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  1. Oh my gosh, You are such a tease! Who is “we”? if you end up driving, bring ART, we can park him next to jimbob... it would be like “pick and pull” curb side delivery. 😁
  2. Lol, Brad Call in sick (sick of missing the “Q” that is) 48, make sure JT mows the track area real nice but, leave the center grass tall. my goal is to bring “Jimbob” and I might need the tall grass to slow me down should the brakes fail 😁
  3. Mailed the brake cylinders off to be re sleeved Friday so... today I traded the tie rods today from the B4 to the B3, (one on left is Jimbob—- B3) I forgot the tie rods are hollow but, I am glad I pulled them as the end on the drivers side of the B3 was egged out (and it looks like it had been replaced at some point with a non oem one) luckily these tie rod ends for the B3/B4’s 1-1/2 ton are the same as the 1/2tons, I was able to pick the best used ones I had for this truck (for now)
  4. Right or wrong if it were me, I’d “tap that” and try and straighten enough to get her in the parking spot, then look for a new drive line
  5. Is this what your looking for? found in the drivers manual
  6. For what it’s worth, if you punch the VIN in the registry it comes up “WF” https://www.t137.com/registry/help/decode.php
  7. not mine https://corvallis.craigslist.org/cto/d/corvallis-1946-dodge-power-wagen/7247801052.html
  8. There is a local bearing company in my area (McGuire bearing) that was able to cross reference from the numbers on the old bearings. (all but that little needle bearing inside the input shaft.) My plan “B” was VPW https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxzO_Oy1EMLILXpfX2JFR2ppN28/view
  9. Is this what you saw? https://m.facebook.com/ScienceChannel/videos/discovery-exploration-willamette-falls/694879404376206/ I don’t have that channel or do the FB thing but this came up in a search. nice job Dave!😊
  10. can’t compete scenery Keith but, Julie and I did a rainy “first day” hike again this year near our home. Then went out to breakfast (to go) I love the company but, I am not a fan of trying to eat pancakes on my lap in the car 😊
  11. Updating, changed some gears, bearings seals, threw on some color now I am close to reinstalling the transmission back in the truck. I got more intimate with it than I planned on, I ended up building a transmission top holder for my vice to hold it while I worked the top over and I fixed some “worn” parts while I was at it Definitely not perfect but overall, I think it’s better than it was.
  12. I know you have no interest in pulling the shift knob off FEF at this point but, for others trying to remove the knob and can not. I recently discovered there are two different knobs for these trucks. ( could have sworn I saw a thread about it years ago) All my B3/B4 have been a threaded style up until recently..... I pulled the transmission out of a B3D cassis and it was a “push on type” both transmissions were synchro anyway, in removing if the knob doesn’t “turn” on the B3 try and “pull” if JB finds the old thread referring to the different knobs I wil
  13. Here on the west cost it is still 2020 😩 so how is it? (2021) Are you guys burning your masks yet?
  14. What part of Oregon are you? and don’t tell her but, she is wrong..... you do need it 😁
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