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  1. Depending on your bolt pattern Mopar mall has rear drums. https://www.moparmall.com/ 5 x 4-1/2" bolt pattern - https://www.moparmall.com/MoPar-1118852-1118853-DeSoto-Rear-Drum-p/fu-67710.htm 5 x 5-1/2" blot pattern - https://www.moparmall.com/1118854-1118855-1311217-1311218-Rear-Brake-Drum-p/bk-81123.htm
  2. If you really want to get your frame clean. Finish take everything off of it and get it acid dipped and epoxy coated. I did that 16 year ago with a frame. Below are the results. The whole process cost probably what a nice pressure washer would, and no one got hurt. The frame stripped for acid dipping. The frame after acid dipping, home for repairs. The frame after being epoxy coated (E-Coat).
  3. Hernando, bolts through the hole! For your '49 De Soto (2nd Series)
  4. From what I have on the forum here as long as they are not carbon core on a points ignition you will be fine.
  5. Ton's Performance has a nice selection of spark plug wires you can buy by the foot, if you are willing to make your own wires. https://tonsperformance.com/
  6. My Plymouth was doing very similar thing. Is your voltage regulator a new replacement or original? I just had my generator rebuilt and found out from the machinist who did the work that the replacement regulators are not adjust properly out of the box. The output voltage might be on the low side and/or the the "kick in and out" amperage is set too high/low respectively. The gaps on the points in the voltage regulator need to be adjusted to corrects these issues. It also need to be at operating temperature and the metal cover need to be on to get accurate measurements. T
  7. I sent my info in for the build sheet in September of '20. Thought it got lost in the mail, sent it again in December of '20 still have not got anything back. @billrigsbythanks for sharing the email. Now I know I just have to be patient and wait.
  8. I also purchased a Classic Car Wiring diagram, large format/laminated. Yes, the picture on the site is just an example, they don't want you copying them for free as @James_Douglas has stated. Very nice diagram, would recommend. Here is a picture of mine, Classic Car Wiring vs. Factory diagram, for my Plymouth. CLASSIC CAR WIRING DIAGRAM FACTORY SHOP MANUAL DIAGRAM
  9. keithb7's videos might help show you how the steering box comes apart and goes together.
  10. When people look at my car, you don't know how many times I get asked "what is that lens/light/glass for?" Got that name embedded for life!...😄
  11. Ebay! https://www.ebay.com/itm/CLEAR-GLASS-LICENSE-PLATE-LIGHT-LENS-1942-48-PLYMOUTH-CARS-1942-1946-1947-1948-/124545076828
  12. Please, if you can, post details and any info you come crossed for your project installing the OD. I am interested doing the same thing to my '47. It would be nice to see what I maybe getting myself into. P.S. - Beautiful car!
  13. I would agree with the black background and white or cream letters. I was looking on Ebay and they were that way. I was trying to see if they had any picture from the back down the threaded hole. I was thinking...if the knobs are hollow, and the embossed disk is visible, a drop or two of clear strong glue (ex. Super or Loctite Gel) down the hole and place the knob horizontal so the drops run across the seam and keep that way until cured should keep the disks from turning. Just to get some glue in the seam will hold it.
  14. Another thing the machinist told me and its in the books, was that everything also need to be checked when the circuits warm up. That was when the readings really tanked, it was on the low side to start but drop to doing nothing after about 1 min. on the test bench running. The units probable meets there physical tolerances, but they don't do a dynamic test so little demand. Throw it in the box, ship it, and the customer can deal with it.
  15. I had my generator rebuilt this winter and brought the machinist a Standard Ignitions regulator, I purchased. He also thought it was a quality unit. He also had to adjust the output voltage and the "kick in" amperage for 6v 35 amp. The setting are very low out of the box.
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