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  1. My Plymouth it screws in to the block. What year is your car? Maybe I can fine the linkage and use it on mine?
  2. How did you mount piece I circled in red?
  3. I have a edgy head and I was going to put it on but I was not sure what I should do about my throttle. I’m running the stock throttle. I tried looking for pics but I can’t find any any help?
  4. What size pulley did you have for the alternator?
  5. I’m thinking about 12 volting my car. It’s all stock, just kinda hard to start in the morning and when it’s cold. I have the hei distributor but I do like the six volt systems and The car has ran with the 6 volt system for year with no problem . the wiring harness is not in bad shape for the age so I’m not worried about that, going to 12 volt I will pull less amps. Should I try to change the fields in my generator, get a last model 12 volt generator or go to and alternator? I know I have a few other things to change also but I’m torn to keep it stock or do the upgrade.
  6. going to need some flow wings!
  7. last originals sea bowl show!
  8. 1949 -52 Chrysler's/DeSoto's already have the plate under the A-arm and i did not know if i could swap out the a-arm and put it in my 1947 plymouth ?
  9. This is the spacers I made . Not perfect but good enough for the girls I go with!
  10. i was not use if the arms are able to be swapped out for the Plymouth and it would still fit. do you know?
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