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    Have had my 1948 1ton for 3+ years now and love it more all the time.
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  1. Maybe its just mine, but whenever my hands are wet and drive the truck, my hands get black and sticky (from the bake-lite?). Should I just paint it with some rattle can enamel?
  2. Tom B2B, I have a brush guard like the that, that I don't plan on using.......but CA is a long way from MN........... Mike
  3. usually try to park by the grandstand ramp, by the Blue Moon cafe Mike
  4. I'll be there, I think its 18 years running for me and the '48!!! Mike
  5. I thought I read somewhere that the 'T' meant truck in the MN license plate back in those days. I have a plate like that for mine Mike
  6. Good point, I will do a closer look at the lines to see if there is more copper. This little line actually goes to the brake lock solenoid (which doesn't work) so I think this could be the only copper piece (I hope). Thanks for the comments!!! Mike
  7. Here's the problem, line coming out of the back/bottom of the master cylinder. The crack was facing straight down. Was not leaking over winter, but must have had a bit of water around the fitting? I remember that the road was wet and muddy the last day I drove it last fall. So maybe a small bit of water settled there and froze. Then the first time I drive it this year it let loose. While I have it all out I am going to put the new parts inside the MC, spring, cup, piston and all the other little stuff in there. Should be back to normal soon! Mike
  8. Good point, I'll have to see what it looks like when I get it out. Thanks
  9. Woke the truck up from storage, no puddles under the truck. Whet to get gas and beer, about 10 mile round trip. Parked in garage and see a puddle on the floor under the master cylinder, leaking from the rear boot where the plunger shaft goes in. Bad seal? I have the rebuild kit on hand. Does the cylinder need to be honed when I get it out? thanks Mike
  10. Built this to finish off the fender extension project. Used a section off of old running board from parts truck.
  11. Replaced battery in the '48 this spring too, 6 years old.
  12. You only need the dually rims to make it a dually, no change to the rear end. the dually rims have offests and 'coined' lug holes that seat the rims together. Then they just bolt onto the hubs.
  13. I think you have to join the Facebook group to see the for sale listings, but there is a 9' box with the bolt on fender extensions listed for sale on this page. Here is the description: 9' box $1 Pine City, MN (55063) Anyone have any interest in a 9' box with bolt-on fender extenders for duals off a 49 dodge? No floor or tailgate, but has running boards. Was going to use it on my studebaker, but I found a different box now to use. Located in east central MN. Make an offer. The name is Jordan Waggoner. Thought I would post this as I just made my fender extensions last fall as they are super hard to find. The 9' box is hard to find too. Good luck if someone needs this!!! Mike
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