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  1. Yeah, that is an unfiltered photo of the truck during the first few days of the wildfires we had. Picked him up in Saturday, my back “locked up” from sitting so much, so he sat on the trailer until Tuesday when the wildfires came to near us. (Pulled him off the trailer cause I needed the trailer) Talk about priorities, I grabbed Julie, some clothes, the cat and we left. Spent the rest of the week coming back to water the house during the day time. This day was our anniversary.... happy 32nd Julie 😂 LOL
  2. what is the “heat absorbing” option is referring to in the parts manual?
  3. Right on Joe! Three weeks ago? Sounds like we were on the road at the same time... you should have “face timed” me..... too funny we both told our wives the same story about “knocking things out around the house” 😀 ok, what’s our next reason for putting off the house repairs? oh yeah, I almost forgot thanks again Rob for the clip
  4. Got him off the trailer last week and parked him, with every intention of not touching this truck until I’ve checked a few items off my “chores list” yeah right! (I have no will power) No Compression, so I pulled the inner fender, the front wheel and both tappet covers. I think I lucked out, the #4 intake valve was stuck open pulled the spark plug, worked the intake closed and open and threw some oil down the cylinders with the valves closed. Compression seems to be back.... NOW I will let him sit for a while 😊
  5. Ha! I knew it! And the green glass also makes it look bigger than mine, LOL
  6. When I worked at the fast lube shops we carried zerk fittings (but in the 80’s and 90’s more vehicles had fittings) I guess the photos are deceiving, the “H-200-DR” kinda looks tapered https://saeproducts.com/ptf-grease-fittings.html Side note, this was one of my favorite lube tips back in the day 😊 https://www.amazon.com/Lincoln-Lubrication-5883-Slotted-Coupler/dp/B000G76OMA
  7. Don’t know if it was tinted or not back then, but I went clear on mine.
  8. what vehicle you working on Paul? you mentioned VPW but, also mentioned a "flex hose"
  9. I remember reading that also.... I haven't seen it on my trucks either (yet) on the windshield install, right or wrong, on my b3b I will install the column first, then the glass, then the steering wheel.... (but, I usually over think things )
  10. Me three, the B4D has wing windows without the 1/4 glass. I open the cowl vent and wing windows and tell Julie It’s the “A/C” And “hang on” got to say, I love the no seat belts.... If I hit a corner just right, she slides right over to me 😁
  11. I went used, over the recent years I bought my Lincoln mig, Lincoln stick and gas set up for less than $600. For all three (bottles included 😊)
  12. Oh, How about? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxzO_Oy1EMLITldMTGxpYmwzakE/view
  13. Are these what your looking for? https://dcmclassics.com/suspension-parts/254-s-299-r-shackle-bushing-kit-right-hand.html
  14. Good looking truck Joe. Welcome You mentioned the rear brakes, does this mean you have inspected the fronts already? In my opinion it is worth going through the whole system. my parking brake cable was also stuck on a B4, I ended up pulling the cable out, cleaning it with a wire wheel and working it in a bench vice while lubricating it. Don’t loose those retainer clips 😊
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