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  1. Tooljunkie, is that a different cab (51 or 52) than your profile shows (49)? as a side note, I drilled out the eyelets on mine, stepping the bit size up to 1/4. never touched the chrome bezel 😊
  2. I would think they are the same, otherwise the builders layout http://dodgepilothouseclub.org/know/blueprints/index.htm would have the option
  3. Very cool Joe! It even made that F@rd hide behind the tree 😎
  4. Yeah but you’re frugal, I’m just lazy 😊
  5. LOL, Davin I thought you’d be working on the truck all the time and doing your police work over “zoom” 😁 cant wait to see the truck progress but more importantly, can’t wait to hear the Australia country music version of “my cheating ex-wife” at the next “Q” 😎
  6. 1. I would clean them up, re lubricant and re use them if it were me 😊 2. Classified add like JB said 3. Nuff said.....
  7. Yeah, I’d try the classifieds first but, if that doesn’t pan out....... http://www.vendio.com/stores/bobsclassicautoglass/item/dodge-glass/1948-1952-dodge-truck-quarter-/lid=34408954
  8. LOL dude! Did you just say my spring is wound to tight? yep, that was it. 😊 the speedometer was not working at all for this truck, I’ll add another check mark in the “working again column” thanks!
  9. What a “crappie” deal Wally 😁 ( come on, you all were thinking the same thing lol) Did you get photos of the cylinder thru the block?
  10. I’ve had luck on a few parts tightening to break free then loosening
  11. What am I missing? Are they rare? Don’t let young Ed see this he GAVE me one last year for my truck
  12. I may take you up on that if I can’t get this one to work but, I can’t have you bailing me out every time 😊 So on the small pointer “rebound spring” what position should it be in? I have it wound one full turn after it was “relaxed” and resting on the “cup stop” thanks Wally!! 😊
  13. Yeah it was in reverse 😊 For giggles, I may try and re-magnetize the magnet..... have you had success pulling the brass colored cap off the back? hey Wally, sorry to hijack your thread so badly but the title fit 😁
  14. Weird, I am able to spin the one from “Rob” by hand and make it move. The ends of the bar are magnetic....I guess just not grabbing the cup?
  15. Merle you still have that speedometer? Or maybe you or someone would know.... my rust bucket “GA” the needle doesn’t move by turning the back of the speedometer where the cable inserts. The spring is fine for the needle to bounce Is the inner magnetic bar supposed to rotate separate from the outer metal “housing” section? the silver “cup”( To the right) is aluminum or something and the part that turns the needle. kinda confusing I know, hope it makes sense
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