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  1. My speedometer works perfectly when I first leave the driveway. But, after I stop the first time the needle then drags way behind - I can to 50 and it shows 10. It never goes back to being accurate unless it sits like over night.
  2. BobDeSoto


    Remember Sta-Power? They used to sponsor Bobby Isaac in Bud Moore's #15 Torino.
  3. BobDeSoto


    Always fun to talk about which oil is best! I've been watching videos by Vice Grip Garage. He recommends using diesel oil in the crankcase.
  4. There is a strong possibility that your problem is electrical. Check the governor on the transmission, clean the points, connection to the carb, etc.
  5. How did you get those trees to grow in the right place?
  6. If you don't have a stethoscope you can use a length of heater hose and cup your hand over you ear.
  7. Thanks, Bearing noise would probably change with the brakes or turning left or right.
  8. Never thought of that - thanks.
  9. I have a 1951 DeSoto - 25" block - fluid drive. There is a noise from the rear - a growl or a loud buzz More on deceleration - less on acceleration Fluids are good. Any thoughts?
  10. What do these numbers tell us for this 1951 DeSoto? Vehicle # 627 6226 Body # 100 3283 Engine # S15 35I57
  11. They used to make what was called a HushThrush. Sounded great.
  12. Tell me how you bolted down the seats. I've been staring at mine but can't quite see from underneath.
  13. I've been using 30W non detergent and a lead additive in a 51 DeSoto engine. Can I safely switch to the Amsoil synthetic Z Rod 10W-30? Is it also non detergent?
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