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  1. Just ordered this one from ebay. Thanks 9 foot box! I like the idea of a plastic hold down over the metal one for it's resistance to battery acid. Plus, the more I look at the metal hold down, the more I think the center cap of the battery will be in the way of the rod.
  2. I like it! Thanks for the info.
  3. I am thinking about making one myself as it would give me an excuse to break out the welder and practice my mediocre fab skills. But when I saw this, it looked like it might work. I have a request into the manufacturer for the dimensions, so we'll see what they come back with. It would be fun to make one myself though...
  4. Does anyone know if this will fit a battery in a 51 Cambridge? Looks like it might. It's an Auto Metal Direct, part number X341-1466-1, and supposedly for 66 - 69 B-bodies. The product listing does not include the dimensions.
  5. Ah, ok. Guess I was lucky to have the factory plating on mine.
  6. Are you sure it can't be repaired? I recently had to pull the lock cylinder out of my 51 Cambridge trunk handle, and the lock release hole was mostly filled in with the chrome plating. A pin would barely fit in the hole. But I slowly worked at it with the pin, and then a small paper clip to eventually remove enough plating from the hole so I can actually get to the locking pin. Wonder if you can do the same???
  7. I've been going to the Grand Prix Festival for years and what a great event it is. There is a possibility I'll take my 51 Cambridge this year, but need to get a few things done on her first. I'll keep an eye out for you.
  8. Found the Melling Brass Freeze Plugs on Rock Auto. A little cheaper than at Summit. https://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/melling,MEP14B,expansion+plug,5332
  9. This has happened twice to me, and strangely enough at the same gas station. Both times, I topped off the tank and it would not restart right away, just cranked. It eventually started after letting the car sit for a bit. Maybe to cool down?? Ambient temp was about the same both times, mid 80s. I can't think of anything in the fueling process that could possibly cause this. After it starts, it runs fine. The strange thing is, before I stopped for gas, I drove if all around town running errands with no problems restarting. Any ideas?
  10. Was the needle on your fuel gauge bouncing around a bit, or was it steady?
  11. Interesting. I think I just encountered a similar situation. My 51 Cambridge is very new to me (1 week) so I don't know the vehicle very well yet. On Saturday I was looking for a gas station near me that sells ethanol free gas because my fuel gage was just under 1/4 tank. Pulled up to the pump, shut it off and filled the tank. But then it wouldn't start, just cranked over. Checked for spark at the points by manually breaking the contact points - check. Took the top of the air cleaner off and checked for fuel. The road is pretty noisy in that location but I thought I heard a squirt when I moved the throttle. With no tools tools with me, I was ready to give up can call for a tow truck. But I thought I'd give it one more. It gave a little kick on the first crank so I pumped the gas before the second crank, and she fired. It's been running perfect ever since, and before too. It seems almost too coincidental the I ran out of gas at exactly the moment I pulled up to the pump, but I guess it's possible. Any ideas what this could have been?
  12. I think for now, I will buy 30W non-detergent oil for the first oil change to be on the safe side. Then I can take my time to decide if I want to pull the side covers and inspect for any presence of sludge. Now I just have to find me a turkey baster..... Thanks again for all the input.
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