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  1. Here is a picture of the ‘aftermarket’ hitch that was on a parts pickup I recently drug home. The bumper is mounted to the inside of the frame with 2 half inch bolts on each side. If you’re interested, I can post more pics.
  2. I have two columns apart on my bench and both have the bearing intact in the tube. In the picture, it looks to me like yours is still in the tube. One of mine was a little sticky and it cleaned up well with some penetrating oil and WD-40. Is there a more appropriate way to lubricate the bearing? I didn’t try to force either of them out, but they don’t appear to come out easily.
  3. Thanks for the information. I had a suspicion, but couldn’t confirm it. I got a photo of the area I’m referring to, for clarity.
  4. I used DupliColor engine enamel ceramic for both the primer and the final two coats. I picked the paint up from Napa and they had a variety of colors available. On the manifolds, I used a higher heat ceramic that after application I baked in the kitchen oven per specific temperatures and times. I would recommend that process for a weekend when the wife is gone. I have a couple of hours on the engine as a break-in period when it came up to heat for a period of time; it seems to be holding its color well.
  5. Well, hunting season has come and gone, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have gotten through most of the high school and junior high basketball seasons, and although there have been short trips to the shop for some minor progress, today was a day of good progress. The new kingpins are in with all of the brake plates installed fitted with new cylinders, shoes and the rest of the internals rebuilt. I rebuilt the master cylinder in a few stages over the previous described winter and it is installed and all new brake lines are installed. One question though—the flexible brake line for the frame to the front wheel brake cylinder—is there any washer between the fitting and the cylinder? I didn’t remember or find one and I don’t see one listed in the parts catalogue, but just want to confirm.
  6. When I replaced my pinion seal, I finally got the old one out with self-tapping sheet metal screws on either side in the seal and a slide hammer attached to vice grips. Worked great after trying several other ways with no success. The yolk shaft had a couple of large grooves and I had to fill those with JB Weld and put on a speedi-sleeve before reinstalling, but it seems to be good now.
  7. I requested mine from the above address in February and received a copy in March. I recall having to submit a copy of the title/proof of ownership that included the serial number. I don’t believe there was any fee and received a letter of explanation regarding some possible losses of records. Really, I was pretty amazed that it could still be found and appeared to be accurate.
  8. I don’t post many pictures, but I have enjoyed looking at everyone else’s projects so here’s what I’ve been able to accomplish with a lot of advice and information from everybody here. This has been a little over a year and half project to this point, with a lot more to go. Complete tear down and rebuild of my wife’s great uncle’s pickup that he bought new in 1948. It sat in a pasture since 1964 after his passing until we brought it to our place in May of 2018. It sure was a pretty cool moment when the motor fired for the first time in 55 years.
  9. So what about a 6 volt coil on 12 volts.
  10. Thanks for the information, that’s exactly the advice I was looking for. It is still the old school push button on the starter and positive ground, so your explanations make perfect sense. Given the fact that the vacuum advance diaphragm is no good, I am planning to plug the vacuum port, assuming that won’t make a difference. Also, my experience with other 6 volt systems and a current post regarding starters, I will probably use a 12 volt battery to power the outfit. The generator needs rebuilt but is acting as the belt tensioner, so I don’t plan on hooking in the battery. Todd
  11. I am working towards the same first start and nearing the point of placing the basic electrical connections. That said, I am looking for insight and instruction on connections. I have the block sitting in the frame without any body installed.
  12. Charlie-No, I haven’t seen one but will watch out for one. Thanks for all of the information...I suspected there would be great input and am not disappointed. If you’re bored, the listings for those pickups and a myriad of other vehicles is at https://www.usauctionid.com/auction/DaveTeeterRestorableVehicleAuction. That said, I hope y’all don’t show up and bid against me! TW
  13. Dodge Pickup - Dodge Pickup - 2 dr These pickups are going to be on an auction about an hour away. I am looking for body parts for a 48 B1B and they look better in the pictures than my current project. I will try to go to the auction and check the pillar tags, but just wondering what the models might be based on pictures. I know some of the rest of you can identify these much enter than myself, so I’m throwing out to the forum. I think the first one is 48-49 and the second one maybe 50-52, but that is as far as I would guess. What do you think?
  14. Sounds like a good idea to me. That would leave a collar to hold the screwdriver blade in place better also. Thanks.
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