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  1. Your wheels look great, my hand isn't steady enough to pinstripe, and was not able to get the tape to follow the circumference of the wheel. Kerry charged me $75 per wheel, he spent a significant amount of time on each.
  2. Kerry needs the wheels off of the car, if possible recommend taking the wheels / tires to him. He charged me a nominal fee to come to my house, however I am only about 30 min from his address. He uses a tape which he had printed up for antique wheels and after painting peels away the tape.
  3. Have been wanting to get my retro wheels pinstriped as the original 1939 Plymouth wheels were, fortunately have one original untouched wheel. Tried the tape, however didn't have much success. Located a local shop that does pinstriping, wheels came out great - see attached. Recommend Kerry Buckley Pinstriping to anyone in the central NJ. area. His # is 732-448-9668
  4. Thank everyone for all of your comments. The engine runs great, was rebuilt many years ago and only has about 3500 miles on it, been in storage. Will seriously start thinking of installing a PVC valve.
  5. Have a 39 Plymouth with stock engine and recently purchased a Mopar draft tube filter. The filter housing will go into the block and the draft tube clamps onto. Has anyone had any experience using this type of filter? I'm not ready to go the PVC route at this time, hoping this filter may help with the oil smell and after running the car for an extended period of time and pull it in the garage get a few drops of oil dripping from the draft pipe as it cools down. Currently keep a drip pan on the garage floor. Keeping this filter clean would be priority, for air to circulate in the crankcase. Any thoughts on how often the filter requires cleaning / replacing? Does anyone know of a filter that can be purchased as a replacement? Appreciate your input Regards, Richard
  6. On my 39 Plymouth painted the steering column, emergency brake etc. several years ago, unfortunately the paint didn't hold up especially on steering column. Went on Prismatic Powder's web site and got several color chips from them. The Bend Brown PSB-5986 was a near perfect match for some untouched pieced that had never been painted. Purchased 5 pound of powder, which turned out to be too much. This summer took the steering column sleeve, gear shift, emergency brake handle and mirror off of the car and removed the paint. A local shop charged me to spray and bake, which was very reasonable. Pieces came out great and is more durable than paint, however took some effort getting them ready to paint. Check out their web site. Richard
  7. Thank everyone for your replies, Evans antifreeze was put in the engine after being rebuilt many years ago, however less than 4,000 miles . Last summer Evans tested and indicated that it was till good, however with the age want to give it a flush.
  8. Going to be flushing my antifreeze and want to replace the petcock in the engine block, hasn't been opened in years. Like to have one a new one on hand before starting. Does anyone know the thread size, thinking that it is probably 1/4 NPT however not sure. The engine is a stock 201 used in a 1939 Plymouth. Many Thanks Richard
  9. My 39 Ply is work in process, still have to paint and install the correct center horn button, steering wheel was recast. Have to put the carpet in. Was working under the hood, haven't had an opportunity to put the side panels back on. The tires are radial, 215/70/R16 from Diamond Tire, wheels are from Summit - 16 in X 6 in. , chrome outer with painted center, clips were welded on to hold the stock hubcaps. Tires are almost the same diameter as the 600X16, however wider. From the side view not much difference however from the front and back one can see the difference in width, handles and stops much better with these tires.
  10. I copied some of the photos the shop took during the conversion into a Word file, converted into a Pdf, however both are too large to attach. If you forward your e-mail will send to you. Putting the master cylinder on, required the most work, space is really tight under the 39. Stock wheels will not work, I used Croker's 4.5 X16, which worked fine with my 600x16 bias tires. However I found that even though the brakes stopped the wheels good, didn't seem to be enough traction between the tire and road, especially if the road is wet as the 39 coupe is light. By bias tires only have 3,000 miles on them and show no dry rot, however they are 20 + years old therefore wanted to replace them. Initially was going to change to 600X16 radials however ultimately when to 215/70/R16, purchased from Diamond Tire as white walls. The diameter is the same (speedometer not affected), however much wider. From the side view car looks the same, from the front or rear can see the tires are wider. Steers, handles and brakes much better with the wider tires. Using Summit smoothie 16 X6 in wheels. I wanted to use stock hubcaps, welded tabs purchased from Mopar Pro onto the wheels.
  11. Rich, This is rich Hartung with the 39 Desoto. Go look at my reply to your post about the water pump. Also call me if you have any questions I can explain.




    Cell 484-431-8157

    home 610-630-9188

  12. In the next few weeks going to be changing the radiator on my 39 Plymouth w/ stock engine and at that time going to also add a pusher fan. According to the manual, remove the hood, lower side panels, hose connections, wiring, three screws on each side and then the radiator core can then be lifted out. Has anyone followed this procedure, appears that the water pump will also have to be removed as space it very tight. Will probably remove the water pump, since will be installing a pusher fan this will give extra space when putting it back in. I have one of Andy's new water pumps, on the lower drivers side is a threaded opening with a hex plug (not in the original pump) screwed in, appears to be the same thread size as a temperature sensor probe. Installing a probe in this locations would put it directly in front of the hole in the block for coolant (see photos). Would seem to be a good location to put a probe, however concerned that it may block the flow a little. Has anyone used one of these new water pumps and if so have you replaced this plug with a sensor? Appreciate your comments, Regards Richard
  13. The discussion on the KD tool 2203 for removing fan blade bolts was perfect timing for me. I have an upcoming project in which will be taking the fan off of my 39 Ply. and space is tight. Was able to purchase one of the tools on e bay. Many Thanks
  14. The LED's work good around town and because the current draw is low will continue using. It would be great if they projected a greater distance. I took the fog lights off however may put them back on and test the combination when driving on secondary roads. Just completed putting a banjo steering wheel on and converting to a floor shift. Next project is to convert to 12 volts using a 50's generator - under the hood look won't change. Still want to conserve on voltage -Classic Dynamo sells the same bulb as a 12 volt, will try out and keep posted. Pete, the floor shift was out of a P7, it is a much easier shift now when going from high to low. Kept all of the original parts if some day it can be converted back to a column shift.
  15. Have been using LED's headlights in my 39 Ply. for over a year which has a stock electrical system (6 volt / positive ground). They produce a light that is much whiter and brighter than the standard bulb. The ones that I am using fit the standard socket with the three post that holds the bulb, just a matter of changing the bulbs. With the lights on & the motor not running the needle on the amp gauge doesn't move, seem to be using very little electric. Disadvantage is they do not seem to project outward as much as a standard bulb and they are expensive, believe around $20.00. Purchased from Classic Dynamo and Regulator Conversions (www.dynamoregulatorconversions.com). Part # is FE2A (6-23v Pos Earth P30d (APF) 40/36 w "Double Dipper". If ordering, be careful for they also sell as a negative ground. They also sell another a bulb that fits in the parking light socket of the 39 Ply. (located above the headlight), highly recommend - very bright. Part # is AE1C (6v 10w BA9s). Check out their web site may find it interesting.
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