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  1. Could it be under this collectable antique grease/dirt?? DJ
  2. Ebay has some old style thermostats for sale $10 +free ship up to $30. I just looked at - EBay- 50 Plymouth thermostats (my car) but they fit just about all older Mopar flat 6's.
  3. DJ194950


    Many newbies to these cars are totally unaware that no one is making these wheels new and Must be sourced only through the used market. 😥 That is to me where the post can become a wanted post rather than suggesting a supplier of new, but if you are unaware , then what is it?? Anyone need a new business Op. when this disaster clears up, definitely an opening! DJ
  4. The 47 is a 2 spider gears type of rear and according to the book changing from a stronger 4 gear type to the weaker 2 gear type is Not recommended. You also most likely have 16 splines on the spider ends of your axles. The 47 uses 10 spline axles. While is some cases the parts are removed from one gearset and installed in the other to make it work. If you have 10spline axles in good condition now the 47 3rd member complete may fit in your housing, and work fine. One other question is how many attachment bolts hold your 3rd. member to the main housing and also in the 47. They made a change in some rearends about these years. I cannot say 100 % because the book my does not cover this because of the stronger/weaker statement I guess? Hope I helped not just confused, DJ
  5. does your original gearset have 2 or 4 spider gears? If only two the 47 rear should fit complete. Also how many splines are on the spider gear ends of the axles? I can look later in my old interchange manual with the other info mentioned to make sure. Is the 47 the same ratio? DJ
  6. Now that is Only funny if your rebuild kit came with a set of new ones, otherwise it's time to gather the neighborhood kids an have a Easter Ball hunt! 😯 DJ
  7. Lots of fab involved but it should save about $200 over a 12 volt setup from Newport Engineering! More so if you are still 6 Volt! Finished pics will be appreciated by many. DJ
  8. That is a Must share post! 🤣 IMO! unfortunately sounds like a few I have talked to. DJ
  9. Ddogeb4ya, You obviously do Not live close to an active (known) earthquake zone! Nice organization of a great set of tools. DJ
  10. Try removing the 4? bolts from box to frame so you can lower the column down low so the body can eventually removed by moving body rearward or rolling the frame out from underneath forward. If it do not drop low enough then you will also have remove the pitman arm from the steer box also, hope not but Harbor freight makes a special puller just for the job and is reasonably priced if needed. DJ
  11. Use a lot of heat on the nut. Oxy/acetylene heat is best Or cut off the bolt flush to it and carefully drill out the bolt as close to size as possible. You will want to remove the column shifter arm inside of car and unbolt steer box and drop column down to the floor. Also remove the clutch and brake pedal arms. TheP-15 and P-20 floor removeable panel is very small compared to earlier models making this a pain to do but otherwise it will be almost impossible to lift the body high enough to clear these! DJ
  12. Tim has room for "Social Distancing" for about 50,000 on his property, something about 5,000 acres? If I remember correctly, nothing but a few cows,squirrels, hawks, falcons at times. 🐄 🦅 🤠 DJ
  13. Have you checked voltage to the coil when motor is hot and hard starting?? DJ
  14. I have an emergency supply of TP besides the 10 rolls I just happen to have-I only grocery shop about once a month. In the garage I have long term supplies-called rags. I make shop rags out of old clothes and my closet is still full of clothes I do not wear-so- - There is also a washing machine in the garage. What ever comes I will be able to a least take care of one necessity. If only the old clothes were made of edible fabrics I would have it made! Work on your old cars, they do Not carry any illnesses. DJ
  15. My best thought? 🤪 Running short of fuel at higher demand in 3rd. gear and trying to accelerate. Test? Only way I know of is to install a inline fitting in the fuel line to the carb and add a low pressure gauge that can be routed to a place where it can be see as you do your test drives and monitor the pressure, it should not drop at all if fuel system is operating to spec. What fun-Not! DJ
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