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  1. Keith, is the Dyke's book like Motor manual where you look for a year range to cover your car, or is general knowledge book? Thanks
  2. Looks like a nicely optioned car, visor, heater, radio, clock...good luck with it.
  3. In my youth I took the ridge out of Ford Falcon 144. When I got to the machine shop I was shown that I would not have needed to have the block bored if I had taken it easy on cutting the ridge. Live and learn.
  4. Looks like this modification will require a change to 12 volts? Thanks
  5. By serial number you're referring to the tag on the driver side door post? Thanks
  6. I too use a paint stick. You're limited as the car is already painted. On my P15 BC in some spots we had to add metal and some we had to use a grinder to get perfect, or more likely near perfect gaps. Can't do that once it's painted. The good thing, black cars generally hide little errors in gaps better than other colors. Look for black 46/48 Ford hoods for paint color aiding gap alignment.
  7. Thank you, makes sense as that is the same number used on the car I'm looking at in SE Iowa. I know each state has it's own system just wasn't sure what Iowa used. Had a title issue with an out of state P15 once I'd I'd like to avoid that if possible. Thanks again!
  8. Follow up question. Anyone on here from Iowa? Would like to know if Iowa uses the engine number or body number as the VIN number? The P17 I'm looking at has the body number (driver side plate on the door). I've only been around Kansas titles and, at least for P15's, use the engine number. Thanks
  9. P17 cars did the engine numbers start with P17 or P18. I want to think P17 but not sure. I'm looking at a low mileage advertised as all original car. The block is stamped P18 and I was expecting P17. Thanks for the help.
  10. I did install electric two speed and haven't missed the vacuum unit at all
  11. Well that NOS piece was so nice I ended up using a really nice used piece. Couldn't stand to put the NOS piece on the car....
  12. Looks like it is begging for a 340 and four speed to me.
  13. Does the radiator mount in the stock location? If so, you did you get it from? Sorry, I can see it doesn't once I looked at the pictures closer. Thanks
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