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  1. How much is scrap metal going for these days? While loving the early hemi's is a given, I believe I would be more interested in the model A or T motor that leaning against the hemi, though I am not. JMO DJ
  2. This Hp jack stand recall news Just showed up on Yahoo News. Well this news forum is way ahead of one of the biggies! 😉 DJ
  3. I was told by a machinist to use a pilot drill bit that just barely bigger that the web of the drill bit size of the larger drill to be used. The Web is the cross section between the flutes of the drill bit. (The sharp center). Hope I am clear of the explanation. The is no need to progressively drill larger and larger holes to get up to where you want to end up. I have drilled up to 2" holes using this method. Say a 1/2" drill bit has something like a 1/8" web (off the top of my head). Therefore a 1/8" or barely larger will allow the 1/2" bit to easily drill the hole and will be centered and round not oversized and out of round. DJ
  4. Come on all- fess up- have we all not found that out- After the fact!! 😲 I know I did-several times over the years- Oh ya, Now - I remember that happens with the cap left off! 🙃 DJ
  5. Hole through the bottom plate of the steer box is the exit. Starts at the top under the horn at top, thru the hole in the steer tube. Use a very flexable wire as it rotates with the steer wheel. Easy as you say. Relax have a cold one , it will come out great! Ain't meckancin' fun! 😉 DJ
  6. Remove the 3/4" plug nuts at the front drivers side of the trans, positioned as upper and lower. Is there a ball bearing under each with a spring just under the nut? Should be both in each, ball in first then spring. Without either the shifter arms will not move as intended. I opened these up on one 3 spd. Mopar trans I had and one ball was smaller than the other (wrong) and a very short length of spring ( again wrong).!! Would never work correctly. Just one more possibility? DJ
  7. Overhaulin' also had Jay Leno's money behind all the changes! Must be nice! Car is slick now after all the changes done. Made a real exotic ,fast , stylin', car out of a Lotus kind of fugly, cheapy. DJ
  8. And/or distributor bushings worn. DJ
  9. $35 shipped for a part that can be purchased at almost all auto parts houses for less than $5. 😖 A tad high for my wallet! DJ
  10. DJ194950


    Porter's are for East coast cars only I have read! 🤐 Smithy's west of the Miss. river. DJ
  11. May bolt on but they are shaped way different at the rear edges and Do not even come close to matching the door top area shape. Doors may not even open all the way. Sorry but will not work. Plus the hood will not match either. Keep the searchlight on! DJ
  12. Hood sides look to me to be 37 Chev. Ornament ?? Friend many years back had a 37 Bus. Cpe that is what reminded me. DJ
  13. Check voltage to coil-connection tight both coil terms. Air gap on the Pertronix setup correct? DJ
  14. The thin-lightweight one was for NASCAR racing! DJ
  15. Has anyone checked into whether these switches need to mounted a particular way. Horizontal, vertical, does not matter? Seems to me that the one I looked at in a Continental I had (a very short had) was in the trunk side cover under a easily removed panel and was mounted horizontally. Like this idea better myself than a oil pressure switch but each to their own. DJ
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