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  1. This is the way I installed my fender welt and I based it on the from pictures in Don Bunn's book. The welt I used was from Dennis Carpenter ford restoration parts web side. I used the 1942 - 1947 style. It is a bit wider than the Dodge style and looks good.
  2. That's interesting, you have the short one all the way to the front. All the write-ups and pictures that I have seen previously show the short one at the back. That is the way they were when I took the original floor out. When I got the truck the box floor had a metal plate over the original wood which leads me to believe they were installed at the factory in that order.
  3. Here is the layout that was in my B3B.
  4. Here is the interior of my B3B with the Quiet ride kit installed. I had to paint it before installation. I am very satisfied with the way it looks.
  5. 15 miles south of Melrose in Stearns county
  6. I got the Dodges ready for the Minnesota summer season. The B3B started right up and was ready to go. The brakes were a bit sticky after setting all winter but after warming them up they are OK. The 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger is all original, except for the rims, and also started right up. It has a 318 engine. This was my aunt's car who lived in CA and therefor it has no rust.
  7. Try a NAPA store for part number NMC M544 for the master cylinder.
  8. I use the NAPA1080 filter in my B3B and it fits in the canister fine. Your canister may be different than mine however.
  9. You could try an impact wrench . If you do not have one you could probably rent or borrow one.
  10. I did not realize that the bed strips from Horkeys was not of the original Dodge design. I did not have any originals on my truck to compare to when I bought mine. They did fit perfectly and look good however.
  11. Horkeys has the bed parts for Dodge. I got mine there and are very good and I am sure that they are the same as the original Dodge parts. http://www.horkeyswoodandparts.com/
  12. I believe Windy Hill auto parts is close to New London MN and French Lake Auto Parts is near Annandale MN
  13. I have a B3B and I think some of them had pin-striping on them when new.
  14. JBNeal I didn't realize you had mentioned them in one of your previous posts. I found them when I was looking for information on how to adjust a voltage regulator for my old tractor. They were a good find , Thanks
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