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  1. I look forward to this. I'm not going to be able to attend most of it, but I'm going to try. I'd like my place to be a stopping point, maybe Sunday after all of it, or just if necessary for any repairs, or??
  2. Go with the Aerostar springs. Cheap and readily available, they'll bring the front down an inch or two, and give you a firmer ride.
  3. moose

    My new 54

    Thanks, I'm going to look around, locally first, but I'll keep you in mind!
  4. moose

    My new 54

    Since one of the drums had chosen to remove itself from the hub, and I don't like having to use the drum puller to check/replace the brakes, I pushed the rivets out. The lugs will now locate the drums. Might be a little harder to put the rear wheels on, but I'm up for it. I just need to find another rear drum, the fronts have a different offset, and won't work for the rear.
  5. moose

    My new 54

    In the past few days, I've painted the housing, replaced the inner, outer, and pinion seals. Backing plates are installed. Before After
  6. moose

    My new 54

    More progress. Removed the drums (the other one was good), rebuilt the backing plates, and started to strip down the housing to be cleaned, re-sealed and painted. 3.73 gears!
  7. moose

    My new 54

    Yesterday and today I finished reassembling the front end, brakes are adjusted and sway bar painted and installed. Then this afternoon I made a stand to make it a little easier go through the rear end.
  8. moose

    My new 54

    Here's what I did this morning. Decided it was time to drop the rear axle, found a broken main leaf(passenger side) so it was removed as an almost whole piece. Had to cut away the bumper bracket bolts and remove the bumper, to get to the upper shackle bolts. I think I'll build a table behind the car against the back wall, to go through the cleaning and painting and resealing. That gravel is hard on the knees. Also removed the front sway bar, cleaned and painted. No pictures yet, but the front is just about reassembled. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement!
  9. Hanover, Massachusetts. Very near Plymouth MA, I'd like to offer my place as a stop for the September tour.
  10. moose

    My new 54

    Hmm... Wanna donate one to the cause?
  11. moose

    My new 54

    First is the new level version of my blue 54- Now the cleaned, repainted and rebushed front of the yellow 54, with Aerostar springs. Still a lot of cleaning and painting to go, but it is getting there. Next I'll pull the rear out and give it the treatment.
  12. moose

    My new 54

    I remember reading that if those measurements were within a half inch of each other, up or down, it was good. Seems these might be perfect replacements for the 53/54's.
  13. moose

    My new 54

    I got the opportunity to swap the springs on my blue 54 today. I am very pleased. As a refresher, 25 or so years ago I cut 1-1/2 coils. Dropped it around three inches and at the time I loved it. Then about four years ago I was able to start driving it again, and it was too low for me, but I put up with it. A couple of years ago I bought replacement springs from Eaton. They messed up, sent me the wrong springs. Soon after a heated call with a representative, I got the right ones from them. Installed them, and I was happy, for a while... The drivers side spring started to sag and sit way lower than the other. I didn't really want to deal with them again, and I didn't want to have to replace them, and it drove fine, so I didn't do anything until now. I read that the best way to judge spring sag, was to measure the heights of the lower arm inside and out. My before measurements - Outer passenger 10-3/4", inner 11" Bumper (measured at center of outer bumper bolt) 14-3/4" Outer driver 10-3/4" Inner 10-1/2" Bumper 12-3/4" After measurements - OP 10-3/4" IP 10-7/8" B 14-3/4" OD 10-3/4" ID 10-7/8" B 14-3/4" Perfect! That was after much jumping on the bumper to let the springs settle a bit too. I plan to order another set of them to install on my son's yellow 54.
  14. moose

    My new 54

    classic2current. Found it on ebay
  15. moose

    My new 54

    This past week, I have pulled the upper and lower arms, cleaned and replaced bushings as necessary, painted and partially re-installed. I have to get different springs for it, the rusty and broken ones came out of this car. The new ones are Aerostar springs, new from Autozone. $60 for the pair on my commercial account. I plan to install these in my blue 54 to lower it again, and see what the ride height will be. I really want to bring the yellow one back to stock height, but if the aerostars look good, I might just do that.
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