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  1. I would not think to harsh of them, we had to have a few clunkers in our paths to allow us to appreciate the real gem the slant 6 is.
  2. I dunno, real men use strong arm steering. Maybe can create a separate forum page for those that use power steering? OMG I better run fast and far now
  3. WOW is correct, can't think of a better word to describe it.
  4. I have to agree with that, life is to short to spend time fixing cheap tools that do not work right. The tool I posted is stamped made in the USA along with patent number. Lisle tools is located In Iowa. But it does look the same as the one you posted. Does a fine job on steel lines just have to wait and see how long it last.
  5. Here is the one I bought, looks like yours but claims it works on copper as well. $65 Lisle 31310 Double Flaring Tool Set Makes Both Single and Double SAE Flares. This tool set includes everything to flare thin wall steel, aluminum or .040 wall soft copper tubing. The set includes 5 thread dies and adapters for forming double flares on the following tubing sizes: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2". However, this set is not for use on stainless steel tubing. The set is packaged in a durable, oil and grease resistant tray for storage. Full instructions are included.
  6. Just curious if anyone has ran 14" tires on a pilothouse truck. I know it sounds wrong, if one gets the tire height right, they should work, wondering if they might look too small. I would think with drum brakes they would clear. The price is cheap enough , worth picking up for resale or trading stock, 14 x 10 for the rear, 14 x7 for the front ... I dunno Yay or Nay?
  7. All I can say is I like it, I need to make a heat shield, mine is missing. I wonder what would be a good modern replacement for the asbestos?
  8. Great minds think alike I think what happens is a mindset that if I switch to 12 volts, I must switch all electrical with it. Then it gets easy to be side tracked.
  9. They do have to match, As PA said, you do not want then mesh and bind up. My point is, the 6 volt starter you have will work with the 12 volt system. Just use it then deal with it when it wears out. If you compare the headlight wires from a 6 volt car and a 12 volt car, the 6 volt wiring will be a heavier gauge. A 6 volt system requires heavy 1 ot or 00 battery cables, while a 12 volt has much smaller battery cables. The 6 volt starter is the same, it will be built heavier then the 12 volt starter. It will work with 12 volts. Is suggested that you not crank the 6 volt starter for extended periods of time under 12 volt, that is just common sense for any starter. People have run the same 6 volt starter for years on 12 volt. When it goes out, then take it to a starter shop and have it rebuilt, or buy a different starter, just make sure it is correct for your application.
  10. Just never heard of anyone switching the ring gear on the flywheel because switching from 6 volt to 12 volt. Now if you do switch the starter, of course you will need to be sure it is physically the same as what you are replacing. But switching to 12 volt is no reason to replace the existing starter.
  11. Only thing different I am aware of, the 6 volt has heavier wiring because 6 volt uses more amps. Many have switched to 12 volts and run the stock 6 volt starter on 12 volts for years. Until it fails Suggesting a physical difference like the ring gear is just wrong.
  12. all ya need is a gas can with a hose connected to the carb, prove it runs. without the rods knocking on the oil pan. Otherwise the standard assumption of any buyer is it is a core engine for a rebuild. If they refuse to toss a battery in it and fire it up, it is just a core engine and may be a bad crank or something they wish to hide. Pretty sure there is a huge following of users on these old Cadillac, While we all have our likes and dislikes, some cars have better after market support then others. Some cars have better resale car then others .... I bet this Cadilac has better support and resale then most any mopar of the same year. Just saying, if the buyer is claiming a rebuilt engine/running engine, will not take much to prove it. I imagine it would take most of $5k to rebuild that engine.
  13. My best use for wd40 is a cleaner. I love using it in my air tools. Add some wd40 and then run the tool and run the tool and blow out what you just added, do this a few times and it cleans out all the old gummed up oil in the tool over the years. Then add fresh clean air tool oil. The tool will have power just like it was brand new again. Same when people claim I sprayed wd40 on my old ford door hinges and works like new again, I swear by wd40! They just cleaned all the old grime off the hinges, now they are working like they should, now grease them. wd40 is a good cleaner in my opinion.
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