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  1. And my point is ... I do not know. From the past I know moving the wires around was a get me by. Putting the dizzy in 1 tooth off, they started and ran ... but never good. But that was with a Datsun & a international ... Now we are talking flathead 6. Mine seems to run fine, I never put a timing light on it. I honestly do not know if it matters. The Datsun my wife was driving back & forth to work, after I got home from work I would work on it .... I wasted hours of my life fixing it. The international truck was the same., might have taken this old carp
  2. The issue is the oil pump and not the distributor. We are told to put the engine on tdc before removing the oil pump. When you do this on a un-molested motor, #1 is at 7:00 position. When you look up on the internet #1 is at the 7:00 O'clock position .... we all know it is true if on the internet. I agree with @chrysler1941 it is not in the manual that on the 6 cyl engine it is 7:00 o'clock position ... while for the V8's they do specify location for #1 on cap. Possibly the writers of the manual, I am using 1958 21rst edition Motors manual ... not mopar.
  3. I agree it works. I have had other cars like a old 1971 Datsoon, dizzy was a tooth off and compensated by moving the wires, I really could tell the difference in tune after correcting distributor. Ran much smoother with more power. I bought a junkyard motor & installed it, just never could get it tuned right til I corrected the distributor and moved the wires as it should be. But this is a geared distributor & different from our old flat 6 distributor. But the oil pump is geared, & a tooth off the rotor may not be hitting the plug wire at the most optimal time? My truck s
  4. Issue is, you need to follow the book to install the oil pump. You need to put the engine on tdc, then insert the pump, then time the engine . Thing is, If others have messed with the engine & not follow the book, the timing or #1 @ # 7 position may be wrong. You really need to pull #1 up and check timing .... The distributor is ran off the oil pump. The oil pump needs to be install correctly to have the .... just saying, my oil pump was installed wrong. My #1 is at 6:0clock position. Maybe some day I will fix it. ... seems to run fine as is.
  5. Excuse me for being a old carpenter & not a mechanic, & lazy for not going back and read previous post. My 2 cents. A knock is not good. At idle & goes away, kinda makes me wonder if it is wrist pin issues? A engine gasket set cost about $100 a few years ago, with today's inflation may be more now. If it was a wrist pin, it will be digging into the cylinder wall and leaving scars. Will be obvious the issue with the head removed. Your oil pressure sounds good which makes you think your bearings are good. If you got piston slap because of w
  6. I am trying to create a garden space from a blank canvas. Kinda crazy, city lot, house built in 1948. No real landscaping plan ever. We all got to start somewhere. I feel like my house/property is a survivor ... like buying a 1950 Dodge that was maintained and never messed with. Now it is up to me to make it mine. Bought the house about 4 years ago, first year just get by, 2nd year major plumbing replacement, 3rd year I put in the first garden boxes.... This year am going for the garden shed, creating the garden area allowing for expansion.
  7. I am just laughing at myself this year. Pretty sure whatever I manage to grow this year will be bird food. I have had gardens in the past, takes time to cultivate them & build them up. I planted some things 2 weeks ago, still kinda cool weather in the mornings ... left over seeds from last year, really not doing great. Couple tomato plants doing well. Tomorrow I need to go to town and do the walmart shopping, then stop by the lumber store & tractor supply ... all day event They all sell plants See what we end up with tomorrow. My main goal this year is to
  8. I agree with everything you say there .... Back when these American cars or trucks were being used as daily driver they were so over built that wheel torque was a non issue. While in the early days the 30's - 60's the Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche, There is many others but they built things one way. They won many races because of their design. Here in USA, we overbuilt everything. We made sure a brake drum would not warp from being tight, it would last longer then expected useful life. It could be turned and re-used. Same thing with every aspect of the car. Heav
  9. I see true torque specs as very important for critical components ... Heads, internal engine parts rods,crank etc... Born in the 60's, working in the industry in the 70's. Wheel torque was never discussed ... I think it was the 80's before wheel torque was discussed in my memory ... 🤣 It was the mid to late 70's after the gas shortage that people started buying import cars, then by the 80's realized the cheaper thinner brake rotors would warp if not torque properly. Then proper wheel torque became a major topic .... shops had to start replacing rotors if they over torque a wh
  10. Oh Lord, I am feeling the itch .... I just hope I can drive my wife to the grocery store with no voodoo hex. I drove it again today, no issues. Not sure what I would do if I saw monkeys .... Suspect I would be looking up @MackTheFinger address
  11. Mother inlaw wanted a caravan, Father said he chose this one for 2 reasons, 1, paint issue been fixed, 2, has the 3.3 that he claims is a better engine ... I honestly do not know the difference. Of course the transmission was bad & bought it cheap. Years ago I bought my wife a 1988 caravan with the 4cyl engine. The van just turned out to be a nightmare. Never had the power it needed, but did ok. When it ran decent. Example: we made a 200 mile trip, she driving the van, I was following her with my 1 ton flatbed. She went to pass a slow moving semi, I follow her and car
  12. I guess thats where I am at. If I can actually fix the issue, may be able to turn this 27 year old car into a survivor. Otherwise better people then me have sent them to the scrap pile. I really enjoy driving it because of the amount of crap I can shove in it, the dogs like riding in it, the ac works great ... just the electrics of the transmission that is creating a issue.
  13. I thought would share a photo of it ... was a freak ice storm in Texas a few years ago. While we were house shopping was held up in a motel for a week because of the storm. Not perfect, just old ... I am not ashamed to drive it.
  14. Glad you found that. The gasoline today really sucks if you have a car that sits a lot. I rebuilt a carb for my uncle, looked almost exactly like that except it was gray goo. I do not think so, will have to pull the battery & try to pull the tray to get better access to the harness. Might find a distribution box hidden away but doubt it. I had the van in front of garage to work on, then my chebby truck developed a hot no crank issue. I had to fix it first. Then it was going to rain and parked the pilothouse back in the spot, then spring hit and had to plant the gar
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