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  1. Dad has a tilt-bed trailer, lighting was iffy for 10+ yrs...time for a new wood floor, minor weld repairs, pack wheel bearings, and fresh coat of paint, I got volun-told to get r dun. Looking at the tilt mechanism, it was obvious why the lighting was inconsistent. I added a ground wire to bypass the hinges, lighting problem solved 🏆
  2. additional information - steering gearbox refresh
  3. What does White Post say about this recent issue? It sounds to me like the issue has to do as pointed out with those cup expanders, as the seal is working under pressure but not so much when pressure drops.
  4. is it weeping at the cup seals, bleeder screw, and / or inlet?
  5. additional information - starter ground performance upgrade
  6. I'm pretty sure any forward facing red light on a non-emergency vehicle could be a citable moving violation...
  7. I remember when that statement was made, and my marketing side said "yeah right, they'll just call it something else, say it's completely new, but it'll be mildly derivative of Windows 10." I'm still hanging on to my 12yr old laptop running Windows 7, thought I was gonna have to retire it a few days ago when the wifi stopped working...it took a few days but the fix that worked was to disable the wifi driver, rebooted, a warning popped up that the driver was disabled, but it had connected faster than it had in a long while...I know I'm delaying the inevitable, but I'm prone to use things until
  8. one of the problems with reproducing these old photographs is lack of resolution. If this picture has low resolution in a newspaper, then printing it as a larger reproduction will give grainy results. By accident, I was able to reproduce a low resolution photograph that I used as the wallpaper on my PC when I upgraded to a larger monitor by clearing the home screen of icons and taking a jpg screenshot. This produced a higher resolution jpg than my original, which I printed, framed and sent to a lady friend on her birthday...she was over the moon cuz the original jpg I had sent her, she coul
  9. additional information - posted telephone number
  10. I have heard of this threaded plate issue but have not had to deal with it...went and looked at the cabs in the yard and what I could see was sheet metal stick welded to them plates, not much more than a tack weld, with weld quality varying among the 8 cabs. I'm not really sure how the heavy hinges don't tear the cab pillar sheet metal, so I'm guessing that little weld makes a difference. But I'm just standing beside the truck, cannot really see what was done at factory assembly from inside the cab as this is all hidden from easy view as I'm guessing that I'd need a good light and a mirror t
  11. 1/0 battery cables should be in good condition...I had an old set of cables that looked OK but starter struggled when engine heated up. On a hunch, I cut open the cable insulation, and the copper was black from corrosion throughout, which drove impedance sky high. New cables with soldered lugs really woke that starter up. additional information - starter ground performance upgrade
  12. I've done the sheet metal screw + crowbar on over a dozen welch plugs in vehicles...I take the extra precaution of using a piece of scrap 1/4" steel to spread the prying load over a larger area on the water jacket.
  13. I recently refurbished a starter by shining up the commutator, fixing a sticky brush, and dry cleaning the innerds...it was like a new starter again...cost: 2 hrs + $0 additional information - starter ground performance upgrade
  14. I've had to work on unpaved surfaces many times, and the best approach I found was having a big piece of heavy cardboard to slide around on and / or work over. The best cardboard is from refrigerator boxes and boxes from unassembled desks as they are a heavier cardboard that doesn't rip or puncture easily. When I'm done with the work for the day, I fold up the cardboard and stow it someplace dry, ready to use again. I try to keep the ground side down on each use for obvious reasons.
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