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    Have bicycled across the USA in 1976 from Williamaburg Vir to San Fransico Ca
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    Colleting old Cross reference catalogs to support the antique Moapr cars and Trucks Have scanned these an put on Compact disks. Bicycle collecting and Bicycle touring
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    1939 Desoto 4 Door Sedan that has been judged as HPOF with the AACA.


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    own a 1939 Desoto 4 dr sedan

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  1. what are you trying to figure out about the difference between the two dizzy's? The 8 cylinder will had the cam with eight points and the six cam will have 6 points or high spots to make contact with the points to open and close. The correct points and correct breaker plate is what is important along with the appropriate cap and rotor. Rich Hartung
  2. Here is some info taken from my EIS brake catalog onthe P10 1940 Plymouth. If you need more help contact me via a PM. Rich Hartung
  3. I have found that a lot of part stores no longer have the rubber inner parts for the wheel cylinders. you have to have them order in the parts.
  4. I had both eye done over the summer time. Same results are great and the surgury is very simple. This was the first time in my 72 years that I have been put to sleep for a surgery. I am using the dollar store for reading glasses and cost me a wopping $1.25 I guess I really broke the bank on this purchase.. Rich Hartung
  5. we are all feeling your pain about the shipping cost. i just sent a couple of taillight lens for a 39 Desoto to finland. $35 for shipping, so we really do not have it that bad here in the states. Rich Hartung
  6. Bingster. The engine has to be running at idle speed. But prior to starting the engine you will need to mark the appropriate timing mark on the lower pully. sand off the grud so you can see the timing lines then use use white paint to mark the appropriate line. My 39 Desoto is set at 2 degrees before TDC or the zero line. Connect the two alligator clips to the appropriate contacts. The car should be running smoothly and not at a fast idle. Pull the trigger on the gun and the light should blink. I time my car off of number 6 sparkplug wire. Point the gun with the bulb down towards the lower pully but be careful not to go to far as to hit the fan blades while they are turning. Keep the trigger pulled and every time the light blinks it should light up the lower pulley and the white mark should be at the metal arrow or pointer on the front of the crankcase. If the line and light do not match up then you need to time the engine to get it to run smoother. This entails loosening the hold down bolt to the distributer with a 1/2 inch socket. So but advancing or retarding the whole dizzy assembly the engine and timing will advance so the mark is at the pointed or retard the unit to get the mark and pointer to line up. It takes a small amt of turning the entire dizzy to accomplish this adjustment. If everything is fine then lock down the 1/2 bolt. Test the dizzy and pull on the throttle linkage to make sure the car engine does not sputter and come back to the normal smooth running and recheck the timing with the gun.
  7. but you still need to use the special fitting to connect to the back of the oil gage unit. which has the 3/8 nut and the 27 pitch threaded bras fitting. Rich Hartung
  8. I have a 39 Desoto that is still stock 6 volts. The 1939 Mopar cars all used the Mazda bulb 2331. You need to be very careful becasue they also sell as 2330 bulb that looks identical. But here is the issue. The 2331 bulbs are setup with the appropriate contacts in the headlight socket so that the Low beam comes on with the contact at the 9 oc clock position inthe socket and the high beam comes on with the contact at the 3 oclcok contact. So our lights move when looking at the light from a left to right pattern. The 2330 bulbs have the two contact at the 12/6 oclock position so you can not interchange the two bulbs. You might just ant to put on a set of 6 volt driving lights that mount on the bumper or good driving for light combination. Rich Hartung
  9. I have a sear 12v timing light. I just reverse the connecter alligator clips to het it into the correct polarity to be used on my 39 Desoto. i have been using this timing light for the past 35 years. I get an appropriate amount of flash light to see the white mark on my timing dampener. So yes a 12 volt timing light will work just fine. If the flash is a little faint then turn off any overhead lights in your garage or work area and you will be able to view the timing mark. Rich Hartung
  10. Yes the 37-41 Mopar cars used the master cylinder that only had a single brake line coming out of the MC and then a metal line was run to the Brake switch connector that then split out the lines to the front brakes and a line to the rear break junction that was mounted on the top of the rear end and then this Y connector then split out to each rear brake drum. Also in this Y connector you might also find the tube that had a cap on it to allow air pressure to be released from the rear end. My 39 Desoto has a single brake line coming out of the end of the MC. Rich Hartung
  11. Sniper but the modern cars have full flow oil filters and are now being designed and engineered to accept and come with full synthetic multi-weightviscosity motor oils. My 2019 Honda CRV 4 cylinder uses 0/20 full synthetic motor oil and has a full flow oil filter. Yes the older cars did not have the quality of oils that we have in today's market. I saw that alot of owners have used the RedLine Breakin oil during the first start up of the engine. But I am also assuming that prior to the first start up that the spark plugs have been removed and that you just turn over the engine to get oil into the cylinder walls and to at least coat the areas that need to have an oil film. Might also want to squirt some oil into each cylinder to do a top lube then crank the car over. I do know that the Castrol Oil company has now produced an newer blend of oil Castrol GTX Classics which is a 20/50 weight oil and has one of the highest amount of ZDDP, Phosphorus and Boron. In a prior topic I wrote about the oil being used for our older cars.. This oil cn be purchased at Walmart for around $25 for a 5 qt container. Also would suggest that with a new rebuilt engine to install an oil pan plug bolt that has the magnet on the end to help catch any fine metal components from the initial breakin period. These are all just suggestions so the owner of the car should talk also to the engine builder to verify what they would recommend. Rich Hartung
  12. Mark you are welcome. Look in your parts manual for the various part numbers 1193335-339 and or342. I think the part you are looking for is 119335. It is an odd ball thread pitch with a tapered end and 27 pitch is no very common. You are correct the fitting does not come with the oil gage. They assume you will use the old line with fitting. I tried alot of venders and no one had them. But I do know that the dodge pickup trucks had the same fitting up ito the early 50's. So if you go to a swap meet always look at dodge oil gages and look on the back you might find a gage with the fitting. Rich Hartung
  13. on my 39 desoto I have screws that have a metal indented washer inwhich the base of the head of the scew is recessed into to prevent the tearing into the cardboard panel. Rich Hartung
  14. Marc: Attached below is a picture taken from my Chrysler small parts catalog. The picture with the special nut and bubble fitting is an original brass fitting. So this is what you are looking for to help seal the oil pressure gage in your car. Rich Hartung
  15. Marc: The issue is that there is a special connector that screws into the back of the oil guage and basically it has a bubble flare fitting. I did a posting on this issue several months ago. The thread pitch if I remember correctly is a 27 pitch thread and is not a flare fitting. Check your parts book for the fitting and let me know the part number. This special fitting and connector was used by alot of the dodge trucks into the 50's. Very hard to get this part. Rich Hartung
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