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    Colleting old Cross reference catalogs to support the antique Moapr cars and Trucks Have scanned these an put on Compact disks. Bicycle collecting and Bicycle touring
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  1. All bake linings should be chamfered onboth ends. This helps with the run out of the lining to the drum contact. In the pictures that you posted the one with the broken end is an issue and the lining might be moving. We have noticed that on some of the newer bonded brake linings they do tend to get hard or glazed and then this will cause a pulling of the car. i prefer the old riveted asbestos linings because they actually stop better On the older cars that had the single piston with the steps down two sized pistons they short linig was always installed at the rear of t
  2. I was little confused at what you wee asking. You are looking at the Uni-SYNC tool that is used to sync up two carb on a dual intake manifold. Correct. Rich
  3. Suggest that you use the brass welch plugs and not the galvanized welsh plugs. Clean the inside limp and remove any thing that will not make a good seal can use some gasket sealed when installing the Flat welch plugs not the cupped plugs and do not use the rubber plug that has the bolt in the middle. The rubber plug can be used in an emergency situation just like what you expereinced on the road to get you back home and then put in the proper welch plug. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com.
  4. As a fail safe mode get a regular 6 volt modern coil and then have some jumper wires 12g so you can connect to eh negative cable from the ign switch armored contact and wire that to the negative contact on the new coil and then connect the positive back to the dizzy. These coils are cheap around 20-25 dollars. Also get some zip ties so you can tie off the coil to a different location in the engine compartment. At night time fire up the car in the dark and also look to see if you see blue streaks coming from the spark plug wires they maybe leaking. Also co
  5. i have a a paper napa gold air filter installed in my 1939 Desoto and i do not see any performance issues. i have had this in the car for over 10 years. The one that i got is a perfect fit and is tall enough and requires no modifications. rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  6. The front windshield is flat glass and I think yours is a two piece winshiled. Any good automotive glass shop can cut the flat glass for your car and also the vent window and also the four door glass. Do not even think of using the old galss out of a donor car it is brittle and the seals are usualy bad. Go for new safety glass from the start. Not sure about the seat rails. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  7. go for it. it will be unique. rich
  8. Attached is a link onthe history and the fore runner companies that were involved prior to becoming the Chrysler corp. Great reading and history lesson on the Chrysler company. When was Chrysler really created? (Electric cars aren’t new for Chrysler!) | Allpar Forums Rich Hartung
  9. it is very interesting on how Chrylser took the effort to develop this product. Little know fact about Chrysler, but we all knew that they were very inovative and about their engineering department. Another one up on Furd and the BowTie developers and engineers from the mid 1930's Rich Hartung.
  10. Here is a link to an article regarding the oillite bearing history an Chrysler corp. interesting topic. Good topic for a MoPar car newsletter. Oilite bearings and the Chrysler Amplex Division | Allpar Forums Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  11. Lots of severe flooding in the outside neighborhoods inthe suburbs of Philadelphia that never get flooded. This was a realy bad situation. In center City Philadelphia we hav an expressway that is below ground and the entire roadway was flooded out to the top which is approx 14 feet high so sort of a tunel effect but no overhead rceiling. Our major river have crested at 18-20 feet above flood stage. There ae alot of people that have lost a lot of home and personal items. Had several tornados touch down and have torn home apart. so a litlle water coming in my basement window is r
  12. I recently was able to purchase the above tool for the 49-51 cars. I am still trying to acquire the earlier tool that fits the 42-48 c-705. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  13. Tom you need the erlay to energizse the horns the horn is from what I remember the point of grounding the horn and the electricity runs down the wire over to the relay to fire off the horns. I might not be 100 percent on my explanation. Rich Hartung
  14. I live near valley forge Pa about 25 miles west of Philadelphia, PA. We are now starting to get the very heavy rain storm and winds from Idia Hurricane. My street is flooded out getting some water in my one basement window but I can control it. water is going to my sump pumps but they are not goinf off becasue not enought water inthe pits. Just major amount of top water run off and the ground is so soaked it can not handle the huge amounts and volume of water. Can we send this to California they would love it right now. Might be an all nighter f
  15. according to my autolite book the proper horn relay is HRL-4001 and the picture that you have posted is the correct Horn Relay. Rich Hartung
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