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  1. Thanks for posting. I had a similar experience with Dale when I toured. I forget the year, perhaps 2001 when I was going from Kentucky to Jefferson's house, Monticello via the Blue Ridge parkway. He took pride in walking around with me and pointing out various features on the motorcycles on display, then he started a few. But he didn't ride them. I saw him later in the suburb of Chicago where a collection was put up for sale. He was on the TV show with Wayne Carini classic car business, he would get the antiques running for this auction. I made many recommendations to see Wheels throu
  2. A lotta guys will get Tired of This Thread soon
  3. Some years ago I hauled home a 31 Ford Coupe, Model A. At the last of three truckloads, she called out the window, you paid $150 for WHAT! After many evenings out in the garage, I heard her telling one of her friends that that Ford was better than another woman or whiskey at the bar, at least she knew where her hubby was. After a year she remarked that maybe another woman would be better, she said "I can compete with a woman but not with that car!" After about 7 years, I got a hankering for a convertible and she insisted that the Ford has to go, these are not like a stamp collection. So I
  4. https://sites.google.com/site/dennisjsullivan/train-story?authuser=0 Read my story of riding the train. I still love trains. Consider taking the real northern route through North Dakota and Montana Dennis Sullivan
  5. So I've signed off from FB last April or May and just yesterday I had an e-mail from my Daughter-in-law saying this link was interesting. Like a trusting father in law, I clicked on the link and realized that I've been had by a FB troll. Hopefully there wasn't enough time to plant a bug or to drain my computer. So now I'm going to go back on facebook and delete everything Dennis
  6. "Wetherspoons in Uxbridge" It would be easier to catch on if the place was "Hooters"
  7. I was active on the truck forum since 2005 until I sold my truck in 2012. I didn't leave the forum however. When I was active on the truck forum, it was because we had questions about something we were working on and we were seeking information. I used to scan the car side because those guys drifted into a wide area of discussions mostly off topic. One of the re-designs provided a distinct off topic area so that the car guys could drift to their hearts content. So I scan through the discussions on a daily basis and find a load of trivia going on. Where else can one find a travel log
  8. You could say that you have an appealing truck.....
  9. Here is a photo of the 70's GMC motorhome with a Olds Toronado Drive train. Vintage but still popular.
  10. This is a repost of years ago to answer a question about his phone number...
  11. Here is a picture of Don Bunn during one of the Mopar in the Park events in the Twin Cities
  12. I posted a forsale notice and saw that pictures were forbidden so I thought I would add them here
  13. I have to agree with the plumber, radiant heat in the floor from a small steam boiler, and rough in plumbing for a bathroom. You have no idea how handy a sink is to wash up before entering the house. There was a motorcycle shop in Door County Wisconsin that when I asked to use their bathroom they said I had two choices, go around the end of the building to pee or I could use the funnel and the hose in the corner. Crude but handy. You must not be old enough yet where you have a need to pee every half hour. Much handier if you don't need to leave the shop. A friend of mine also put in
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