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  1. Ya might want to reduce the size of that hook like Brad says...your tool appears to be well over twice as thick as the tube walls, so the tool will want to bite into the tube even with a more blunt hook. Perhaps ya might need to pull this tube out in pieces; instead of hooking it from the back, maybe try to hook it from near the middle or near the opening. This might be a scenario akin to removing a bolt that has rust on its threads that need to pass through a tapped surface...if ya try to back it out straight, the rust starts to scrape off of the bolt threads but binds up on the tapped surface, leading to the bolt getting jammed or breaking off...but if you back the bolt out a little, then turn it back in, the scraped off rust falls away, allowing for more threads to pass through the tapped surface (very similar to the proper way to use a tap to cut threads). If this distribution tube is all crudded up, ya might need to pull it out a little, then drive it back in, give it the ol' back and forth til it wiggles out
  2. If brazing the inside is done, cleaning the joint with solvents is the 1st step, then apply an open flame to the joint is next, to try to burn out as much hydrocarbons as possible...after cooling, clean with solvents again, then braze away... One of the advantages to applying a sealant to the joint from the inside is that the crankcase oil will be pushing the sealant into the joint...
  3. The fix has to be made from inside the oil pan...thorough cleaning of that joint, then apply an oil compatible sealant, let it cure completely before exposing to oil...
  4. this was the video that I found awhile back that might help with my to-do list...
  5. Kinda reminds me of that Otto Pilot character that couldn't land the plane so Ted Striker had to get over Macho Grande to save the day...
  6. I scored a nearly new B-1 steering wheel awhile back on eBay for a modest price, to replace the one on my '49 that was crumbling...that's when I realized how pronounced the ribs opposite of the grips are...rather than build up those areas with epoxy and file each rib by hand, which probably wouldn't look very uniform, I stewed on making a mold from the donor. Then the worn steering wheel could be set in the mold for an epoxy pour of uniform cross-section. But that's sketched on the notepad next to the economical door check repair kit that I was cobbling together several years ago...kinda got sidetracked
  7. JBNeal


    Similar here...grocery store had no TP nor paper towels, no bar soap, no pasta nor mac'n'chz, no hamburger neither when I wandered in at noon yesterday; big dent in milk, eggs, bacon, potato and corn chips, and bottled water; plenty of hot dogs, processed deli meats, frozen chicken, whole hams and turkeys, plenty of steaks in the coolers and fresh fruits & veggies on display...and many local restaurants are advertising their take-out availability, some even offering specials to get ppl to swing by (call in 1st tho)...folks trying to adjust to our new normal...I know that if I want a chzbrgr, I'll have to roll the dice and head into town to chow down...
  8. Modern gasoline engines can benefit from new O2 sensors and spark plugs around 80k-100k, inspection of PCV system and a new fuel filter thereabouts, and scanning the computer won't hurt...I argued with a know-it-all tree higher about why it's bad to drive around with less than 1/4 full gas tank, he said it's less dead weight so better for the environment cuz of increased fuel economy; I countered with the need to displace moisture in the air in the tank cuz that moisture corrodes the metal and conductors in the fuel pump motor which can lead to premature failure, and the cascade effect of possibly blocking traffic from stalling out (decreased fuel economy for others in traffic), the environmental impact of the tow truck mobilized, the environmental impact of increased manufacturing of replacement parts due to poor maintenance...he told me I was looking at the problem all wrong
  9. Examination of the gearbox internals should reveal if it is salvageable...if the sector gear is worn, that could be replaced with a donor, but if the worm gear is worn, then you might need a replacement donor gearbox...pressing the worm gear off the shaft requires special tooling, including a press that accommodate the shaft...my guess is that the worm gear was baked in an oven just prior to pressing onto a chilled shaft during manufacturing, and reversing this process is not easy...
  10. I appreciate the effort that ya put into making this gathering happen every year...as many baseball fans say, maybe next year...we can celebrate remotely, I suppose...maybe even ship ya salsa and a roll of TP to put on the shelf for awhile 🤠
  11. When in doubt, cc your chambers before ya get started to verify your baseline measurements...then you have a better idea of what options are available to ya...shooting for 8:1 CR should give ya decent power, though 9:1 might be pushing it...another reason to shoot for 8:1 is to leave ya some wiggle room in case the head needs to be milled somewhere down the line...cleaning up the top of the block isn't a bad idea, and good to follow through on valve measurements...don't forget about them pistons, tho
  12. Diodes are used to restrict current flow just like a check valve in a hydraulic circuit...
  13. JBNeal


    I was talking to a friend about how ppl are coming unglued, sharing what we've seen in our respective parts of the state...she was wondering how much worse it was going to get cuz neither of us have seen anything like this, and Harvey was headed this way 31 months ago...Cyberattack, of course...russians + iranians have been suspected of accessing our power grid to knock it offline akin to what happened back in '96 when we were both in Lubbock and the power went out one summer morning and stayed out for the better part of 1 day...no TV, no radio, no internets, no AC in triple digit weather, stores couldn't sell anything, traffic lights were out...it was crazy, and that's not even a big city like Houston or DFW...she's on lockdown of sorts as she is regional director of several nursing homes, restricted contact with outsiders including her own children, scheduled temperature monitoring and reporting...she has already had to deal with several incidents with family members of residents insistent on seeing their loved ones but not listening to "the gatekeepers" protocol restrictions...shouting, screaming, shoving matches, one gal tried to push thru 2 nurses and had to be tackled just cuz she wanted to check on mawmaw, had to call the cops on several of'm...my friend is stressed out, so are her staffs, and there's no end in sight...she joked that they better not shut down the liquor stores or there are gonna be riots, she's already warned a few nurses to drink (and medicate) more responsibly between shifts...the hospital nurses I know haven't seen anything bad yet but are making preparations...they are all watching what is happening in Italy and are very unsettled as what is happening there is about 10-14 days before it happens here as we are following a parallel trajectory...so we're all taking everything one day at a time while the crackpots run amok 😳
  14. I had driven a 5spd Omni and Dakota for years before driving my '48 3spd, and it took a little while to get accustomed to the dynamics...same when I got the '49 4spd moving again...as I told a lady friend of mine who I had taught how to drive a 5spd after MANY other guys had failed, each powertrain has a personality, and it's kinda like dealing with women: some are easy going, some take a little understanding to know how to deal with, and some are downright difficult...we "discussed" this for awhile before she realized what I was saying after driving her Tercel, my Dakota, then my '48...at first, she thought that '48 was impossible, but then she got the hang of it and said it wasn't so bad after all..."kinda like you" I said to her with a big grin, which she rewarded me with a big ol' punch in the arm
  15. to clarify: insulator: rubber bushing used to clamp column under the dash bearing assembly: tapered roller bearing; no p# on part spacer: split conical metal bushing spring: compresses the spacer into the bearing when the steering wheel hub is tightened onto the steering shaft, wedging the bearing onto its race
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