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Have a 39 Ply, originally used 600x16, changed to 215/70 R 16 and in my opinion car handles much better and definately  stops better.  Probably takes a little more force to parallel park, however when1884949939_RadialTires.png.6ba2fb74233979ae8b0f807cfc31d562.png



 driving see no difference. Purchased from Diamond Back, as they have more sizes to pick from.  They take conventional tires and mold the white onto.  Look great and so far have held up.   Don't know how true it is, when speaking with Croker at Hershey car show, did not feel that one should use radial tires on standard wheels as they are not strong enough???  End up purchasing 6 in wheels and welding tabs on to use original type hubcaps, keeping original wheels in storage.  If you live near central N.J. and would consider used 600x16 bias ply, very low millage but old, PM me. 

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Well , Coker tire is a big company and you know about lawsuit liability if they say your  old rims are safe to use and they never get inspected by someone qualified to know and put in writing!


Plus Coker has bought two companies that manufacture  and sell new/old style wheels not using the Coker name however.  Need to sell new wheels.



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Exactly why I will NEVER run a re-pop casing....they are notoriously out of round on every one I have seen to date....and while that may seem unfair it is my findings and should be a consideration to anyone thinking of that type product.  For a driver you need to go elsewhere...for parade car and trailer queen these tires are the very look that defines the original period the car was manufactured...to many, that is all that counts as they do not run at any sustained highway speed in their vehicles.  

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On 11/21/2020 at 1:48 PM, Sniper said:

An article from SEMA about putting radials on rims designed for bias ply tires.  They have no dog in the hunt other than safety.



thank for all the great info !

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Just as a data point for the archives....the wide-white Coker Classic bias ply tires on my P-15 with stock 15" wheels didn't need an unusual amount of weight to balance and at least 75-80% of the miles I put on the car are driven at 55-60mph. But with no over-drive and the stock brakes I wouldn't drive any faster even with radials. Top speed on my car is limited by gear ratio, brakes and my considerable survival instinct....not bias tires.



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