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  1. All three of my medium duty trucks (GA, HH) have the same setup you took off. From what I can tell, the Radiator for the 25” motors are thicker than the ones for the 23” My 1/2- 1ton trucks, have what the illustration shows and it sounds like what DCM sold you
  2. Your a good friend ggdad1951, the correct answer is.... Ed, get your butt to the Q next year and pull it yourself 😁
  3. Pop top, is this what was happening? On mine it was the “starter clutch” picked one up for $20. And I am running a 12v also
  4. Had a blast with Jimbob bebop n around Tim’s property .... I made a short clip of me dinking around.... the last half was the reaction to the power booster from ggdad1951 and John T. 😂 not sure people realize how effective the booster is on these trucks, If you never had the set up. (thanks for playing along guys) I came to realize I still need to adjust the “free pedal” but, for some strange reason the back passengers lower front “anchor pin” rotated and the shoe was dragging on the drum 🤔 (I loosened the nut and aligned the arrows again, back in business.... for
  5. Weather was awesome! couple regulars made it and a a couple new Missed a few regulars like Paul F and Jerry R. and Tom, Ralph (and Gary) to name a few. tim had me park Jimbob next to the parts truck for some reason but I got even.... I did a burn out as promised 😁 thanks again 48dodger and friends! Another perfect weekend!
  6. Here we go, loaded Jimbob up yesterday and headed to “the Q” first time I drove him on the trailer, but he looks happy sure hope he behaves
  7. Does this help? Here is the flyer posted on the truck side of the forum
  8. Can the session be recorded? Interested but will be on the road during.
  9. https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/d/north-bonneville-1949-dodge-1950/7299905070.html Also https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/d/carrolls-two-1951-plymouths-and-1954/7300367318.html
  10. Keep on truckin Gary! Miss you indeed. 🙁 in honor of Gary, I plan on doing a burn out up the driveway (well, or maybe in the wet grass LOL)
  11. Rob has duals on the rear.... you wouldn’t forgive yourself if you had them and they got damaged somehow. Keep walking Bill, nothing to see here 😊
  12. The idle mixture screw I replaced the valves and guides on my 1ton Using the air hammer is always soooo satisfying. 😊
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