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  1. My other ride, aside from my vintage cars is this 1998 Ram 2500. 4x4 with 24 valve Cummins turbo diesel. I wanted a truck that would do most anything I wanted. I hate compromising when owning wimpy trucks. I've had my share of 4 door 4x4, 5.5 foot or so box half ton trucks. They aren't really trucks and are pretty well useless to haul anything around. I found this old truck for sale locally with about 162,000 miles on it. Typical rust for a 20 year old truck. It has an 8 foot box and really is a truck in my opinion. It came with a pretty big pile of maintenance records. It was taken care of pretty good, however still needed some good love and care. I started by sending in off to my brother who is a professional auto-body mechanic. Most panels are brand new. All new paint. Canopy pained too. The entire body was undercoated with a 3M anti-corrosion spray. The body should be good for another 20 years. The interior was very clean and well taken care of previously. I tackled several repairs and brought the truck up to my standards. All fluids and filters changed. New Diff cover gaskets. New diff pinions seals x2. Both new front wheel bearings. New rear axle wheel seals. New higher pressure fuel pump installed. Dropped the fuel tank and installed new fuel level sensor and fuel lines. New front rotors, pads and calipers. New rear drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, brake hardware and rear brake lines. New turbo. I installed a triple gage package on the A-pillar. I installed a fuel pressure gage also. Installed a hitch. It has heavy duty over load springs. New ABS speed sensor on the rear diff. New batteries. New rear shocks. I do all my own work, Typical stuff. New tires. It's been a great truck so far. I have towed my RV about 2,000 miles with it so far. Towed my vintage car to car shows away from home. Good for dump runs. Home renovating supplies are easy. We live up in the hills and get a fair bit of ice and snow every winter. The hi-ways can be a mess. The 4x4 option is nice at these times. So once in a while we'll take it on out of town hi-way trips in the winter. I like the idea a bigger truck with the heavy diesel out front of us on winter roads. I have a great truck that when compared to a new 3/4T diesel, I have very little money invested in it. A brand new one, I just cannot justify. I'll put an average of 5,000 miles per year on the truck. It is not a daily driver. I am fortunate to have daily use of a ¾ new Ford truck that my job comes with. I cannot use it for personal stuff like towing, camping, picking up large stuff etc. So I am fortunate and this 98 Dodge truck works very well for us. Here are a couple before and after pics.
  2. I have purchased good fitting kits from here: https://carburetor.ca/
  3. Keith: I replied to your posting about attending the 2020 Hershey event this coming October.  I have two vendor sites OAD7&8.  So that is the orange field row OAD and site number 7&8.  Let me know if you do attend and plan to stop by the site so we can talk.


    Rich Hartung


    cell 484-431-8157

    home 610-630-9188

  4. Keith: I replied to your posting about attending the 2020 Hershey event this coming October.  I have two vendor sites OAD7&8.  So that is the orange field row OAD and site number 7&8.  Let me know if you do attend and plan to stop by the site so we can talk.


    Rich Hartung


    cell 484-431-8157

    home 610-630-9188

  5. According to my old Motors manual a 1954 Plymouth 6 cyl had a Carter BBS carb. I have 1 on my 1954 Ply engine, as well I have 2 spares. Simple carbs. Not hard to set up or rebuild. Seek out options on the internet if you like. They are out there. My spare carbs here on the left and centre in the pic are the same Carter BBS carb.
  6. Sure does not appear to be common. Sorry I’m of no help to you with that carb.
  7. Andy B has them. I bought some there. Suggest you call them if having trouble.
  8. Just curious about your new replaced regulator. Where was it built? I heard the the new reproduction, made overseas regulators have about a 50% chance of actually working when newly installed. How’s your tools and mechanical experience? Willing to give it a shot? Polarizing the generator won’t hurt anything if you go ahead and do it again. A digital multimeter on the battery while revving up the running engine should provide some clues. I don’t own one yet, but plan to get one: a clamp style ammeter. For DC voltage. With a fairly high maximum read value. You clamp it around battery cables and it reads DC amps flowing through. It’d be great to see how many amps a generator is putting out. Also how many amps a starter may be drawing. You can clamp it on the starter cable. Leave it and go start the car. Come back and look at it under the hood. It records and holds the highest amp reading recorded on the screen. Could likely also use it to find bad grounds. Pulling amps from the battery when the car is parked. Running too. See too many amps are going thru a circuit. Indicating electrons going to ground when they are not supposed to. AC amp selection on the tool will test alternators too. I gotta get on this and order one now. I just talked myself into one.
  9. Yes! In the parts lot I bought there is a good looking clutch assembly. I’ll clean up and use the disc. All springs are sound. Facing material from removed disc .2896”. Spare found disc 0.2907. A difference of 0.0011”. I have not been able to find a wear spec for these clutch discs. Anyone know? Once in a while it feels nice to get a break.
  10. keithb7

    engine re-seal

    Rear seal is challenging. Likely unable to access upper seal half mounting bolts. They are between flywheel and block. If tranny was out. Clutch off. Flywheel off. However to get flywheel off, bell housing has to come off. To get bell housing off....On and on it goes. Pulling the engine is my vote too.
  11. The lot of spare parts that I purchased in October had a good removed, original Mopar throw out bearing. I am going to use that.....Wait a minute! Pretty sure there was a clutch plate too! I better go check it out. Perhaps I will defer another parts payment! It came out of a 1953 Belvedere L6. I get so into what I am doing, I had forgotten I likely have a good used clutch plate.
  12. Thanks @Sam Buchanan and @Dodgeb4ya. Funny how that bearing retainer info is absent from any shop manuals I own. Clutch removed and inspected. All looks good except 2 broken springs in the disc plate. Out shopping now for a new one. No hot spots. Smooth and clean surfaces. Good pressure plate tension. So she’ll get a new throw out bearing and a new clutch plate. Married up to my rebuilt tranny I’m hoping for great things! Looking back, I’ve had so much fun and learned so much since May 2017 when I bought my first old ‘53. Mopar . Moving along is so enjoyable. My bench today:
  13. I have not ordered any Mopar parts since last year! went 6 whole days! Tomorrow I’m ordering a clutch disc.
  14. @Dodgeb4ya Is there some type of procedure to choosing the correct thickness gasket for the pinion bearing cover? I see that in my gasket kit there are two gaskets. Slightly different thicknesses. Somewhere in the back of my mind I saw a procedure somewhere that I read about, mounting the cover then placing feeler gauges in there to measure thickness? Maybe it was a dream I had, because I've read and flipped though several reassembly instructions in multiple books I own. Books covering various years of Mopars with manual 3-speeds. from mid 30's to mind 50's it seems they all used this same pinion bearing cover. I cannot find where I read this info. Thanks.
  15. .Meanwhile down in the basement upholstery shop: My wife continues to move ahead. She’s learning new things. She’s done a very good job for her first attempt at this work. She’s not 100% happy with her work. I assure her its great for the level of revival for this car. Unless she worked at the factory in 1938 in the upholstery shop, with all the tools and techniques mastered, she won’t be 100% content. She trudges on with limited tools and experience here at home. I sure am very grateful, and tell her so
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