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  1. I think people are ready. In my example above on condensers, I would bet just about all the vendors like dcm, bernbaum etc would add them to their line at a higher cost. Yesterday in the Ford barn the subject came up again, guy went through 5 new condensers to find 1 that worked, he caries a known good spare mounted on the coil ready to be wired if needed and another in the glove box. People would gladly pay for a known quality product. If I ask 10 people I know, I bet 5 or more are sleeping with a my pillow. They are willing to pay a few dollars more for a better product. I love mine and will replace with same when needed. I guess what I really mean here, It depends on what happens in November. We in USA could be on the verge of a new industrial revolution. Just bringing steel manufacturing back to USA, these are billion dollar plants that are going to require heavy maintenance. Equipment will break, they will want local suppliers for parts immediately. Not wait for parts sent from over seas. Bringing pharmaceutical makers back to USA, Kodak of all people ... These companies will have special needs for local supplies. With the changes to bring auto manufacturing back to USA, they will have special needs. Perfect opportunity for some person with ambition. With USA putting tariffs on China, Companies are moving out and going to other places, we complain now about getting poor quality parts, soon we may not be able to even get them. Already supply chain has been affected. 1 year from now we may not be able to buy a condenser from over seas, at any price you would be the cheapest. I think this all effects Canada also, I just feel there is a opportunity opening up for those who might take advantage of it.
  2. Sounds awesome ... I remember a few older cars where it took forever to go from full to 1/2 tank, then the gauge would drop like a rock from there. Love the car. I bought my wife a older 70's Camaro years ago, was a 6 cyl 3 speed floor shift. Father built it for his daughter to drive in high school, was a nice car. I liked it because it was a 6 cyl, I knew the car was not beat on to hard and really was in good shape.
  3. May be a good time to start making products in USA again .... How about condensers for our old cars. What would it take to setup a shop just to make a good quality condenser? I really have no idea whats involved in making one. Start with a single condenser for old mopars and make them good. I bet you would be selling them for a profit all over the world. Of course the same condenser will work on several other model vehicles ... later when prepared add more tooling and another model condenser. Widen the market. For the right person, might be a good way to spend some time. Look at the my pillow guy ... pick one item and make it the best. If someone had a ambitious son or grandson that was full of energy and wanted to get involved, You could easily expand into a product with more demand. With todays administration deregulating and changing tax laws, encouraging to bring back manufacturing, Today may be a good time to jump in.
  4. Is this also true with a B1C? just saying project cars in handle shows B1C and thread says B1B ?
  5. This is why the 3:88 gears have been hidden from dodges .... We get the 3:73's .... but oh noes no 3:88 for us
  6. Were these words even event'ed when the flat 6 was popular? Los runs back to his corner
  7. Anyways he has a beautiful B1C that needs rear brake drums and top speed is 45 mph ... He really needs some good advice besides my dribble. But his MSN e-mail I know nothing about and I suspect is the problem here. I have nothing to offer him but get a new email addy. maybe someone else run into this?
  8. Doug reports that he cant send a message to info@p15-d24.com Is this correct email addy? Something seems strange here ... I am going to send a test message to addy just to see if it works for me. So I got no error sending the email to you, and he has same address I sent it to .... something is just not playing nice together here. You cant mail him and he cant mail you.
  9. Talking with them now on FB messenger and they are trying to correct the issue.
  10. I know nothing about hemi, except they seem to be a wallet drainer ... for some reason $3500 with all the xtras to go with it seems like a possible good deal. 1955 331 Chrysler, motor is NOT stuck,(Have NEVER had the engine apart) will include Weiand 4x2 with Stromberg 97's, Repop Air Cleaners, Repop Chrome Valve Covers and Oil Pan (Covers have a few dings and dents, call it Patina if you like) Nice old Eelco 4 port fuel block, Photo of Roadster is of course just for motivation.... $3500 In Minnesota, 10 minutes West of Downtown Minneapolis https://www.facebook.com/groups/730108913692292/?fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARAbkyNq_-KLsmolWeoTl35TJeNBHI967aanmnzGUlFkl-szjidLDzkr2s5HX6D0QgctQcBBvvUIlS5Bv5l6nRcGrQVUsf5joTIW9cI2cKVt7Hkd6bgksPgyeBqs2oO2Gypusos-Jdabzg1zuJr77RYJxspvRhp8oIacDWB49qQy-vAg6cBk4W81I-tixoequCwUh_fYNIob0GlGb0FvtgPFwfZUGzbypb5tTTUtybAvmUjLSEeFiOvBLBpud3fp-HJVjQZUOGA7nv5UI2Kg0r6SamJ1KQpbaZcT_CqBXVs8tkbGGqiq1dF43Q9AZxAAnXHC-ec91XR3t0RwxdIFL7u94vK4jI6Qh_7VH44mQNBG6Lm6AhbKqOEJuLBqzzgLhQHpEPUHFc6geoRzaexd-5U9O6xAPQYsTh4ZCHX-LOsSilLokE7beewMUN2UjF8&__tn__=C-R
  11. Interesting video. My truck idles cool with original honeycomb. I did flush it both ways and seems to be clear. Sadly it has about 5 holes in the tubes, just drips at idle, goose the throttle and get a shower I bought a aluminum radiator I plan to paint black but not installed it yet.
  12. In a off topic thread I had a similar issue with a small block chevy and daily driver truck. The consensus was, no click and when turning the key the dash gauges / lights did not dim. If the solenoid or starter was bad, you would get the click and the dash lights would dim with the power draw. You do not get that, seems like a bad wire or cable or something else ... my case above I think is ignition switch going bad. Story time ... I once had a 1987 Bronco with a pretty healthy engine, headers, cam, high rise 4 barrel. new to me I just bought it. I took it on a road trip across state, I pulled into a gas station Sunday afternoon and it would not start again. Kind people offered help and a jump, I got nothing. I slept in the Bronco that night, Monday morning I walked a mile & took my starter to the auto parts store and bought a new one. Put it in and exact same issue ... nothing. Long story short, The cable from the ford solenoid to the starter was bad ... even though it looked fine. Some smart gentleman saw my dilemma, and worked with me. We figured out, I could use my jumper cables from my solenoid to the starter, and it would start ... the cable was bad. I had to do that trick a couple of times while I got to my destination, then replaced it before going back home ... but visually, I was looking at the old cable for the issue when I had it removed ... it looked perfect. But for some reason the cable would not carry the current needed to operate the starter. Go with your gut feeling, you have wires that look questionable, change them ... you have some you have no history on, might not hurt to change them also.
  13. I have to admit, with electric start mine just turns a 1/2 revolution and fires up. Really not a stretch if someone has engine in good tune, it would start right up with a crank. Now if your engine needs to turn over for 5 min and eventually start ... you have other issues. These engines will start fine with a hand crank. If in proper tune.
  14. I will give a vote for ospho, can get it at ace hardware and pretty reasonably priced. Been around since 1947. Brush it on or spray with a squirt bottle for hard to reach areas. It turns the rust into a black primer that can be painted. Or just left as is. Otherwise, if you want to stick with something specifically for automotive restoration and the absolute very best, I would check out Eastwood products. They have a few different levels of quality for different prices. Same time, Ace hardware sells a rust converter in a rattle can I have no xp with them and personally would stay away from no name brands.
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