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  1. I could share my opinions on why the old Golden State Region died. But they'd just be opinions. I hope for the best for this new effort. And since I now live in south Orange County I am actually in the initial target area.
  2. "First year for Plymouth hydraulic brakes"? Seller needs to review Plymouth history: All Plymouths ever built had four wheel hydraulic brakes. Open cars fetch higher prices than things like my sedan, but even so I think that is over priced based on condition and rarity.
  3. I figured there would be a YouTube video on fitting an old bulls eye lens to a more modern reflector and H4 bulb setup. But apparently the term "bulls eye" or "bullseye" is now being used for projector style headlights and there are an overwhelming number of hits showing how to upgrade your newer car to use them. I am guessing there is are howto videos out there, but finding one through all the other hits hasn't work for me yet.
  4. Hmmm. I count 5 letters. Not sure why you see the need to post this. For what its worth the Prius has been top on a bunch of lists for reliability and low cost of ownership. And, of course, they get great gas mileage. So if you want basic, economical transportation it might be a car for you. But, of course, the way it was marketed and its general lack of sporting operation or its odd styling can be a turn off to many, especially those who consider themselves to be "car people". Still why the negative post? Back a bit more on topic: I was under the impression that many/most current production vehicles have electric power assist. Is there anything that makes the unit from the Prius better for a swap than equivalent units from other vehicles? Since the original link is to Facebook which I won't go to, I guess I can't read the original write up to see what the reason(s) behind the choice was.
  5. There might be room for more than one person in the corner.
  6. I know about that website.
  7. The seal in the video looks exactly the same as the factory one in my '33 Plymouth. Correct on installation. My quibble is "old 30's to early 40's", that is the same setup as in my '33 which I'd count as early to middle 30's. A P6 engine would have originally shipped in a 1938 Plymouth, either P5 or P6: Engine Number P6-103633 Found in range 1001 to 286619 Serial 102633 of 285619 Year 1938 Make Plymouth Model DeLuxe or Road King Engineering Code P5 or P6 Type Inline, L-Head Cylinders 6 Bore and Stroke 3-1/8x4-3/8 Cu.In. 201.3 Compression 6.7:1 BHP 82@3600 Source Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942
  8. Pretty cheap, in good condition and delivered right to the door.
  9. Won't find them on my car: Lost or broken over the years and I just cut some nails that appeared to be about the correct diameter to length.
  10. What leads you to expect them to be new production?
  11. My opinion is that every time I decided to invest in a specific company, or conversely avoid investing in a specific company, I guessed wrong. So I stick to broad market index funds. As to PG&E, they've come out of things like this before with the stock holders doing well. On the other hand, they are in bankruptcy with a judge that seems to be unsympathetic to management and shareholders and there is some serious political pressure to break them up. Could go either way.
  12. A while back number of communities in California decided they'd been (insert explicative here) by PG&E too many times and started setting up their own electrical utilities. Where this happened the costs usually dropped substantially and the service either stayed the same or improved. The "investor owned" utilities, primarily PG&E but also SoCal Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric, decided this was a bad thing and paid enough signature collectors to get an initiative on the ballot to ban that in the state. When the election came, the vote from most of the state was mixed: People outside the PG&E service area didn't have much of an opinion one way or the other. But in the PG&E service area, where people had strong first hand experience, the votes were strongly against the ballot initiative and so it failed state wide. As I recall, some investigation after the fact indicated that the money PG&E spent to pass the measure had also been redirected from things like maintenance and safety.
  13. It seems that no one has records of what paint and upholstery codes mean for Plymouth prior to 1934, so a side project of mine is to try to reconstruct them. Can you tell what the original body color was on your rumble seat coupe? My guess is that it was gray from the 5xx series number (consistent from 1934 through 1936 at least). But I have another report of a RS Coupe with a paint code of 530. Unfortunately there is only one gray listed in my references for the PD RS Coupe so it can't be both 530 and 545. And I haven't seen a 401 code for interior before. Your card also says "LEATH" so I am wondering if that is leather (I think mohair was 260 and broadcloth was 301).
  14. It appears that a ebay link would be https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=&_in_kw=1&_ex_kw=&_sacat=0&_udlo=&_udhi=&_ftrt=901&_ftrv=1&_sabdlo=&_sabdhi=&_samilow=&_samihi=&_sadis=15&_stpos=92672&_sargn=-1%26saslc%3D1&_salic=1&_fss=1&_fsradio=%26LH_SpecificSeller%3D1&_saslop=1&_sasl=forthebeachonly&_sop=12&_dmd=1&_ipg=50&_fosrp=1
  15. I have to admit that a thread titled "Parts Request" will get a moderator's attention even if it is posted on the truck side and the moderator focuses on the car side.
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