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  1. go to a nap store and get a heat gast sheet and make your own or go one ebay they have them listed for sale around $9 plus shipping. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  2. if the FP is out of the car then put a finger over the intake side and also th eoutput side then move the lever to make the diaphragm move. to this several time. It should then build up pressure and when you remove you finger from the ouput side you will hear air and hear the air coming out of the FP. If you do not get any suction then the rubber diaphragm is probably ripped or has a hole in it. You can rebuild these pumps with an ethanol fuel pump rebuilt kit .or get a brand new one and install it back into the engine block. I always perform the same testing setup to make sure that the un
  3. desoto1939


    Sniper this is why I was asking her which specific rod she was missing and yes it was the choke rod as i thought when she posted the picture of the top of the carb. If she lives in an area where it does not get really cold then she might beable to not make use of the sisson choke or try to setup a manual pul choke via the wire that she is holding in her hand. But will have to figure how to make the choke butterfly close inthe correct fashion since the sisson choke rod pushed upwards and this rotated the choke butterfly plate to tip and close in a motion that was going to the back of the car
  4. Here is a picture from the miller tool catalog of the two c clips removal tools: refer to the pictures i have all three tool to remove the spring clip I made the copy of the flat wrench and then bent it on an angle very simple to make or use a small flat bladed screwdriver and insert it at the top of the arc of the ckip and use a small hammer to move it up and the clips come right off the eccentric pin. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  5. desoto1939


    Danielle the lever r rod that is missing is the choke rod. Do you have a sisson choke that is bolted to the top of the manifold. The sison choke has a lever in which a rod connects to the metal linkage to move the choke plate at the top of your carb I have information on the sisson chokes. If you are looking for a NOS one they are not cheap. It also depends on if the choke is bolted to the manifold prior to the carb so it would be located closer to the firewall or if your choke would be located infront of the carb closer to the radiator or waterpump.. There will be two small studs and a f
  6. desoto1939


    Danielle: Are you refering to the rod that works the choke butterfly? Canyou take a picture of the area that is missing this rod. Not sure which rod you are refering to. Is the float set to the proper adjustment level Rich
  7. desoto1939


    Take and air compressor and blow air back down the fuel line from where the fuel line connects to the fuel pump. Did you replace the rubber hose that connects to the fuel pump with a new one. This might be starting to collapse with age and with the new fuels.. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  8. from what I know the small little spring is not part of the throwout bearing only the clip spring on the fork. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.co,
  9. and the cost is 30-40 dollars and sometimes you can get the NOS complete kits with all the bells and whistles cheaper. I have been collecting the carter kits for my 39 DeSoto everytime I get a chance to purchase one at a decent price. No I am not hording the kits but have seen these kits getting harder and harder to find. They only made so many and as our car get old the supply will get even smaller so buy now to have for a future use there will always be a need to these items. I am not trying toget rich off of anyone but just try to stay ahead of the supply. Rich Hartng
  10. I always look topurchase the Carter rebuild kits that are inthe orange box. They have all of the small internal brass parts that the generic rebuild kits donot have. So keep checking ebay and your local swap meets. Pick them up when you ever see one these are getting harder to find but sometimes you luck out. Also get one kit and then it lists the small parts on the top label and then check other carb kits for your specific car and year and you might find that most of the internal parts are used in other kits. Do your homework and it pays off sometimes. Rich Hartung
  11. This selenoid is hard to find eventhough used from 41-48 on Chrylser and Desoto cars. and if you find one the cost will not be cheap. They did make repair kits but those are hard to find just keep searching on ebay and also major car swap meets. I had one with the starter motor but was given to a friend in Michigan that has a 1948 Desoto. Rich HartungAutolite Starter Controls Soleinods.pdf Desoto1939@aol.com Autolite Starter Controls.pdf
  12. Are you sure that the breaker plate is fully tight inthe body of the distributor housing. Or the breaker plate assembly might be worn out and you are getting slop from this area. I have a friend and alsong with me we both have 39 Desoto.s He drove up to my house for a car show and noticed the engine was not running smooth. We took the dizzy cap off and found that the two halved of the breaker plate were loos with each other there was a lot of slop. We chnaged out the old one with a NOS breaker plate and that solved the issue. The breaker plate is held in position with two screws.
  13. On my 1939 Desoto I use the old style Autolite A9 but the original was an Autolite A7. Was recommended this 15 -20 years ago and still use the A9 today. They are getting harder to find but I have a couple of boxes. The a9 is a hotter plug than the A7. If you find the AL series this is a longer reach plug and the A9 is the regular 14mm plug The Al series plugs would have been used with the aluminum heads and the a plugs would have been used with the cast iron heads. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  14. Oldguy48: Yes I know what you mean. I will be getting my first grandchild in June. We all know that grandpops are perfect but we do need to be careful not to influence them in the wrong direction. Over time they will learn the bad words but hopefully not from us. Glad that the article was useful to someone and hope that no-one ever has to resort to using them in an accident in the garage. An ounce of prevention is worth every penny that you spend even if you do not have to use the mechanism to help with the issue. Another option is to use Alexa and have a station in the garage
  15. The gasket can be thin. It is used to fill in any spaces or gaps between the two metal parts onthe base of the carb and the top of the intake portion of the manifold. And yes you do need the slotted gasket since you do not have a govenor on the car. I just checked on one of my carter original Carb Kits and for my 1939 Desoto Kit the same gasket that you ae showing has an approx thicknes of 1/16. would assume that the same gasket would be used on all down draft Carter Ball and Ball carbs. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
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