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    Old cars, younger women, ya right!
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    Attempting to finally complete this longtime project. many changes not fitting this forum as it has many Chevy and other parts. Just not aware of this forum or parts availability way back then . Wish I had known but I am here!
    Just redoing the front brakes are testing my patience and endurance. Still plan a rearend change to a Explorer or Jeep.
    50 Ply. Suburban, Hot rodded, 80 % done, on hold, w/ 49 ply. front end w/ grille -v-8 .

    May sell soon as I can no longer do heavy bending, lifting, etc.!

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    old cars are my phys. therapy
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    ex-construction equipment mechanic


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    old cars

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  1. On several moper frames of the area where I looked for the #'s , they where anywhere from just above the rubber bumper on the frame riser back to where #'s shown in picture or somewhere between. Need to Over clean the whole area as they are not stamped deeply -most often - as they where done by hand! Depth of stamps vary. DJ
  2. If 12 volts are in vehicle you may want to check into something like these other makes used factory vacuum pumps and are not too high? priced new or used. Just a thought for some? There where others like Cadillac? but not sure , checked on these for a friend with a high lift cam (low vacuum) some years ago. https://www.amazon.com/Power-Brake-Booster-Vacuum-Volvo/dp/B07JDB4C56 DJ
  3. I'm fairly sure they would not have minded if you opened the hood and took a peek! 😈 🤐 DJ
  4. Find a socket that fits almost snug in the pump bore? start lock ring in the bore as straight as possible and Make sure where the open ends of the snap ring are away from the inside edge where the ball sits. Worth a try or two? Or many tries with two angled ended picks. It will work but is a pita!. DJ
  5. Buy and old pump used or old rebuilt one on EBAY. Look at Ply., dod., chrysler listings. Just looked at listings for 50 Ply. and found many new and some old rebuilds there. Just one shown is dual action to also eliminate using engine vacuum for windshield wipers and are often hard to find. Needs rebuilt but kits are available which is what I would consider needed for any EBAY pumps that are older Not new ones https://www.ebay.com/itm/115513090515?hash=item1ae51de1d3:g:oYIAAOSwfCVjEi4f&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsCkzT8R%2F9LVWA3eczNZzpy%2B0EIzWZmBkYZGRBcM%2BBkEq6P%2BgOrGQiScWtMHqpsif0at48jcF7YrmI3z9pHxGgV0cjBxWs8Vi%2BD6lmv87Q3MpI%2BirDnuV8stvh%2BORq3uZrKj4%2FpxqjDd4si94vQxWjscpViyb2QJIZQvsB3PUPl0ww%2BcXgi9X7MVo18qL9KDUCypiYi6bzhKt7iFlyTLUjdeXuVPtLEdeZsrLXgalpdTT|tkp%3ABk9SR_y1w9LrYA DJ
  6. Sniper- you found the pic in the parts book I could not! Thanks for the confirmation! I guess my memory is nor totally- gone- -yet! 🙂 DJ
  7. If I remember right there are spacer pipes(tubes) to keep from crushing the frame side together when the steer box is mounted and tightened down. If these are missing the frame side rails can flex and allow the steer box to move about when under a load. are they missing? Just a though as it was some years ago that I worked on my 50 Ply. steering and insulator. Memory is not what it was along with many body parts! 🤕 🙃 DJ
  8. Only accidentally years ago, learned to keep my face away from oil draining. Must be a acquired taste- sort of like most alcohol drinks. Hangovers from oil must be a bitch, though! 🥳 DJ
  9. Maybe a compression leak down test would be the quick check for some issues and the tools are not way expensive to buy (borrow?). DJ
  10. Well if- All new electric vehicle roofs will be made of 100 % solar panels per a new law! Not yet passed, but- In Ca. the legislature LOVES passing new laws, does not matter if the law is needed but bonus pay is rewarded for writing laws that get passed. Since all legislators want the extra $$, they all vote for the new law- - - At least it seems this way to me! Maybe if they all took extended vacations in the heavily drug gang controlled areas of Mexico-- - plenty of choice locations are available for their pleasure! Maybe there would be some light - - - Too much already said so I will let this go. DJ
  11. Must be why they have the same fuel pump as everyone else but feel that they can change way more! 👺 😜 DJ
  12. ideas for seatbelts install see: Julianos.com For belts with reasonable prices see: sealtbelts plus. I have used julianos products in the past but there were somewhat expensive but first class. DJ Universal Aftermarket Seat Belts SeatBeltsPlus.com Street Rod Parts ~ Replacement Seat Belts.htm
  13. Found this as cheapest avail. 50 wt . ? https://www.amazon.com/Valvoline-SAE-Premium-Conventional-Motor/dp/B000CQ4DEG/ref=asc_df_B000CQ4DEG?tag=bngsmtphsnus-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=80127027724173&hvnetw=s&hvqmt=e&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=&hvtargid=pla-4583726558021415&th=1 Do not need high performance oils for the air cleaner. Mix and use various weight to make the required wt.s work fine for me. Have done it with some left over motorcycle oil and something from whatever use I had to create wt. needed per manual for cleaner. DJ
  14. Life time supply of points lube!! Put it your will for future generations! 🤧 🙂 DJ
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