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  1. I have heard the same thing regarding using brass and cast iron. But the person that told me this same thing I asked them a questions that has never been answered. The question is that we all have brass thermostats installed in our cars and also when I was growing u allof the thermostats in the 50-60's were brass. So sine the brass thermost is constantly surrounded by water and antifreeze why is there not the same issue with brass and cast iron. The thermostat sine in the cast iron head and is surrounded by the cast iron thermostat holder. So why not the same issue. And most of our cars have been running this system for many years and I have been running this in my 39 Desoto for 30+ years and this is what was originally installed in the car when it car from the factory. I still have the original engine in my car 1939 and the car is 81 years old effect May of this year. It came off the factory assembly line in May of 1939. Does anyone have an answer or reply. Curious minds would like to know. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  2. it is the needle float that control the flow of gas into the carb. The rubber end or poiny end goes toward the fuel pump. Your rebuild directions should have shown this part. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com[
  3. I was just on ebay and I found several 6 volt positive ground black alternators with the bracket and free shipping for around $174. If you have a good alternator or small motor shop they can change the internal ressiter on the Delco 10sc Alternator very easily from what I have read This is the describtion for the item Alternator Black 1 One Wire 6 Volt Positive Ground 60 Amp, Bracket, 5/8" Pulley Rich Hartung
  4. Also might want to paint the enod of each bolt head red if it is a left hand thread and also the grease cap. My 39 desoto has right handed bolts on all four rims. Rich Hartung
  5. as dodgeb4a stated put your floor jack under the bottom of the differential. Block the front wheels Jack up the car slowly to the desired height off the ground. But you jackstands near the end of the axle at both the same height adjustment. Then lower the car slowly to rest on the jack stands. BUT REMEMBER that if you are crawly under the car that it is up on two or four points to hold up a 3000 lb car. You have to be safety cons enounces at all times. Also if you are going to be working under the car have your cell phone handy incase you need to make an emergency call and or have someone in your house that you can call if you need help do not do the work by yourself. I had a friend that had a 36 Desoto airflow up on a bottle jack to work on his front brake and his foot hit the jack and the car came down on his arm and he had some serious injuries. JUST BE CAREFUL. If the work can not be done with only a few inches off the ground then take it to an auto shop to get the work done. If you get injured the cost of the hospital stay is much more than the mechanics charge to work on your car. Rich HArtung Desoto1939@aol.com
  6. Dodgeb4a: Yes the education that I get from trying to use the tool benefits everyone because most of us are not mechanics so getting some experience is more than I have right now. So the big question that I have is that if there is any member that worked in a Mopar dealership and ever used this tool any information would be greatly appreciated for me and all of the membership of the Forum. As a retired school teacher my point of education is that we need to pass on our knowledge to the next person so that they can learn from the current generation. Knowledge is a wonderful thing and when we as a public stop the learning curve then we will all just become pupets and not have a working brain and can not make any wise decisions. You have helped me get information on some of the tools that I have found and that information was deeply appreciated. I have the miller tool catalogs but they only tellyou so much, but when someone has used the tool you get an entirely different education. As I learn more about the tool I will pass it along. As I read the miller tool catalog and other areas I am gaining more confidence in how to setup the tool and the proper use of the tool. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Rich
  7. yes there was one but mine was not at that price mine was much cheaper. The price was good for me so I purchased the item. But why is there so much negative press for purchasing a factory miller tool? I guess when I was loaning out the old tools everyone was happy to get them from me so they could fix their brakes, install new upper and lower control arm bushings, install pinion seals and remove and install pilot bushings and noone had any negative comments because it all benefited everyone or someone specific. So why now such negative comments? The one comment is that I have the tool and saved it from maybe getting sent to the scrap man. It was my choice to spend th emoney to save the tool and not anyone elses money. Be grateful for people taking the time to research and find items to keep the hobby alive and going forward not backwards. Positive comments get more respect then negative and we did have that sometime back if I remember correctly. So I am done listing any new tools that I acquire becsue I do not need to receive negative comments from the members of the forum. I try to help with questions by why should I if I am going to get such lack of respect. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  8. I hear what all of you are saying but the price was good and why not have the tool. If this did not sell it would have gone to the scrap dealer in the near future and also all of the collars were included so no missing parts. The same is true for all of us that collect extra spare parts we might never need them but when you do you are glad that you purchased htem when there were cheaper and when they were still available. My 39 desoto is getting harder and harder to find quality parts so I take advantage of when the parts and tools are listed to purchase them. We all have a little quirks in life mine is getting the factory miller tools and I know I can sell them at some point in time. Hope everyone is safe and healthy with this Covo-19 issue. If you know of a neighbor that is older please call them to checkin on them to make sure that they are well and to see if they need any help. This is the time for all of us to knock down the barriers and come to the aide of all our neighbors and bring back our communities to be a united front like it was a long time ago. We lost that when we decided to only be concerned about only us as an individual and we forgot that a community is made up of the entire people around us each and everyday. You never know when you personally might need help so reach out now a lend a helping hand you will feel better for it and this will teach our younger generation the aspect of togetherness for both the young and the old. Rich Hartung
  9. I just acquired the Miller C-585 Pressure Plate rebuilding tool. The tool is complete and has all of the various collars for making the final adjust to make sure the three arms are the proper distance and are in alighment. I have attached pictures of the tool and documentation taken from my Miller tool catalog and also on the various collars that are used to test the alignment of the PP arms. very unique tool and this is the first one that I have ever seen. I wil be playing with this tool in the next couple of weeks with an old PP that was taken out of my 39 Desoto about 15 years ago. I knew I was saving it for a reason. Rich HArtung Desoto1939@aol.com cell 484-431-8157 home 610-630-9188
  10. Rodney:


    Where have you been. We have not heard anything from you it a long time.


    rich Hartung  1939 desoto owner

  11. Rich Hartung: Yes I know I would be interested if you decide to make some of these pullers. Desoto1939@aol.com
  12. Mr Bee: I sent you a PM Rich Hartung
  13. This same cable was used on the 39 Desoto Dodge and Chrylser cars. I looked this part number up in my 39 Desoto parts Book. I have one but it took me a long time to get the spare. There isa seller on ebay that has several 39 desoto in a junk yard Frenchlake. Do a search He might have one on the cars that he has for sale. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  14. On ebay for my 1939 Desoto and its the correct one. I can verify the number because I have a Borg and Beck clutch and Pressure Plate catalog that goes from mid 30- mid 50's. Rich Desoto1939@aol.com
  15. keith: Not that hard to understand what I posted. The extra seals that I had shown you were made to take of the extra space that you think is to big. The brass seal sits directly behind the outer oil seal and held there in place just by the pressure of the bolts that hold the outer seal. Sometimes these are call trueflex seal. They are nor required but if you have an issue with grease coming out your axle then these will help. On your example someone found a trueflex seal that just was the same inner diameter of the inner section of your national 5797 oil seal. My response was because you sounded inyour posting that you felt that we were giving you the wrong information and was questioning everyone reply. I originally told you about th eextra seal and when I saw you video is saw the brass inner seal move and that is how I knew what you had and was able to provide you with the answer. Yes most people do not even reply back to postings and when people take their time to get pictures and post the information sometimes you get the feeling that they do not care and they got their issue solved and then forget about to let everyone know that it was fixed. That's all that I am trying toget across here. I am not persaonally mad at you. I am glad that you read the posting and if you need more clarification please feel free to ask. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
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