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  1. Researching street legal dual beam bar to replace the standard oval light bulb.
  2. Found in trunk of my ‘53 coupe.
  3. Has anyone used a High,/low beam light bar for primary front lights?
  4. Given that Rustoleum paint is used with both of these methods, what differences would there be between a spray gun and an aerosol can? I’m not interested in. Personal preferences. Personal experiences, yes? Thank you! Stay safe!
  5. Frame, roll bar, etc., all repainted, rack back on. Today, clutch cable, pedal assembly, accelerator cable, fuel line, battery wire installations. Engine installation Tuesday. Startup on Wednesday I hope. Getting very close. End of week, final body prep work so I can paint on Friday.
  6. Check google for schematic.
  7. Yes you are. No oil pressure activates the switch. Mine, like Dons is mounted at the .engine block..
  8. Detailed ny United States plaque to go on the front bed rails. Should show quite nicely.
  9. Getting the mounts correct for the top rack. Also, started practicing how to use my new wire welder so I can weld those mounting plates, etc.
  10. Someone looked at this and said “A funky car needs a funky color”! As a patina admirer, possibly so. Maybe get to the welding tomorrow. stay tuned.
  11. Update: when I removed the tan paint I realized how thin it was. When I painted the back panel, black, per Caspers advice, I gave it three coats, the second medium heavy, the final goat heavy by shooting multiple layers to avoid running. That gave me a deep color and a very smooth surface.. Therefore, a final 320 wet/dry prep sanding then three coats of paint. if I wasn’t planning on selling this, I would final sand with 320 wet/dry and four coats of gloss clear.
  12. Traveling in style. I have all the parts to build such a buggy.
  13. Prepping and painting, mostly prepping. Possibly engine install on Saturday.
  14. You and others with ‘50’s cars should meet in downtown San Francisco’s empty streets and take some Once in a lifetime photos!
  15. I have a very good stethoscope, come get it anytime. That’s how my truck started to go bad. If I had had the stethoscope I could have found the problem much sooner, now I’m in deep dodo. Bummer.
  16. New cylinders are installed. Not a difficult task. I’m making some oak corner mounts for the top rack. Cardboard test pieces shown. Will install the engine tomorrow. Getting very close.
  17. I removed one front cylinder, inside clean and smooth. It’s tempting to go with them, but since I have new will go new. The back drums must come off anyway to connect the e brake cables. New MC and new lines are already in. i finished my top rack only to discover the rear roll bar must be higher to allow for headroom. So brakes tomorrow, then new or modified rear roll bar. Now the struts on the rack may come up short, will address that when I get there. Been a fun project.
  18. This is an abandoned mine road in PA or nearby. Due to increased vandalism in the area, the mine is going to cover it and plat trees. I like the road, sad that some just can’t leave others property alone.
  19. New lines and master cylinder are already installed! Brakes are number one issue with me! New look.
  20. Sportster is on stands for brake repair. I pulled one front drum today. Drum has no wear marks and shoes look usable. I have new cylinder kits so will replace them. any suggestions?
  21. Ed, I said the same to him. That grill is killer!
  22. My son and grandson, in. Memory of cancelled BBQ
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