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    Have bicycled across the USA in 1976 from Williamaburg Vir to San Fransico Ca
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    Colleting old Cross reference catalogs to support the antique Moapr cars and Trucks Have scanned these an put on Compact disks. Bicycle collecting and Bicycle touring
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    1939 Desoto 4 Door Sedan that has been judged as HPOF with the AACA.


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  1. desoto1939

    car cover

    Point to consider when owning an antique car or truck or what ever. I have read my policy that is issued by Grundy Worlwide and also several other major players in the antique car insurance business. They state that the car must be stored in an enclosed structure such as a garage and be on your property. Some state that it can be stored in a storage facility. If the car is being permanently stored under a car port then you do not have coverage. So if something happens to your car your antique car insurance might not cover anything odf the damage. Suggest that everyone check their individual policy to make sure that you are storing the car on a permanent basis at your home in a garage. When on a trip or tour with you r then the requirement for being in a grarage is not a requirement becasue they know you cannot get into a covered garage. Be warned that you might have an issue with just storing your car in your driveway with a car cover. Also if you have your car on a consignment situation in a facility best is to contact your carrier to verify that it is also covered and DO NOT take for granted that the consignment facilities insurance will cover your car. Rich HArtung Desoto1939@aol.com
  2. desoto1939

    car cover

    Any cloth car cover will be fine if the car is being stored indoors. I also use some heavy blankets to cover the four fenders just incase someone walks by the car with something in their hand or brushes up against the car. If you have bia ply tires on your car then put some old carpeting under all four wheels. This will stop the flat spot on the tires from sittingon the cement. I have done this for 32 years and never have a flat spot. Rich HArtung desoto1939@aol.com
  3. if cleaning the contact points get a point file not sand paper. Rich Hartung
  4. when you setup a link to napa online you can savea particular car to alwasy be your default car. If you look at the second button on the very top you might see your 1948 dodge listed as the vehicle that you are search for parts in their system. You can also chnage this to a different car. Mine link states it will not fit my volvo v70 Rich Hartung
  5. Yes that is correct for the 1939 Plymouth. The 1939 Chrysler, Desoto and Dodge all came standard with the Autolite electrical wiper motor. The lower line of Plymouth retained the trico vacuum wiper motor system. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  6. This is the reasonwhy I have collected the various catalogs and have scanned them onto a PDF document. Keeping the information alive is important. So that you know what is the correct part for your car. Rich HArtung
  7. ok her is what is in my Autolite catalog: 1950 D33,d34 GGW-6001A generator uses vr VBE-6001A sta wagon and 7 pass sedan the GGW-6001B 1950 D34,d35, D36 Canadian Gen ggw6001B used VR VBE6001A ok vbe-6001A replaces VRP-4503B, VRP-6004A vbe-6001A used onthe following cars Chrysler 49-51 Desoto 49-51 Dodge 49-51 Dodge Truck 48-51 Fargo 48-51 Ply 49-51 There is no picture of this regulator in my catalog so I can not post it. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  8. could it be the starter selinoid making the clicking sound, just a thought are you disconnecting the battery cable at the battery or at the stater or at the selinoid. Rich Hartung
  9. Sniderman: You never replied as to what specific generator that you have on your car. There are several Autolite volt reg that will work on your car but they are matched to your generator. If you provide me with the generator model number I can match up the correct volt regulator for you. Rich Hartung
  10. According to My autolite catalog yes the regulator is matched to the generator. So inorder for me to indicate the proper volt reg I need to know what generator is on your car Look at the red tag on the gen and tell me the information: Like GGU-6001. From that Info I can tell you the correct Original Autolite Volt regulator to get for your car also is the car labeled as a d34, d35 or D36 Cnanadian Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  11. are you asking if the surge brake would be inthe car that is being towed on if it would be on the towbar where is connects the hitch? I know on some camping trailer that did not have the electrical brake connection they did have a braking mechnanism that was at the tongue of the hitch on the trailer. The big issue is that when you where going down hill the surge brake could then automatically apply the internal brakes on the trailer. When going up hill the pressure on the surge break is released as is the same when traveling on a regular road. I do not remember if the sensitivity to automatically apply the brakes to the trailer was changeable or not. Also check that the system is working properly and to insure that the system frees its self and does not keep the brake applied all the time. This is taken from days of camping with my mom and dad. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  12. most clamp on side rear view mirrors were after market items but you could get these items from your car dealser as an extra add on. Have never seen this style so would think after market. Rich Hartung
  13. When you replaced the two bushing s upper and lower did you burnish the bushing for an exact size. There is a factory miller tool that is used to drive in and out the two dizzy bushings. You also should have a metal pin that has been peened over just below the base of the main body of the dizzy. So why are you redrilling another hole? Just use the same hole with a new pin and peen over the ends The miller tool is c-3041 and is currently listed on ebay for around $59. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  14. OK so now you have been able to get the car engine timed to TDC. OK so now you can fine adjust the dizzy by rotating it to find the sweet spot for your engine. It will be a trail and error but after you get the sweet spot then put that info on a white board in your garage to note the number on the vibration dampener. You have taken the first step to getting to know your car and engine and that is a real plus for you. We all have gone through this learning curve welcome to the club of hard knocks but this will stick with you for a long time. Persistence will always payoff. Now get to know what dizzy model you have in the car because the points, condensot roto, cap and breaker plate are all determined by the model number on the plate on the body of the dizzy. Let me know what is stamped on the plate: IGS-4207B-1 IAT-4003 IAT-4011 I have an autolite catalog to tell you about the replacement parts for your car. Rich HArtung Desoto1939@aol.com
  15. Yes get you engine idliong to as close to as possible to Top Dead Center, Your Blue Line in your picture. So put white chalk mark on this line so that when your timing light comes on you can see if the white mark is at TDC or if it is before or after the mark on the vibration dampener. Sometime these engine run better retarded and or advanced because of engine wear over the years. Ge the engine to idle smoothly at first. Then you can try to see how the engine sounds when reving the engine. Remember you are working with an engine that is about 70 years old unless it was rebuild at some point but you would still have some play. Also check that the breaker plate is not loose in the distrbuter it could be worn out and is floating or moving in the assembly. If this is the pbm then get a NOS breaker plate assembly. I would need to know the distributor model number to tell you the correct breaker plate assembly so the dizzy is either kw
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