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  1. I measured a 7.5 in a early Bronco II. Guessing the bronco and ranger share same platform. I do not remember the exact measurements .... seems like it was 2" narrower then my 1949 pilothouse. We talked about it here in the forums, consensus was to use some 1" spacers to get the track width back out to where it should be. I think it would be strong enough though for a flathead 6. To be fair my measuring was not ideal. The Bronco and my pilothouse had tires & wheels and sitting on the ground. I measured from center of tire to center of tire on both vehicles. We can
  2. Yes sir think I will take a look at them. With the intake manifold installed, it hangs over the right valve cover and top heavy & awkward on the engine stand. Going to have to pull the intake, to safely be able to turn the engine on the stand to pull the pan. I will take a look at the timing chain .... Obvious I will have a complete engine gasket set. So may as well change the valve cover gaskets while there .... Do I pull the heads & mic the cylinders? Heck if it looks good, may as well slap in some new ring & bearings just to freshen it up. .... It's a rabbi
  3. So I bought the cheapest used motor I could find Pretty amazing how prices fluctuate on used motors from one wrecking yard to the next. carpart.com I found them from $145-$650 and a rebuilt for $2k. All of them were 3.5 hours one way or more to go pick up. I called a local yard 1.5 hours away, asked them. They had 1 for $350. Cool, how many miles or compression check? He just laughed. "Son I put that motor in the shed 8 or 10 years ago, I got no idea about it ... Must have been good or would not have kept it" I offered $250 because it been sitting 10 years &a
  4. Think what I really meant was, I was a idiot for letting the wife drive the car before I changed the cam sensor. Oh well. Been doing some more thinking about it, Yes I did have a code for no signal from cam sensor. That was after the crank sensor failed ... seems natural would also be no signal from cam ... After getting it running I needed to clear the codes and then check again to see if the issue was still there. In my defense, I already had a new cam sensor sitting on the bench, wife was happy to have her car running and asked if I could wait a few days before working on
  5. As others have said, label everything. Not high tech but works for me. Put the lid back on the coffee can & set it on a shelf, you can come back to it years later and know where everything goes. Here is how I stored the pistons for the engine. We all love a good laugh Just saying there is some order to it, the right rear piston is for the right rear cylinder. Don't do what I do! Would not take much to improve on my system. This particular engine is a 1951 Ford flathead V8. I have zero use for it and simply dissecting it and putting it
  6. Crazy idea just a weird problem ... is it possible a critter moved into your exhaust and is now plugged up?
  7. Sorry for your loss Paul. We all know the body will slowly deteriorate as we get older. I hope the implant works for you. While I have bad hearing I can't imagine what it would be like in a silent world. Trying to make lemonade out of lemons, You still have friends here and can communicate through the internet. As my Uncle reached his older years it was his eyesight that went. In his 80's and good health. He was no longer independent, could not drive , He kept up a good front and showed a good attitude and always told you a joke ... He really did give up on life though a
  8. Paul I do not think it is the distributor. The 1987 Ford had a carburetor but it did not have points. It was electronic. I think the principle is proven when drag cars go to the track and the weather or humidity really has a factor in how well the car will run that day. We fine tune the air/fuel mixture but when we live in a area where the altitude changes the lean/rich on your carburetor also changes. Denver Colorado is touted as the mile high city. Fact is Albuquerque is higher altitude ... by a few hundred feet, Santa Fe is higher by a few thousand feet, Denver is reco
  9. Jeff I pray you get a full recovery and I love your truck .... Sometimes when troubleshooting is best to start with the last thing you changed. You say it was running fine. Then you went to work and it was not ..... Quit working and see if it runs better
  10. New Mexico is tough on cars with a carburetor. Albuquerque is over 5k feet altitude. So you tune your car to run with that spec. First time I drove to Santa Fe I fouled 4 spark plugs and had to limp home. It is over 7k feet. Just driving to the edge of town in the Sandia foot hills the altitude changes 500' and affect the way it ran. Go south of town and you drop down to 3k feet altitude. This was with my 1987 Ford work Van with a 351/C6 trans .... 500cfm Holley 4brl. It ran great around town, but the constant changes in altitude messing with the air/fuel ratio was murder.
  11. I had to break out & laugh about that ... really is true though. Most of the gauges etc do not care ... mainly the lights. I think the radio is the biggest problem.
  12. I probably not the right one to reply for your questions ... 1, I live in West Texas and no liquid ice removers on the road to worry about. 2, I also thought it was too shiny after it was first applied. Thinking this is why GOD created mud puddles. 3, I am just not particular about things that in my mind not worth worrying about. When you put the bed, fenders, tires on ... you will only see parts of the frame ... the sun will not reach it and turn it gray. It will be protected. Drive it some and the gloss will disappear. Personally I am fine with the gloss black
  13. Not sure if I have anything good to say about Ace paint, I do not have anything bad to say about it either. I used it on 1/2 my frame, front axle etc... I wire brushed all the loose surface rust off, coated everything with ospho then brushed on the Ace paint couple coats heavy. Obvious I am not a professional paint & body guy. I am ok so far with the results, no idea how long it will last but sitting in the driveway it has lasted 1 year. I was kinda turned off with it when I read the directions and it said it is not DTM (direct to metal) it wants primer first ..
  14. Recently was a industrial engine that was run off propane for sale on ebay. Complete running engine and trans went out so they replaced it all. Buy it now price was $350 and had zero offers. Now is re-listed for $200. Still has a few days left and no offers on it. Talked to the guy last week and he said he was going to scrap it if not sold this time. Man I hope he sells it! If not, I am afraid I may have to buy it ..... I need to buy another engine for my wife car right now. Sooo, if I drag home a spare engine for my truck before getting her a engine .... she will
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