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  1. I get a chuckle whenever I hear somebody who loves their ford or GM car, then drives in a Chrysler on the same roads, and is wowed at how sweet that buggy rides...recently had a lady friend who loved her hyundai until it started falling apart, I put her in a 200 and drove her across the rough railroad tracks by her place, then on the tore up highway to her job...she fell in love with that swoopy car and doesn't want anything else now Welcome aboard...have fun with the new ride whenever ya can
  2. NOSpart: 1523138 Jiffy Jet Washer Windshield Washer I spotted this at the Big Spring Auction, it eventually sold for over $200...when I tried to examine the contents of the box, I was sternly told to not take the contents out of the boxes...OOPS
  3. JBNeal

    DODGE Parts

    Variety of parts located, NOS, NORS and/or rare...
  4. this New Yorker was a sight to be seen loaded...this operation took awhile as apparently the doors were stuck, and somebody had to hop in to jockey that beast while it was shoved onto the trailer...and then he couldn't get out through the door cuz of the trailer fender, so they had to fork the rear of the car higher, and as the guy was exiting, the car lurched forward, causing several ppl between the car and the van, unaware of OSHA regs, to scatter
  5. Links Directory updated with Arizona Parts, QuietRide Solutions, US Radiator, and Vic's Dodge Garage
  6. we can report forum posts for questionable content, but it appears a "guest" slipped in to the Links Directory and posted some spam and I cannot see a way to flag this:
  7. Monday was spent heading back up to Big Spring to collect a few auction wins...while I waited in line to pick up a few boxes, I enjoyed the nice weather, chowed down on my leftover frozen pizza for lunch, and watched some of the shenanigans taking place as other fellas rolled in to pick up their stuff on the 3rd day of removal. This Cambridge was hauled out of the field with a telescoping forklift and propped up for these two hillbillies to fiddle with...some time later, I heard an awful racket, and them hillbillies were taking a reciprocating saw to that little buggy, to remove fenders and g
  8. additional information - distributor mounting gasket
  9. additional information - speedometer cable routing
  10. This may have been missed when I mentioned it earlier, but full suspension travel and shock absorber stroke do not need to match exactly...raising the axle with a jack to enable shock installation is allowed in my neck of the woods
  11. As much as I want to keep stuff original, the scarcity of brake drum replacements has made me decide to go with a disc brake conversion when the time comes, as there are several options available with technical support. I heard a rumor that some of the later 50s D-series brakes carry over to the 60s, but I do not have part numbers to verify.
  12. that lower heater hose port is a sign of the newer castings with modern sealed bearings...original pumps either had a flanged port on top for the bypass or a NPT port for a heater elbow.
  13. Carter Ball & Ball carburetors are sometimes referred to as Carter BB, but it should clearly say Carter somewhere in the casting, with the model stamped into the web of the air horn...the carb pictured is definitely a Stromberg.
  14. Yeah the copper contacts in the starter switch get dirty fairly quickly, so if'n ya just step on the pedal lightly, there is a possibility of arcing that further increases contact impedance. For this reason and the fact that I didn't drive the flatheads every day, every spring I would remove the starter switch and clean the contacts to get things going after the winter hiatus. Upon assembly, I would check starter pinion engagement, usually I would need to adjust the starter switch so it would contact at the right time...usually the button would vibrate out a little after a year of bouncing i
  15. I believe dump boxes were installed by aftermarket upfitters. additional information - paint options
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