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  1. Did you sand the drums and shoes with some medium to course sandpaper when installed. Always a part of my repairs. Only once on a old Datsun 280 Z did I have front brake squeaks. Talked to the dealer parts about this and said the replacement pads where too hard for the car and to get factory replacements which I did and sanded the rotors again and installed, no more squeak! By the way they did not cost more than the aftermarket parts either! Maybe yours are also too hard of a material on the shoes?? DJ
  2. I wonder was his name Mike ( Michael) by chance and the EBay sellers name changed 3-4 times in the past? Just a guess mind you. DJ
  3. The laptop must be a warm spot! Or, is going to get attention one way or another. DJ
  4. Time to get a hold of local D.A. office and explain this situation and ask for a meeting at that shop with at least the local police to get your car. Have a tow truck on standby to get your car- - Now! Then after your inspection decide if a lawyer is worth the cost to sue or just file some kind of local small claims suit. Get the car! DJ
  5. A garage cat, not fed often and leave no matches or flammables out in the open! 😉 😼 DJ
  6. When the motor is running you will never hear the rub! 😉 You will too busy smiling!- - Who cares.? DJ
  7. .032 for points and .035 minimum for electronic Ign. ( depends on setup) seems to work well for most with a good tune . Newer gas mixes like more than than the old days. DJ
  8. Sorry to say ?, but radial cuts from center out out would say to me a cut from a lathe is indicated. Where a surface grinder is used where the flywheel is laid out out flat (horizontal) and a large stone wheel about 1"-2" ( possibly more ) wide is run across the face multiple times. Others have a large grinding wheel also laid on horizontal plane that move across not centered on the flywheel. Hope I make some sense? From past machine shop experience only! DJ
  9. Well , Coker tire is a big company and you know about lawsuit liability if they say your old rims are safe to use and they never get inspected by someone qualified to know and put in writing! Plus Coker has bought two companies that manufacture and sell new/old style wheels not using the Coker name however. Need to sell new wheels. DJ
  10. Others have said in the past here that if a flywheel is turned on a lathe as compared to ground flat on a surface grinder that some hard spots can remain in the surface and cause this issue. I personally have never had a flywheel surfaced as none seemed to need it bad enough to have done. A sanding was all I ever felt was needed. Just lucky maybe. Just have read that here many times before. ??? DJ
  11. I would only use the push on type of retainer not speed nuts as most of these years used pot metal to make the name badges and the retainer pins easily break. Also they often are held on by the push in the hole type of a spring clip that goes in the hole from outside and the badge pins just gets pushed into the hole in the retainer. The hole in the sheet metal for placement also needs to be larger than the pin on the badge for this type. I bought a bag of 4-5 various sizes off EBay years ago and was not to expensive. I believe the seller is in Florida and regularly advertised all
  12. I know that doing my own haircuts look bad but summer it becomes a Very short with the electric clippers. Winter out comes the stocking cap to wear when out of the house. Works for me and do not spend much time in front of mirrors! 🙈 DJ
  13. If you go to the Downloads section in the Forums page take a look at what is labeled as R-10 controls, etc. as it contains three files related to the R-10 overdrive and one has maintenance and repairs and how to inspect. Includes take apart. The pages are posted side ways and kind of bad but it is what I used and the best I could find back when I rebuilt 2 R-10's myself, I was a mechanic but Never worked on automobile transmissions and I managed, so you can to and others here have even more experience if questions need answering. Also the standard 3 spd. box section of the trans uses all
  14. I think I would try to get someone with a lath to at least give a spin to check alignment and if possible a higher rpm spin to check for balance. These engines at most run at about 3K rpm. Know Anyone? DJ
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