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  1. Like em both! I have a 65 as well. Bought a basket case.
  2. Bought it as a 49, but tag in drivers door jamb states is a 51. So hot in my quonset, cant work on it. i have some brass rod i will turn in my lathe to make the grommets.
  3. Guess i should have taken pictures when i had trans out. input shaft housing will likely hold bearing,and shaft will have a snap ring either behind or in front. I should look for a parts manual.
  4. I agree, something that you can sand or file. I prefer a file,a few gentle passes and surface should be flat.
  5. Question, how do you re-assemble the front cover? I need to get mine apart, but concerned about re assembling it. There is a foam or paper piece hanging inside the gauge i want to fix up.
  6. I agree. You may be missing mounts or brackets but im sure they wont be hard to find.
  7. Time to resurrect an old thread. How in the blazes do you disconnect the door check? i want to pull doors to make cab a little lighter and easier to manage. the 1/8 hole in hinge is an awesome idea! Could use a cotter pin in lieu of a nail too.
  8. Another thing. Wad up a piece of paper towel, wedge it in #1 spark plug hole. Set plug On head with wire attatched. Crank engine with key on. Paper will pop out milliseconds before spark occurs.
  9. Looking at the yoke, the redneck in me would want to weld it up and chuck it in my lathe. as a matter of fact, somewhere in its life, my crank hub was brazed and turned on a lathe.
  10. Only for man stuff, ikea instructions are pointless. and i learned the other day the instructions for my new roll up door were useless too. All that is really needed was two measurements before framing opening. Nowhere in the instructions.
  11. That groove looks pretty deep. I would suggest you fill it with jb weld and carefully file it down. Giving the sleeve support it will last longer. If i recall it was in one of the installation pamphlets that comes with the sleeve.
  12. .19 degrees? Could be factory. if it drives normal and no unusual tire wear i wouldnt think twice about it. spring mounts could be another thing to look at. Worn bushings. Dont know how precise the alignments were back in 1947.
  13. Only need the area where seal rides.
  14. A scraper for the thick stuff. simple green straight up and a bristle brush to loosen the crud and a hosing off. i would use NGK (no good kind) long before i ever screw in a champion spark plug again. they were ok until 3 or so years ago, they went for **** and caused me grief more than once. i have a small repair shop and sell a fair amount of spark plugs, will never sell another champion.
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