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    55 Dodge Royal sedan
    53 Dodge B4D truck


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  1. πŸ‘ The feeling is mutual. I'm showing my wife your post so she understands my passion for cars πŸ˜„
  2. Good to know! Thanks for the info. I did suspect that heavy duty looking rear bumper was not stock. Wonder what the truck was used for? It's a 1 ton with a long bed. I did find out from the VIN # that it was built in the San Leandro plant in CA.
  3. What mods do you see? Any feedback is appreciated. I'm a newbie remember ☺️ I haven't done anything to the exterior other than replace windows and paint wheels.
  4. I'm new to this but always wanted to buy and restore a classic/vintage car so I bought this 53 B4D to keep me busy during the pandemic.
  5. So now I have these 2 "pandemic projects". This site is a great resource for a newbie like me. Thanks!
  6. The next day I found this 53 B4D truck for $2700 and I couldn't pass it up...
  7. Wanted to restore my first vintage or classic car during the pandemic so I found this 55 Royal 6 months ago for $1800...
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