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  1. Oh man Rolland! So sorry you made the trip to Clements for nothing... I thought everyone knew 😶
  2. Pete, have you seen DCM repops them? https://dcmclassics.com/interior-parts/971-i-776-r-sun-visor-arm-pad-rh-black-or-brown.html
  3. Well I tried to celebrate! Just NOT the same!!!! (And the mask kept getting in way.....)
  4. Dang Rob, your one of the smartest and healthiest guys I know (of any age! ) keep doing what your doing..... before you know it, this will be over and I’ll be inviting myself over again LOL
  5. Eastern/ central (ish) Christmas Valley 🤠 I know a guy who bought a 4ton over here somewhere, looking for his brother.... lol We’re headed back home tomorrow, gotta be home to work on a truck on the actual day of the bbq 😊
  6. Well, today WOULD have been the day we headed to Lodi.... (can you tell I’m bitter? 😊) Instead we drove to a thimble of land we have in central Oregon not the same and we miss our friends!. Hope all that can make it, have an awesome time We will be thinking of you! B-n-J
  7. Remove the nuts and lock washers, then Remove the junk or silicone from the two Empty threaded holes (in between the studs) 😊 then run two 3/8” x 16thread bolts in the threaded holes..... careful not to twist the bolts off in the holes! Hopefully that helps
  8. Hmmm, now that the heater might be figured out, let’s hear more about the parts you’re pulling for that Brent guy 😁
  9. Lol, that second couple also didn’t get the word about “social distancing” you sure lead a scenic life Casper50! thanks for sharing with us
  10. Well, (sigh) with my head hung low, I am embarrassed to report I have failed you all ☹️ for this truck, I can’t bring myself to spend the $400- $600 (with tax and shipping) on just the booster..... it will also just be a property truck the good news is there are still companies that claim to rebuild them. This time around, I found three, that say they can, “Karp’s” (John mentioned), “Brake materials and parts” (DJ mentioned) and “white post” with the numbers Dodgeb4ya gave above, I was able to find a “minor” repair kit on e-bay that arrived today I bought two, cause I like big trucks 😊 picking up a compressor tomorrow so I can finish cleaning up the booster and get this thing off my bench and move on to another part of the truck. Thanks To all for the help on companies to call and the numbers to look for.
  11. I am with you PA, while stuck at home, I’m getting to my “wants” list. this week I finally installed a garage door opener to my chicken coops door. 😁 Sounds a little loud in the video but, I think it was partly the sound bouncing back..... Found two openers on CL with remotes for “free” (now if the power doesn’t go out) we can lock them up at night and let them out without leaving the house. I have officially become more lazy! Now if I can just figure a way to get the eggs to me without going down there 😉
  12. LOL, oh yeah! Well I hope your corn cobs are moldy and your yellow pages fall apart 😷
  13. Well it happened, our agency told us we are “working” from home until April 6th (unless I get called out for an emergency) yesterday the governor gave the “stay at home” order.... I wouldn’t mind it so much but Julie still has to go to work....
  14. Nice job 48! part number 7-16-67
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