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  1. This has probably been seen before but Julie saw this on the net.....
  2. big "B series" trucks make me smile, truck 26 is MY favorite one you have, what do you guess it weighs? looks like the trailer is an 16' or 18'? 10k or 12k? glad it was only 30miles away
  3. is it this one? now we just need to get Mark that cool looking hat
  4. I recently stepped back from my keyboard for a period and unintentionally caused alarm to some friends who hadn’t seen me on the forum. wonder if there is a slick way to notify members who might have concern of time away for vacation or other reasons - kinda like a time out section?
  5. I am with you Paul, I recently removed my 8’ fluorescent bulbs fixtures and replaced them with 4’ LED fixtures. I too am impressed with the start up and overall lighting. I did save the old fixtures though, at least until I paint my truck 😉
  6. isn't that a one ton? for some reason, i kinda expected a little bigger for a wrecker i like the front bumper.... probably threw that on after the first front end got boofed
  7. I am so embarrassed, i don't follow football so I had to look up what a 49er was (not used to that type of "9er" ) my son is a big 49er's fan but, he is also partial to the green and Yellow.... I hope they both win. LOL
  8. Red hot, did you ever find a replacement? just curious, a few years back I looked into getting mine rebuilt and ran into a dead end.
  9. picked up a 4mo old kitten last Sunday. It’s Julie’s cat but I tried to name him “B3” (yeah, that didn’t go over like I hoped 😊)
  10. PA, where did you purchase? Internet, a auto body paint supplier or a harbor freight?
  11. Bump..... sure looks like a great time! The anticipation is killing me 😁
  12. I would guesstimate around 9k for my HH-152 with the 12’ bed it has. (All steel) This was the load for CA that didn’t happen.... 14k trailer, 20’ long.... not enough tongue weight for sure.... should have flipped it backwards but, It didn’t work out. i looked at a B4JA -172 last weekend and I would have guessed it to also be around the 9k mark. (It had less of a bed, bigger ( and longer) frame, little bigger drums etc.) At the first of the year, i towed my B4GA from Seattle to Portland....I would have guess it without a bed out a bed to be in the 7k range
  13. Big congrats Haydenh! The bed is gonna make a difference on weight for sure. I haven’t weighed anything yet but have plenty of guesstimates. 😊 When I worked on my “HH” brakes i used a 12ton bottle jack (to lift) AND a 3ton floor jack (to stabilize) one corner at a time. I put both jacks on slab of 1/2 plate metal (because I was on dirt instead of concrete) last year I tried to load up the HH and tow it to CA for the BBQ but, I couldn’t balance the load with the bed it has...
  14. visual aid I kinda like the double support.... maybe this way the center section won’t tear 😊
  15. Congratulations


    1. Brent B3B

      Brent B3B

      ?? You got me on that one....

      not sure what the congrats are for but hey, THANKS 😊 

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