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  1. I did install electric two speed and haven't missed the vacuum unit at all
  2. Well that NOS piece was so nice I ended up using a really nice used piece. Couldn't stand to put the NOS piece on the car....
  3. Looks like it is begging for a 340 and four speed to me.
  4. Does the radiator mount in the stock location? If so, you did you get it from? Sorry, I can see it doesn't once I looked at the pictures closer. Thanks
  5. I have a 1973 Olds Omega (Nova) clip under my P15. We narrowed it 3/4 of an inch. It drives like a dream, but the car wasn't drivable when I bought it so I can't compare. Disc brake and rack kits were not available when my buddy and I put it together. I could not have done it by myself. Jerry had experience with the Nova clip swap on a couple 46 Fords (narrowed 1 inch) and didn't have any problems getting it under the Plymouth. With the stuff out there today I'd probably go the upgrade route now, if I were doing it myself. Just a lot of things can go wrong if you don't have the experience, or an experienced buddy. I understand how half done jobs end up parted out. As a side not, Jerry is now driving a 46 Ford with a MSII front end and has said several times the Nova clip drives a lot nicer.
  6. I don't shy away from cloudy days, but man I need to figure out electric wipers for the P15.
  7. So how did you come out on the cooling issue? Mike
  8. I used black silicon to seal the glass lens. If you use an tube for flat gaskets, try to use a truck tube as they are thicker than car or bike tubes.
  9. I retired from a tire plant after thirty eight years of service. I check the date code when I buy new tires, I run the best tire the manufacturer makes, and I run them 50,000 miles or five years whichever comes first. Tire compounds and construction are VERY difference with today's product. Why take chances at 80mph?
  10. Looks like the issue is the driver of the silver car could not see out of his windows!
  11. Don't know how it would work in this application, but Mother's Back to Black is a pretty good product.
  12. Kansas used to have the corner notched for the Missouri River in the NE part of the state.
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