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  1. I'd say to Keith- If you can afford the money and not cost you a wife- Rent someones old building for storage until? More garage? A car for each of the 4 seasons of the year is not to much to ask of life is it? That Chrysler is a very nice winter driver (as long as the roads are not salted!). That leaves room for one more!? JMO, wishful thinking in there somewhere! DJ
  2. Replacement rubber boots are readily available and quite cheap to purchase. I say, do what it takes and get the work done and drive ,drive! 😀 DJ
  3. Very interesting productions. Worked well with sells #,s and the availability of restore-able old Mopar trucks? DJ
  4. Certainly cannot go wrong at that price! DJ
  5. That can be sent out with the used oil for a analysis for a fee. They can tell from them what is/was coming apart for sure. Last I remember reading about it varied from a low of $30 up $100 for the lab work. May be worth it however if it helps prevent any preventable further damage? and very expensive repair? A web search on engine oil analysis should give some sites to look at. You may want to remove and clean out your oil pressure relief valve and the piston, you may have some particles stuck in it and holding the relief open some? Add-you may also want to remove and check the oil pump and the oil crossover oil lines for junk. DJ
  6. Bob, Is that a adapter plate on the stock bell housing with a turbo 350 GM automatic trans on it? DJ
  7. Is it cheating that he bad the crankcase breather cap off? Did that make easier to crank over? 🙄 DJ
  8. Bill, Manuel would probably have sued you for the new and all future back problems! 😕 DJ
  9. Lloyd, Is this this the same company as Mighty wipers? It appears they olny sell 12 volt kits which would require an voltage inverter if your still 6 volt, and do not give details and the gears used. Most I have ever seem more modern setups use Nylon gears for power wipers and windows as do all modern autos. http://www.specialtypowerwindows.com/products/2 DJ
  10. Problems can be caused fro opening the plug gaps from the stock 30-32 thous. to 45 with originals as they were meant and designed for stock gaps. Contacts will not stay parallel. Would be best to find proper plugs that best match thread and outside OD, depth of electrode, and heat range that came spec'dfor 40-45 thous. gaps. Question has anyone done the research for these? I have run a Pertronix "I" ignition setup and coil with resistor plugs and wires (12V.) for 6 years but stayed with the stock spec'd plugs gaped at just 35 thous. I did not not want to go bigger gaps with them. Works fine but would not mind to try a plug with proper specs though to try a wider gap. Anyone? Sorry if if is getting at least slightly OT. DJ
  11. Paul, Candy purple and what for 2nd. color? Colors to use for the flames?? Then it will be sharp. Especially on air bag suspension and laying on the ground! ?? 😪 Mexican striped blankets for seat covers .🤐 🤣 I hope not but it IS his car.😉 DJ
  12. Actually the easiest way is to find a good used 3 member complete with the ratio you desire from the year range you already have and just change the entire part. Cars and trucks from many Mopar brands and range of the early years interchange. Just my experience. A lot can depend if you have something weird from most( rare) and want something else that is also rare. Several members have reprints of the old interchange books and may help you out but details of what you already have ( may need to remove the axles and third member to do this to be sure) and what you want will determine the possible replacements to search for. DJ
  13. After market motorhome would be my guess. Just glitter for that new vehcicle you really will not get enough use of to justify the expense, unfortunately few do. DJ
  14. Just might be some great parts left on that car. The person taking the picture probably already saw that and now all gone! 😪 Good field find however. Thanks, DJ
  15. But are those 50-80 years old and maintained by people on budgets for years or just cheap? Hauled around farms and dirt roads and such daily? I Under stand the point but not all the forums members have restored top to bottom their vehicles at least not yet. 😉 DJ
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