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  1. FB tells me that they are going to close my report and follow up with DC directly once they've reviewed the account...oy vey
  2. I had an unwelcome friend request this morning from an individual using DC's name and picture...reported it but it still makes me mad that someone is out there dishonoring the man with this kind of fraudulent activity 🤬 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100060816017435
  3. I haven't been too interested to investigate why this happens, but this forum has not been the only platform that I use where pics get rotated involuntarily. What seems to work consistently for me is that the original pic needs to be rotated 90° in an editor or viewer and saved, then rotated back 90° and saved, then the pic loads as desired. I have noticed in older posts that my pics have rotated, but I haven't gotten around to performing this procedure to correct that yet, what with all the ditches I gotta dig and whatnot
  4. Something I read about years ago was how the O2 sensor would be in a vehicle's maintenance schedule every 60k or so. That sensor can wear out, as it is in the exhaust stream and subjected to heat + moisture from continued use...but also, the O2 sensor can become "lazy" as it ages, especially on vehicles not driven daily or only for short distances. The various sensor metals build corrosion that makes O2 sensor response sluggish, which adversely affects engine performance. I bought a Century Wagon and a Dakota longbed years apart, both garage-kept low miles specimens that were around 10 yrs
  5. Spring Specials might bring more $$$ from a collector, but that title basically gets ya a 2-tone paint job and any option that you could have gotten from any other truck...there are no special badges or extra shiny trim, and the only clue as to the originality of a Spring Special is a certain paint code found on its build card (which are not available until Michigan is classified as a covid-free workspace). Dodge trucks in general do not command a premium unless somebody has done a custom job or meticulous frame-off restoration and wants upwards of mid 5 figures "to break even". a
  6. I replaced mine with grade 5 bolts with a similar shank but with coarse threads and a helical spring lock washer + prevailing torque locknut (not nylon)...to get the shank I wanted, I had to go to a longer bolt, but had plenty of clearance so didn't cut off excess to preserve the zinc plating. After 10k miles, no problems and still intact
  7. typical engine removal is remove transmission, remove floorboards, remove engine with bellhousing and pedals attached, might be easier to remove steering column. The main difference between the 218 and 230 is the crankshaft and connecting rods...verify your engine number for specifics. Not a priority at this point but them spark plug wires look a little long...if you're going to upgrade, MSD makes a good universal set that could perform better.
  8. additional information - Modified Wiring Diagram with Headlight Relays + Turn Signals
  9. The fluid coupling was a dampener on trucks that reduced wear on universal joints and rear differential bearings, also allowed starting and stopping in traffic without pushing in the clutch pedal...sort of a bridge technology between manual and automatic transmissions. The dust cover looks wet enough that maybe that flathead rear main seal is incontinent... It kinda looks like the speed gearshift has been cut off above the deck; I see the F-R, up-down, elev.tilt, and park brake levers. Maybe a previous owner just set the speed in low cuz that's all they needed...? add
  10. additional information - speedometer cable lubrication
  11. looks like a 3spd attached to Forward-Reverse that is mounted to the bellhousing, but that's just a guess...ya might can source clutch repair service locally, inquire at a local forklift repair to get started, they might be able to point you in the right direction
  12. Has the beast already drawn 1st blood? That's a true bonding experience
  13. have ya tried checking on the availability of this fluid drive truck at CTC Auto Ranch?
  14. Mopar 1238415 is the now rare Cleveland type universal joint, but it is not as hard to find if you know where to look
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