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  1. VINTAGEPIC: Route Van spotted on the FB
  2. JBNeal

    Vintage Pictures

    Vintage pictures with Dodge Trucks or related found here and there...
  3. I went and fished out my NOS fender to look a little closer at it after all these years, and there is indeed that little spot welded brace...however, the one I have has a tad more meat on it. On your brace, the two little nibs pointing away from the fender surface are at the apexes of a slot, of which only half of the slot is present here. Not sure why so much material is present without a spot weld on it, but there it is...I'm guessing that vibrations on this tail end of the fender could start a tear in the sheet metal over time, and this little brace prevents this from happening. Now the edge roll wire, that is something I have seen on a variety of truck and tractor fenders of this vintage. However, on my NOS fender, the rolled edge has a cleaner look compared to what is pictured. It almost looks like somebody tried to pinch that edge back with hand pliers after the fender might have been peeled away from the bed. It should buff out
  4. additional information - 3spd transmission pinion seal replacement
  5. Pilot-House 1-tons are not known for speed, so if'n ya want to whip it around like a modern truck and row through the gears effortlessly, you're gonna be disappointed...these old 1-tons were driven like big trucks, where shifts included double clutching and having a feel for what the transmission could do by what the gearshift is telling the driver. If ya got the spur gear 4spd, ya definitely have to shift by feel. But it can be done, no grinding required...once I got the feel for these old transmissions, the only grinding I did was on my teeth, when some whippersnapper would cut me off and try to stop short while in town
  6. oil filler tube is between the generator and distributor... additional information - NOS oil filler caps additional information - DeLuxe JC Series Oil Filters
  7. VINTAGEPIC: Route Vans spotted on the FB
  8. additional information - oil pump rebuild kit
  9. additional information - flathead starter performance upgrade
  10. Might not hurt to look at the mechanical advance to see if it's frozen up or malfunctioning.
  11. NOSpart: 1195802 Drag Link found on eBay years ago 🏆
  12. JBNeal

    DODGE Parts

    Variety of parts located, NOS, NORS and/or rare...
  13. additional information - partial bed removal
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