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  1. I'll get a picture when one of the kids is here!
  2. What does Bagged out - mean?
  3. I noticed today that there are a couple of spring rubbers in the right front coil spring. None in the left. 51 DeSoto. Should I leave them?
  4. That's exactly what I was wondering - what to do next. I suppose I already knew! Thanks
  5. I was on a Hill and Valley Tour today - 51 DeSoto The brakes started to fade a bit so I used low gear and the engine to slow down on the hills. I could still stop if I needed. Using the engine to brake raised the rpms and caused a considerable amount of smoking. What do you think is the likely culprit causing the smoke?
  6. Mounting tires at Sears in 1967, radial tires were just coming out. We were required to use tubes in those radials. I've had radials with no tubes on my DeSoto for 29 years with no problem.
  7. Am I right in that the "fluid drive" does not do any shifting - it just transfers power to the transmission? And then the transmission or the driver does the shifting.
  8. BobDeSoto


    I have a 79 Minnie Winnie Class C motor home. Chassis is a 78 Dodge van. Would you guess 318 or 360?
  9. BobDeSoto


    So do we all agree? - 87 Octane with no Ethynol is sufficient- and lead additive is not necessary.
  10. BobDeSoto


    And then I also add some lead additive.
  11. BobDeSoto


    I know I don't want the Ethynol blend but do I want the 87 Octane - 89 Octane or the 91 Octane? All are available here.
  12. I agree with leaving it as 6 volt. We had DeSotos during the 50's and 60's. My did tried a couple of times to substitute an 8 volt battery but all that did was burn out bulbs, resistors, etc.
  13. Parts stores all sell battery hold downs.
  14. They told us in the Navy that if it moves - salute it - if it doesn't move - paint it!
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