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    Old cars, younger women, ya right!
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    Attempting to finally complete this longtime project. many changes not fitting this forum as it has many Chevy and other parts. Just not aware of this forum or parts availability way back then . Wish I had known but I am here!
    Just redoing the front brakes are testing my patience and endurance. Still plan a rearend change to a Explorer or Jeep.
    50 Ply. Suburban, Hot rodded, 80 % done, on hold, w/ 49 ply. front end w/ grille -v-8 .

    May sell soon as I can no longer do heavy bending, lifting, etc.!

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    old cars are my phys. therapy
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    ex-construction equipment mechanic


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    old cars

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  1. Still on 6 v. setup and Pertronix parts also or changed to 12 V. setup through out? I have done 12 volt pertronix changes two of which were on Mopar flat sixes. No experience with the 6 v, versions. No problems at all with the 12 v. kits! Others have had other experiences, but. . . they were all 6 v. systems I believe.? Some differences on kits depending on the distributor you use. DJ
  2. Rich, I suppose you could also do some other brands . Arching shoe works well on almost any shoe made for cars. DJ
  3. Suggest you try EBay US and AUS. versions. Available I think are still at : 12volt and 6 volt .. Not the cheap way but . . . fifthaveinternetgarage.com/overdrive_parts.php https://fifthaveinternetgarage.com/index.php DJ
  4. Texas maybe, but born and raised in Tennessee ?
  5. My intent was really to be a joke, I guess I forgot the the emoji that reflected that! The color reminds me of the color that was used in almost all alum surface primers many years back. Trying to remember the name but I do remember that it was discontinued because of some of the ingredients were toxic. I remember- zinc chromate !! Old age has too many drawbacks some days. Original cars deserve original colors that reflect that the car receives extra work and care to be originals. I do appreciate the efforts! πŸ™‚ DJ
  6. Just needs some contrasting color pin stripping and go driving! πŸ‘ DJ
  7. Last time I went to a Napa store to buy a premade 3/16" brake line all they had in stock were made with the copper/nickel, stuff. I did not ask if they could get one from regular steel. The copper stuff bent easily and was easy to flair as I wanted to make the length different. Check it out? DJ
  8. Capacitor on a generator is just to cut a generator whining noise on a radio. Will not affect charging as I understand. DJ
  9. The last one I found of the original style was on EBay . New after market brand in the box. After watching several for sale over months I finally bought a cheap one (comparatively) for $25- $30 shipped and this was about 6-7 years ago. I am sure there are more out there, but, make sure to do dimensions checks as there seem to be many of that style but small differences that were made for many models and brands. Best of luck on the hunt, DJ
  10. https://mymopar.com/?pid=117 Has videos from !946 and up. DJ
  11. #1 hire a Young contortionist Have a cold drink while they hurt themselves trying to undo the spring type throttle clips . they have been there for years and get rusted in place.. They are the worst designed parts on any Mopar that I have touched. mostly because of the almost impossible location to get body parts to move in. Which of the two clips to remove? I have forgotten as most people will forget the extreme torment of trying experiences . I just hope you are younger and more flexible than I was at the time. Makes me want to go get a beer or two just thinking of it!! I will send prayers your direction and wishes of good luck.. 🀐 DJ
  12. That location is where the gas tank sits in the 50 dr. I had was located. Is it in your car also? DJ
  13. I had a 37 PLy. back in about 1968 and put a 53 Ply. car engine in it. The 37 and 38 used the same bell and trans I am sure now though. Exactly what parts I used I can't say now but I did Not buy any parts to combine the two, just parts from both to make it work and not spend any as a Senior in HS I really did not have it to spend! I do remember that it was some of both with the 53 engine and car parts and 37 bell and trans. and other parts from that car. The other details are Long lost in the cosmos. It is do able but if you have all the pieces I do not know. Worth trying I believe for sure. πŸ˜‰ DJ
  14. Mopar gave up the floor starter in the cars somewhere in the 40's. I am sure by the 46 and on they had a button on the dash to activate start. Ignition power still went through the key switch. What Sniper told you is the way to go with your start add-on switch. When you want to add ignition to the action - - a jumper wire from the battery neg. post (still pos. grounded car) to the coil neg.. terminal post will do that for you. Do not leave connected when not trying to start car! Get on it. Best of luck, DJ
  15. jhttps://www.ebay.com/itm/312278878867?fits=Year%3A1950|Make%3APlymouth&itmmeta=01HY9FK7WWVTKA6QSCR70FQDWK&hash=item48b5458a93:g:Bn8AAOSwoHJmM9e7&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA0DNYuMlRPVfHvGOAKJFzEUxe2bXBTASTcDIaPxNVmxm8leSfe5A1YypGpgYQA0ocH%2FlSJfb2Vc%2Fc5%2BhW5arri%2BVw8fqMa70506s0X4abiE9UXKQXK0rPrHxnDhvQ0lKLVSrqpkWHEYiJLgfZnLiI0euuKXHEBmBYURyEd14r21OWxbmKC6ytYSZ22z%2Fwe6l5pWKHOrY4Q%2FkBONnD4OiOJU1wcdV7M%2BaoSGJcsTlTS9dsdi3jn2hj8dmw0VUpeXIg73qK4k35C4DwtjcvaFsndUY%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8T-zK_yYwu Was just messing around on Eflee and saw this. I do not believe but it is up to you to check!! DJ
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