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  1. Where do you get this thick rubber you are using for your mount's?
  2. Great job you are doing. Ilove watching your progress. Pete
  3. I really like this thread. Fantastic job you are doing. I have a 47 nash coupe that needs lots of rust repair to the uni body on the drivers side. I can't find any one doing this as you are. Any one know of any thread to help me would be great. Like i said , i think you are doing a great job and i will be fallowing along as i like your car and the work you are doing. pete
  4. I was in 3rd grade when it came across the intercom. I still have the newspaper with the headlines.
  5. plymouth special deluxe with back seat. soory,i forgot that part. pete
  6. the car is only 3 miles away.It is complete 100% and the trime is good.
  7. Needs total restore. Motor turns,has rusty floor and rear quarters.has title.This is in Wisconsin.He is asking 2500.00 My wife says to cut the top off and make a pretend convert out of it. Any help. pete
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