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  1. I feel like I remember the truck side of this forum came along after the car side. I don’t remember how but, I purchased a part for my b3b from our host, (back when he had his “merc583” email address) at the time, seems like the truck side was being considered? I joined and never contributed, then forgot my password and just stalked. Finally joined again when I was Financial able to work on my truck. I have had my truck for over 40 years now and this site has helped me feel not alone with my old Dodge and introduced me to some great friends! THANK YOU!!! On the flip side this site has encouraged me to buy more trucks! And for that, Julie might have a different option of the site (but not the people) 😁 Keep on truckin! BnJ
  2. Great, hope it works out with Gene’s for you.
  3. Did you already purchase the kit from Mike’s?
  4. Not sure this qualifies for a vintage photo but, a local to me garbage company, has their first garbage truck on their website top front “page” when I first saw it, I was so happy, I called the company and talked to the “head mechanic”. Asked if there were more photos….. he said no. it was kinda cute when he tried to tell me what year he thought it was (46) and how big the truck was (a three ton) yes, I told him I was pretty sure it was a 48-50 and a 1.5ton 😇
  5. At least cut a hole in the new siding for pest control entrance (cat door) I wouldn’t pay for it but, I’ll come over and cut the hole for you 😁
  6. I am with you Keith. I have 3yrs left myself. Been checking off some big ticket items (new roof, new appliances, vehicle etc) while still working. Man time flies….
  7. Dang! Missed it! Ate lunch in Cheyenne at “the office” had myself the “brown noser”and moved on to Laramie.
  8. Bjhoff25@gmail.com

  9. Lol, just missed you… we flew into Denver on 9-28, rented a car, bee bopped around Co Springs, Divide, drove up Pikes Peak, royal gorge bridge (all that tourist stuff 😊) I saw a lot of old cars and trucks on the road as well. Road trip back home to Oregon in the rental car….. Laramie Wyoming last night great stuff indeed 😁
  10. More like “yard art”, spotted this today passing through Rock Springs Wyoming
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