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  1. No confusion, maybe misunderstanding. I don't have a high mounted or seperate 3rd brake light. My 3rd brake light is the Mayflower ship center light. Someone split that signal and ran it to the fender lights and to make 3 brake lights. The confusion was how to wire the 3 circuits intially, but doing like you suggested got it started and going in the right direction. It all worked out. I also got the 55w bulbs... VERY NICE!
  2. I just want to say thank you to @Ed McDermott,@Plymouthy Adams, and @LazyK . For their advice on wiring the turn signals. Ed for telling us where the wire ran through the car. Plymouthy Adams for telling to follow the instructions. LazyK for telling us to ignore the brake light signal to make all three tails brake lights. I ran 2 wire up front (yellow & green), dropped 1 wire (red) right in front of the firewall, and ran 2 wires (brown & orange) down the kick panel - under the door jamb rubber - under the carpet - under the back seat -
  3. The first thing installed was the spark wire loom. Then the new Mopar oil filter housing and plumb the oil lines. This engine didn't have an oil filter before I owned it. The coil and distributor were next. Followed by the generator. Pulley and Belt finished out the parts. I decided to dress up the engine after getting some ribbing by my dad. Thanks to @keithb7 tutorial videos set the tappets and used continuity to set the point. Here is how it sounded when it started (no exhaust) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14Ldrl8Mj-0 Some finishing touches
  4. How I spent my summer, in a brief summary I worked on the Plymouth in my free time, when the weather cooperated, and my health permitted. From my intro, I said I had a grocery list of things I wanted to get to work on the car this spring. Spring finally came towards the end of May. After lots of rain and even snow the weekend before we pushed the car out of the garage. The generator and distributor were already removed, and the antifreeze leaked all winter. So, the engine was pretty grungy and I decided I was going to clean up the engine before install the r
  5. @LazyK there actual a lot of hobby stock car racers around. Four dirt tracks and a drag strip about an hour or less away. You see the muscle cars their, also. I don't know of any one using it for boats, I know the marina has their own pump by the docks and they use a different octane gas than typical car use.
  6. It maybe had to believe, but we have a gas station in town that sells 110 octane leaded on the pump. If you were curious $8.74/gal right now.
  7. Don't get down on the choice you made on the carburetor. If you did your homework and feel its the right choice, you will make it work. That's all there is too it. Alot of people keep saying the Carter were the only carburetor used. It wasn't. I believed it so much I almost blindly bought a Carter rebuild kit and everything Carter related. Glad I slowed down and looked things over. I have a '47 Plymouth with a Stromberg BVX-3 and most books and resources say Carters were the only one for '47 Plymouth. So, I thought someone gerry rigged fix on my car, but a couple pieces of info act
  8. @Boogeryou gave yourself the green check for solving the problem. So, what did you decide?!
  9. To add to what to @Pete just added. If you get an AC Delco brand or AC Delco based generic/store brand they are different size then the more common ones Pete just gave dimensions for. I just purchashed a group 2 - AC Delco based store brand battery it is longer and taller than the typical group 1's. Need to get new battery cables, too tight to hook up. This is from the AC Delco Spec. Sheet: (Height from Top of Case - add .75" or 18mm for Top of Post)
  10. This turn signal switch is suppose to have it built in, that's what it said in the ad. 😱
  11. @Plymouthy Adamsthanks for the sage advice, and along with @LazyK explaining to me what is happening with the turn signal switch and the brake lights. I was thinking about it the wrong way. I was thinking the turn signal was "feeding" not "blocking" electricity. It actually makes some sense now! I will let you all know how it turns out.
  12. Thank you LazyK! Yes are correct. It does show the "factory optional turn signals". That doesn't help things. The biggest thing messing with my mind now is all three taillights are brake lights, which is great. I am just not that good at this stuff to wrap my mind at how to get 3 circuits into 2 contacts, without looking for a tripple contact plug and tripple element bulb. Which I don't think they make or do they?😅
  13. Thank you Ed! To the best of my knowledge the car never had turn signals. I think I am going to have to, put new dual contact sockets in the front since that one wire has been cut. Then I will have one wire for the yellow connection from head light switch and then I can hook up the #4 (yellow) and #2 (green) from the turn signal to the other wire. Run the extended wires along the front wiring harness up the near the juction block for the headlights, then to each of the parking lights. I believe like, @Ed McDermott is saying. If my thinking is right? The rea
  14. I am trying to wire my turn signals on my '47 Plymouth it is still 6 volt / postive ground. I am NOT an electrical genius, but I have a shop manual, laminated wiring diagram, and the instruction sheet. One of the previous owners split the wire for brake lights to all 3 taillights and have dual element bulbs in the rear fender sockets. These will be dumb questions, but bare with me. My big question is do I have to extend the wires from the turn signal switch to the light sockets for wires #1, 2, 3, & 4, or is there a place to tie into under the dash or in the car int
  15. @Worden18 I have been looking at Wesco Preformance for lap belts. They have nice installation sheet that explains the measurements needed and placement of anchor points. They recommend 74" belts for all pre-1970 applications. The installation sheet link: https://www.wescoperformance.com/lap-belts-install.html#top The belt info link:https://www.wescoperformance.com/ll60.html
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