aligned crack and gave it a fish plate. Will eliminate any concerns i had.
  10. And with the new style bushings,urethane will slow the spring action as well.
  11. Both great ideas. Sniper, i also have a 65 Barracuda. From the looks of the rear end you plan on making it go. Mine shall retain the 7.25 for the time being, unless i trip over something better. the cart i use for my rear diff is a rolling cart, some plywood screwed to the sides with v-notches.
  12. Think there was originally 5”. will take 1” off bump stop. New Shocks will help. this wont be seeing much for rough stuff any more, just a putt to town for parts or lunch.
  13. Update, got rear bushing tubes welded, and installed. Shackles made and everything hung where its close to its final resting place. a few photos to show progress. sorry about sidewards Photos. 5” between snubber and frame, just under 2” now. Will trim snubber if it becomes an issue. can see the reversed eyes on the top leaf, that was near 2” on its own.
  14. I have really good luck with irwin brand. But i find it difficult to find a decent arbor That will keep holesaw running straight. So i first bore a chunk of wood and clamp it where i want the hole. Keeps saw from wandering. Once you have a good start, remove wood. use the steel plug and a1/4” bolt to keep saw straight, then there is no need for a pilot bit.
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