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  1. I bought stuff from him twice. Seems to be a great guy to deal with.
  2. I would still make a new line or replace fitting. Typically i treat every inverted flare like it was for brakes,safety being important to me.
  3. There are copper washers that are used to aid with sealing inverted flare lines. Not that i have ever used them, but i just saw a thread about them in another forum. McMaster carr or Grainger sells them.
  4. My clutch is grabby too. I find it has to do with pedal shaft being attatched to bellhousing, and the way i get truck rolling. im in the process of solving it. 360/727. Then my wife can drive it, i dont think it will be very often, but if i partake in one too many cold snacks, its comforting to know i will have a driver available. still have my flathead, and it will get re-ringed and ready to go in another build.
  5. Also, most fuel tanks are intended to be filled 80% for this very reason.
  6. Im in the middle of repowering my 51 Fargo. It poses many challenges. The room i have to spread parts out is plentiful,but in the heat of the day it gets pretty unbearable. 40x80 steel quonset. Moving steering box is next. Not as easy as i hoped.
  7. Quite a task, but from what i see its in good hands now. i remember doing some work on an mg many years ago. Back when i knew absolutely nothing. It needed a few repairs so owner could sell it. Today i could entertain the thought of owning one. I do like the style of the roadsters.
  8. If its +ground vehicle,+ is connected to distributor side. i had some fun with my 218 a while back, the wire from the points to terminal inside distributor would occasionally touch and ground it out. Got towed home once,then i pulled distributor and stripped it and replaced all the worn out parts. so now in my opinion its perfect. Much easier to service on the bench for sure.
  9. Headliners seem to be something difficult to deal with,here in canada. Not much available. And shipping/duty/exchange kills it when it comes to buying south of the border.
  10. There was a brand way cheaper than trw, i cant seem to remember the name off hand,but they had the identical parts in the box. Only difference was trw had a nicer finish. They manufactured for trw. 10 minutes and it came to me. Elgin manufacturing. as far as finding a good parts guy, they gone, maybe not. But the books that had all that great information are all gone. i went back to work in a parts store for about a month. No dam books. The younger generations decided books are unnecessary. Really? Try looking up a head gasket for a 3 cylinder british made ford tractor.
  11. Sometimes the simplest things can be most difficult. i spilled coffee on my laptop keyboard. Jumped,flipped it over and popped the battery and cleaned and dried it immediately. Guess in my haste i hit a combination of keys that flipped my display sideways. Took a day to figure that one out.
  12. I’m in the same predicament, but i changed the gearing as well as swapped the rear end. But an unforseen issue came up the first time i crested 50 mph. Blowby, and lots of it. it will putt away happily at 45 mph if i go easy, but it needs rings. So, i did the right thing and found a 360/727 to put in its place. Then i can re-ring at my leisure as well as replace the timing chain. It will go in a second truck i want to bring back from the dead. finding a gearset will be difficult to say the least, so swapping the rear end is the next viable option.
  13. I am the local shop. i work on most anything, but leaning more and more towards the classics. So customer was by last week, says he has a 47 dodge that needs work. Front end mostly. truck was his dad’s and was well cared for. I cant wait to get a look at it,i think he wants to bring it back to new like condition, upholstery, rubber,and just leave the body original.
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