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  1. That is a serial number for a 1933 Plymouth PC. From my serial number look up: Serial Number 1814303 Found in range 1759001 to 1817044 Serial 55303 of 58044 Year 1933 Make Plymouth Model Name Six Model Code PC Plant Detroit Engine 6 cylinder 189.8 cu.in. L-head Wheelbase 107 inches To the best of my knowledge, the only place that number appeared on the car was on the serial number tag on the door hinge post. If that tag is missing or looks altered, then you may have a very difficult time with your local motor vehicle department.
  2. What does the registration paperwork show for the "VIN"? Sometimes these old cars were registered with the engine number, sometimes with the serial number. Engines were often swapped out, in your case the serial number plate is missing. If you acquire this car it will be very much easier for you if some official factory number on the car matches the paperwork.
  3. That doesn't match any code I know about for 1933 Plymouths. The first part might have been a paint or trim code but the second part would also need to be a 3 digit number for that to make sense. Any idea where this code came from (plate on the car? parts book?, etc.) Edit: The serial number plate should be on the right (passenger) side front door hinge post. The engine number should be on a raised boss on the block above the generator, it may also be stamped on the frame between the running board supports on the driver side. There is also a body number tag on the engine side of the firewall. All are different. See https://www.ply33.com/Misc/vin
  4. Please keep this discussion civil and on a technical level.
  5. I'd test them first (large diameter wire from high current source like a charged starter battery). If they work okay, then leave them be. I've not had later ones apart but I had the one on my '33 apart and can tell you that for such a seemingly simple device they are quite touchy on getting them re-assembled and adjusted properly.
  6. Factory style oil filters are mounted on the engine so there should be no motion between the filter, the tap off the main oil gallery, and the return valve. So hard lines should be fine and are what were used from the factory. The return valve setup is supposed to restrict flow when the oil pressure in the gallery drops, so I don't think an additional restriction on the inlet to a bypass filter is needed. All bets on the above are off if you are installing some sort of filter designed for full flow.
  7. All request for parts should be by PM or in the classified ads area.
  8. My minimal tool kit, always on my person, is a AAA+ membership card and a cellphone. I’ve actually used these more with my modern car than with my old Plymouth. For the Plymouth, if I can’t fix the issue with the limited spare parts and tools that I carry in the car (spare light bulbs, spare tire, jack, tire iron, and a took roll with adjustable wrench, screw driver and pliers), then it is easy to get the car home as long as I’m within the 100 mile range of towing the AAA+ gives me. If not within 100 miles of home, I am likely to be within 100 miles of a town with a decent auto supply and a motel.
  9. Original request was in the "Ebay, Craigslist and External Site Referrals" area which may have somewhat hidden it from view. I've merged both threads and put the result in the normal car side forum.
  10. I feel your pain! Been there, done that with some of the Internet services I provide for a couple of organizations. Thanks so much for creating this site and keeping it running smoothly. Not an easy task.
  11. TodFitch

    Old Age

    Sorry to hear you are at that point. Best of luck in finding the right buyer! As a moderator I guess I have to say "please repost in the classified ad area."
  12. No, it was directed at a different user. Maybe I should have sent them a PM after editing their post. But it was easier for me to do a general reminder in the thread.
  13. Gentle reminder: Please to not offer or ask for parts in the general forums. Use the classified ad area or PM as appropriate.
  14. Please take offer of parts or services off line via the personal message (PM) facility.
  15. Remember: No offers of parts for sale on the general forums. Either PM if you wish to notify a single person you have something they might want or put the offer into the classified ads area.
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