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  1. Thanks to everyone at the picnic for such a great day. I had a wonderful day, and met so many nice people. I enjoyed the BBQ a great deal, an amazing amount of wonderful food. Thanks for all the help unloading and loading Dolly. I will post more pictures, but first I have to reduce thier size and will do that tomorrow. Dolly and I left Bishop at 3:15 AM and got home at 8:30 PM, it was a grand day. Dolly loves her trophy!
  2. Dolly is loaded on her trailer. It is an old trailerr and tires not so good, but it was all I could get. Wish us luck. It will take us about 5 hours. I will round trip it on Sat.
  3. Dolly Dodge has plans to attend. Still working on getting a trailer for her. UHaul won't rent one to me for her. I have one lined out that friend said I can use. I will have to go over and back in a day, but at least she will make one of the BBQs.
  4. Hi all: I have been absent for quite some time, and that is because Dolly Dodge has been running like a champ with no issues, yippie. The photos are from Sunday I went to get 5 bales of hay at a local hay ranch. Gorgeous day.
  5. Two links to DD cruising https://youtu.be/uScpKhjkx2Q https://youtu.be/0AsDx9wTKyc
  6. Dolly got to enter in her first ever car show. There was only one other Dodge pickup at the show (a old Powerwagon, you can see it in the background of one of the photos. She didn't get to be judged on Saturday because on the way home on Friday night the she quit charging. I found the problem on Sat ( a frayed wire), but we missed the judging part. But she got to enter up, drag main street, and hang out with the cool cars. Lots of folks commented on her-most say don't paint her.... the sunset picture was last week. I like that picture.
  7. Thanks, the manual you posted says for 46-52 TDC, which is where mine (1950) is, though that recommendation is for low altitude.. My 1950 manual says TDC with a range from 4 before to 4 after. I wish I had the timing mechanism shown in the manual. I always foget I have the manual, and forget to check it when I have questions- silly me
  8. Thanks Merle.. I set the points about a month ago, I will check again.. What should be the timing at 4,000 feet?. The guy that rebuilt the engine set it at TDC.. It was cool this morning and I took her for a spin, definetly ran cooler, just off rhe 160 markf, idled about where it ran yesterday, 180. Given how it ran a year ago, it doesn't see. quite right.. My timimg light died so I need to get a new one.
  9. New thermostat is 160.. I put the old and new in a pot on the stove side by side and turned on the heat, they opened at about the same time.. My old thermostat is the original design, it also has a much larger opening than the new one.. I may just wait and see what happens as cool weather arrives.. It is a bit of a baffle for me, the was radiator was rebuilt and cored during the restoration project.
  10. It is about 90 today.. My concern is it didn't do this last summer (a year ago). It didn't all of a sudden start running at 180, at the start of this summer I noticed it creepping up.. It runs just at the edge driver sid edge of the 0 on the 160 mark.. Whe ai idl for a long time, or climb hills it movess up to the passnget side of the 0
  11. Which way is the correct way for the thermostat?. I put the old thermostat back, put it all together.. Runs at 180 or a little bit less. If I spray water on the radiator the temp drops.. I see no movment of water in the radiator tank, but there is a long tube where the cap goes, down into the tank, not sure I wouold see water moving.. Top tank is now hot when running.. Baffles me.. Will running at 180 hurt anything?
  12. When I tried to take the radiator cap off there was pressure so I didn't take it off. I have the the spring facing the ground on the thermostat, is that correct! I took the water pump off and the impellers moving.. The pump seems ok
  13. My B2C started running at about 180, been running 160 since the rebuilt.. I thought it was the thermostat so I got anew. one, put it in the morning. At idle it went to 212 fairly quickly,.. The top radiator tank was cool, top hose cool, bottom hose hot. Could it be the water pump. I put the old and new thermostats in hot water and they both opened about the same time.. I need help.
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