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  1. Also check for exhaust leaks around the manifolds. Much more noticeable at idle rpms. A cheap check, with paper held above and below exhaust and possibly try soapy water when still colder temps? Also check the manifold to exhaust pipe connection, often a problem area. DJ
  2. A friend told me of his first use of a base/clear coat system and had problems because he tried to get the base coat to lay out shiny as he always did with earlier type paints and had all kinds of mottling in the paint. Why?. the base lays down flat and the clear makes the paint shine. Very different that 1 stage paints! Just a heads up- read the prep and application info sheet- usually easily available online by looking up the brand and type paint-looks for instructions, etc. DJ
  3. Find one from a small American ?? vehicle and change the blower motors (probably older with mechanical controls?) with 6 volt changeover motors? DJ
  4. Appears to me the rear main has four bolts with lock washers and the next cap to the right is a Wide rod cap with castle nuts on though rod bolts and cotter pins . Next cap to right another main bearing cap?? Heavy duty for sure. What does that motor weigh?? besides heavy! DJ
  5. Smoke some of your wild weed?🤪 Kiddin'. I know that is not your thing, nor mine these days (🤢) , but way back in the dark ages! DJ
  6. Glad to see you bagged them! 😉 I was thinking maybe you had put a tarp in the trunk and piled/pushed them in there before looking at the last pic. Maybe leave the trunk lid up slightly while driving there to lighten the load. 🤐 DJ
  7. Might want to read up on bump steer and how to check. Tools for checking are available online with a web search-" bump steer checking tool". Much info/stories are there. Also tried to attach but had some brain fade and did not get it done. Longacre i think it was -had some checking/ teaching info and a reasonable price? tool. DJ
  8. Check this Moper repair info out. http://www.imperialclub.com/Repair/Lit/Master/025/page24.htm Hope this gives some help, and also see the many books that the imperialclub.com has! DJ
  9. A I stated before-a pain without these special tools. I ended up after trying all my seal remover tools (many) and destroying much of the metal parts of the old seal I Finally resorted to the dermal tool with thin diamond coated bits to almost (grind) cuts thru the layers (close) in three I think it was and then back to the seal removers and got that damn seal out! Some idiot in the past had to have put some type of glue on the edge. DJ
  10. Same seal as used in the 3 speed trans. The update single seal # is mentioned many times on this forum as "somewhere" I have it, but someone will have it easier to find than me! And post soon? The original seal type can to beyond impossible, no wonder they had special seal remover tools made by Miller and maybe others. I fought one in my trans for days! Others have reported close to the same but doable. Under a car I do not know but mine was all most impossible on the work bench- - Good luck! DJ
  11. Perfect candidate to turn into a old taxi in appearance. The major color is done! Anyone? DJ
  12. Always a phone call to verify correct parts for the early Mopars as they often changed specs once,twice, or more through the year as my friend found on his 37 Plymouth for steering parts. Old owner of Berbaums (-Andy -(oldmoparts.com) was helpful with info, Chris the new owner is said to be up on this also but no personal experience myself with him. DJ
  13. That motor seems OK to fire up with those compression #'s. Change oil before and filter if one, check for spark, fix as needed plugs out, add fuel from container line to fuel pump intake line , check flow to carb Crank again-plugs out to check oil pressure with cranking only -also fuel flow to carb. disconnected from carb from line. to a catch container. reconnect if good. 15+ psi oil psi. and put it all together- prime carb with gas from can/squirt bottle/ start fluid (small amount only) - -good luck! Hope she starts up after new plugs installed. Enjoy!
  14. My oil filled air cleaner has a mix of high quality 60wt. and 20 wt. oils as I had both here and no current use for either.😎😁 Working fine except when I removed the air cleaner and fumbled it spilling a bunch of oil on the cleaner and motor/floor as I needed to remove carb again after a couple years of the car just sitting/ ran occasionally but not driven. 🙄 DJ
  15. Got your own "sugar shack" as in a movie and song? 👍 DJ
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