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  1. You’d think so but, somehow the bracket on the drivers side was broken and I swapped it from the passenger side. yeah, I’m going down that “rabbit hole” to find what isn’t original but, it ticks me off I can’t find out any information on them 😊 I may just contact Grote and ask them. your right Wally, it is not the typical WC mirror I’ve seen and someone put a SS plate on the door. The lower bracket attachment is screwed together and then to the door LC, if you do get WC mirrors, I really like the 5-1/2” x 10” my B4D has My B3 (above) h
  2. Not sure if this is a WC mirror or other, Been looking for a match to this one. Anyone familiar with brand or style? the mounting is different than the other trucks I have.
  3. Lol, No kiddin, I would have thought in Texas the door handle on the passenger side would have been missing altogether so she couldn’t get away 😛 ”bow chicka wow wow” 😁
  4. Up until I read “plastic” in the parts manual, I always considered them a vinyl with a metal disc between the handle and vinyl I agree with GGDad, I always thought it was a “regional thing” associated with the door card. The 51 I pulled metal ones from, was a 5 window, without the door cards. But the other 3 and 5 window cabs with the original door card that had the “two lines” in the cards, had the “plastic” escutcheons (unlike FEFF’s original pattern door cards) sorry JPartington for geeking out on the escutcheons 😁
  5. My opinion, it’s your choice. If it were me I’d use the best “plastic” ones you have until you find a perfect metal set, then swap them. Myself, I like the metal ones. Apparently, even if your friends drive your truck, they probably won’t even notice 😂
  6. Lol, your B3/4 membership is about to be revoked. You have driven two of my trucks and didn’t notice? out of seven truck I’ve had, I only had one truck that did not have not the “plastic” (And I pulled them to put on George 😁)
  7. You sure about that?😊 i read the parts manual different (part #23-14-19) Love ya man! 😘
  8. Ken have you tried? https://clestersauto.com I have bought and installed a couple windshields with their gaskets and have been happy. (Spilt windshields) word around the campfire was, some other vendors also purchase from Clesters and resell. 😊
  9. That kinda looks like the vacuum check valve for the brake booster to me
  10. in addition to the penetration oil then tighten and loosen a bunch of times. you’ll get it
  11. and please, don’t get frustrated and use pliers! 😊 What are you gonna replace it with? I was able to clean up a couple of mine and put them back in service
  12. LOL, geeze Wally. How hard do you shift to break the valve rubber connector away from the fire wall? 😁 (I joke cause I have never had one that wasn’t broken)
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