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  1. Will finish attaching tomorrow, then start prepping for paint on Friday. I don’t like that plate location.
  2. Will know more in a day or two, photos forthcoming. Tomorrow will take photos of the VW and list it in the classified. This car was garaged fOr 30 years, it is clean, rust free. The 63 is the love bug year. Should keep it, but no real interest and too old to properly build that car.
  3. I have this 63 VW, body and most of the parts to reassemble it. Bought it for $80 as a parts car for the Empi build. I’m going to attempt to do a trade of this VW for the 48 Dodge. People won’t likely crush the VW but might the truck. Don’t want that. Question. Dual rear rims, does that mean it has a heavy duty frame and suspension?
  4. Oner haulin show, is not realistic, all show to push advertisers products.
  5. That fireproofed ‘48 is a duelley, So tempting. Maybe buy it is I don’t have to get it for a while. Then, pressure steam clean, windshield pieces, running gear, wiring, and seat. A validated original patina truck. Wear black when driving it, the ghost rider! Crazy cool! ,
  6. Use the long ago TV fix technique, tap on it, the innards may be stuck from longtime non use.
  7. That I believe is the selector arm, press it on both ends, one end is spring loaded, you have to over ride that spring, not difficult to do.
  8. There currently is a 48 on market place for $250. Note said, “Ran when parked, flash brush fire so parts truck”. It doesn’t look too bad. But no mas, have plenty to do.
  9. Mine had hard dirt. Once removed all again worked fine. No adjustment required. Also,, the shift handle at the top, held by two screws, MUST be secure, zero movement. Good luck!
  10. Should put a Jug in the bed and a spigot on the dash. picked up my fender extensions today. Will install yet tonight.Planning to paint on Friday. Brake drums are off, so will replace the cylinders and one axle seal.
  11. Not a Dodge, but very interesting truck, and possibly a bit rare.
  12. Cardboard pattern to sheet metal shop today. Then got proper socket and wrench combination to break the axle nuts loose. Drums come off tomorrow.
  13. One doesn’t have to be crazy to do some of the things addicted wrenchers do, but it certainly helps. new fender extension pattern to sheet metal shop this morning. Brake work today and tomorrow.
  14. Preliminary Cardboard pattern fender addition and park lights on order. Motor cycle light assembly, will disassemble to get those small lights, then mount them below the headlights. Getting there. Working to. Connect all to the engine and run wires for lights. I’m much slower, but trying to work some each day.
  15. With A knee that needs a cortisone shot, appt May 6, and accrue arthritis it is not so easy any more. Received my new headlights. Temp mount, I really like them.
  16. By the way, the turtle has a shorter wheel base than the hare and isn’t plastic either!
  18. I had pieces formed to lengthen the ends of the fenders..the welder did a great welding job except on the wrong end!! So will reverse them, fit the front edge and have new pieces formed.for the tail light ends. Will be a better set of fenders. One of the many reasons a build takes time.
  19. What is the name of that white paint. It’s a real head turner.
  20. Dan, res there are items to cover and remove. Now that it’s on the car those will be attended to. Monday and Tuesday will make all the connections, ,on Wednesday a VW knowledgeable friendly is coming for final inspection and startup. then rear brakes and rear suspension.
  21. I bolted in the engine yesterday. Will connect AII cables and lines today. Start up on Monday. It’s getting interesting.
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