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  1. Are you going to rebuild it- rebore? If will be bored again do not waste any time on cleaning of the pistons and rings, will not be reused. If not sure yet wait until you know. Plenty to do until then. 😉 DJ
  2. Well the filter was added to keep dust out of the engine not smells in as it breathes air out of crankcase with fumes as designed. It may slow drips for a short time after a cleaning. The original filter material is a washable with kerosene type solvent, blown dry (oiled?) and reinstalled. A replaceable paper type? Never heard of any but that does not make it so. These motors breathe out fumes from the crankcase, always. More so when worn. Install a PCV valve is only way to eliminate this. DJ
  3. Just got caught up in the work, really got into it! 😬 DJ
  4. DJ194950

    Wiper arms

    Not sure for '51 but for '50 Ply. all arms are same part #, difference was whether it used a 11" or 12" blade. Maybe same for '51?? DJ
  5. 2 and 4 dr are the same for rears -except not the 2 dr. sedan(fastback body type). Suburban rears are also different from the others. Front fenders are all same except the special edition Suburban with 18" wheels (that was a surprise to me, always thought all the same). DJ
  6. I believe it will be and hope for a competitive game, start to finish! Of course the Niners will prevail! I hope! 🤞 DJ
  7. My math came out that he must have paid $79K for the motor, 10K for the frame and very little (1K) for the body. ?? DJ
  8. Well done so far, should be a easy finish? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1950-Plymouth-Suburban/401967691823?hash=item5d9724382f:g:yDwAAOSwerZd1zpN Ya got time for one more don't ya Paul.? DJ
  9. the only thing i feel sure of- it couldn't hurt1 dj
  10. Must be something special at this price- Shipping is free however! 2 Motor Mounts Plymouth 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 eBay.html
  11. Found this again today stored on my computer and just to share.
  12. One thought to try that worked for me some years ago- Loosen the rear mounts and give some healthy pushes towards the rear. The front mount ears actually will give some, Maybe the small amount needed to clear a proper sized belt that runs Level or slightly below the pulley top edge? DJ
  13. What models of heater is it? Does it sit on pass. side inner fender? Some of the 1949-50-51-? have a lever on the top of the heater core box that when in the wrong position allow all the heater air flow to by-pass the core- fresh air only, no heat added! Just a thought. DJ
  14. Just for your info- There are "big bore" new calipers with 2.750 bore available new for $60 ea. at several sellers for the s-10/blazer/others apps. DJ
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