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    Spending time with my family, Martial Arts, Football, Basketball,Track & Field. Learning as much as I can about cars/trucks.
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    Married w/2 kids
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  1. Hello everyone and Happy 2020! Just wanted to know if anyone in the form lives or is near Roanoke, Va? Thanks,
  2. Thomas....that you?


    Tim aka 48Dodger

  3. how hard is it to rebuild a 230? ive had my engine at the machine shop for a little over a year and the guy hasnt started on it yet. thanks
  4. Looking for places that sell complete rebuild kits and gasket kits for a 230. Thanks
  5. just a quick update. today i went and was able to move the flywheel about 1/2" up and down today. hopefully this is a good thing
  6. im thinking just the pistons are stuck. not really sure
  7. yes. i have the head off but not the oil pan. from what i can tell the cylinder walls look good.
  8. have any of y'all tried diesel to free up a frozen engine? I was told it works faster to break. I used atf before and it didn't free it up. But for sure , freeing up the engine would be a better option
  9. my engine is out of the truck, but its seized
  10. is there a bar tool that i need to get?
  11. yes sir i have one, but i always check here first!
  12. how do i go about removing the clutch and fly wheel?
  13. Anyone with tips on removing the Bell Housing on a Dodge truck would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  14. looking for a alignment tool for a b1d-126 10" clutch assembly. in the book i have it says its tool number G-Tool C-360. Thanks
  15. Yeah I don't have the space to remove the dog house. As far as the rear mounts, where exactly are they located.
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