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  1. Covering general safety procedures prior to embarking.
  2. Got tires mounted, adjusted the brakes, secured the battery, covered general safety procedures, and headed out for the ‘open road’ with my youngest son this afternoon. First time Ernie has moved under his own power since 1961. Drove down the road a couple miles, worked on another farm truck, and came back home with no major issues. Good thing we live in rural farm country where this kind of thing is relatively normal.
  3. Between the eight 16 inch wheels I have for the B1B, I narrowed it down to five for use. The three I opted not to use were bent, welded, and generally unsafe. Of the remaining five, two are 4 1/2 inches wide and three are 4 inches wide, measured on the inside of the wheel. One of the 4 inchers appears to be a “safety” wheel design. i admit I didn’t check the width prior to sandblasting and realized it when I went to finish prepping for painting. I was planning on 215/85 R16 tires, using the safety wheel as the spare. Any thoughts or suggestions of which wheels should be mounted on front vs. rear?
  4. It would appear that there is at least another ‘48 B1B in Idaho. Mine was originally in Fruitland at my in-laws farm where it had spent it’s entire life prior to 3 years ago when it moved a little to the southeast.
  5. Rear aspect of left front. Let me know if you need a different angle or view and I’ll se what I can come up with.
  6. Here’s a picture of the internals. I’ll get one of the backside (mounted) for you a little later tonight.
  7. I did that with my exhaust manifold one weekend when my wife was gone, thinking that any evidence of my painting activity would have dissipated prior to her return. I was wrong. She is still here, but I am no longer allowed to bring any work near the house. 😁
  8. The four I’ve got that match appear to be the safety rims, I think, based on the description (vs. snow tire rims). I do have what appears to be a snow tire rim and one that has been welded all the way around that I wasn’t going to use. The valve stem holes measure 0.62 inches on all of them and are round without much rust. I was going to have the truck valves put on for stems and am looking at 215/85 R 16 based on the multiple previous discussions. Attached another view of the rim for consideration. Thanks for all the info.
  9. I found them and got it together without problems. No matter how many notes and pictures, always seem to have missed something. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Cleaned up, went through, and painted the steering box and column over the past couple weeks. Attached it to the frame, roughly aligned the wheels, hooked up the tie rod, and put on the steering wheel. Maybe in the next few weeks I can figure out wheels and tires and get them on. It would be fun to rig up a milk crate on a board across the frame and take it for a spin around the yard.
  11. Absolutely. I am very much looking forward to that!
  12. Between the eight 16” rims I have, I have selected four that match and appear to be in the best shape. No welds, major bent areas, etc. That said, there is a fair amount of rust and pitting and they definitely need some prep work. After reading previous posts regarding wheel paint colors and tire options, I am leaning towards tubeless radials. That said, I haven’t seen reports of slow leaks through the riveted portion in the middle of the wheel. I considered having them sand blasted and powder coated, but that would be expensive, limit the color options, and might be prone to chipping, especially during tire mounting. My other consideration was to apply POR-15 on the inside of the wheel (after appropriate prep) and then I could paint the exterior of the wheel however I saw fit. I suppose I could also put a tube in the radial if leakage occurs. The real concern is how best to “seal” the rivets for a tubeless application, but I am also open to other discussion items.
  13. The pickup this bumper and hitch are on is only for parts and not in running order. I drug it home a couple months ago and have no idea what or how it handled whatever they may have tried to pull. The bumper is only attached on the inside of the frame with two bolts in each side with the hitch welded to it without much support. Probably a “get ‘er done” job, but I think the choice of a chrome plated draw bar makes it pretty special.😃
  14. Here is a picture of the ‘aftermarket’ hitch that was on a parts pickup I recently drug home. The bumper is mounted to the inside of the frame with 2 half inch bolts on each side. If you’re interested, I can post more pics.
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