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  1. Welllllll looks like I learned something today...I thought it was curious that your rear sill did not have the L brackets offered by DCM, nor the bracket mounting holes. I could not locate these brackets in the factory parts manual either, so I figured Dodge did not offer them as replacement parts back in the day like fenders, tailgate chains, etc. So I took a look at the Pilot-House Registry and found 2 examples of '48 beds without these brackets, registered in Arizona and in New York, respectively. My '48 has a build date of June 23, 1948, and it has these L brackets. So I reckon them brackets were a running change somewhere before June 1948...how'bout that
  2. additional information - oil pump rebuild kit
  3. I stuck a shop light and my camera phone up in there while contorting on the floorboard one night after work...it was a magical experience
  4. Kinda looks like this is not the 1st time that the site has gone down... I never got around to joining DPETCA for a variety of reasons before Bob idled the site activity. He set up a FB page that is kinda active but IMHO it is populated with way too many obnoxious rat rodders and whiny SBC enthusiasts. Bob has not been active on here in years, and the last time we conversed awhile back, he lamented having a very full plate. I have wanted to support the DPETCA online database presence since I finally got around to setting up a profile here, that way my annual donation could help go towards maintenance and support. I was hoping that this site could mirror the DPETCA site, but I reckon there are technical issues that may preclude that.
  5. additional information - factory seat options
  6. additional information - oil pump conditioning
  7. additional information - oil pump conditioning
  8. additional information - oil pump conditioning
  9. additional information - oil pump conditioning
  10. additional information - oil pump conditioning
  11. additional information - oil pump conditioning
  12. here are the screenshots of oil pump conditioning chronicled by Freewheeling Tony Smith over on the facebook...lots of good information there to help keep those infamous replacement oil pumps from destroying our flatheads.
  13. hf engine stand with 1955 Plymouth 230...and it is top heavy, can't get in too big of a hurry moving it around
  14. additional information - B-1 fender differences additional information - tailgate lettering details additional information - partial bed removal
  15. JBNeal

    Flathead Oil Pump Conditioning

    edited bookface screenshots of flathead oil pump observations and conditioning details by freewheeling Tony Smith.
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