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  1. BobDeSoto

    Seat belts

    I have lap belts that were installed 30 years ago - 51 DeSoto. I wear them mostly in case the brakes fail!
  2. Now you have to confirm that your dipstick is accurate.
  3. If it is a Ford part wouldn't it be rusty?
  4. The 10% ethanol fuel absorbs moisture over time and is hard on hoses, gaskets, etc. I'm 70 years old and add lead because my Dad told me to - suppose I could quit.
  5. Pretty sure my thermostat is 178 degrees. I run the 87 octane - unleaded with no ethanol and just a bit of lead additive. What do you run if not the unleaded?
  6. Sniper - we can actually get unleaded with no ethanol - 87 and 91 octane.
  7. A couple days ago I was asking about a heat shield to guard against vapor lock. I see the fuel line on this engine is the same as mine - straight up past the manifold.
  8. I like the electric pump option. Any 6V recommendations?
  9. no - I don't know The heat shield on EBay seems to be exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
  10. I had trouble with vapor lock last summer - 1951 DeSoto Does anyone make a heat shield "kit" or a functional heat shield?
  11. I have a 51 DeSoto - two door - with a rubber mat in the front. Let me know if you ever find a new one. thanks
  12. yes - it is original equipment - one bench and two folding backs. I'll loosen the front bolts and see what happens. Thanks
  13. Haven't heard the word footfeed for a while!
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