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  1. I ordered my material from SMS in April of 2019 ,12 yards at 89. 00 a yard . A word of caution though it took a year for me to get my material I had to go through the Better Business Bureau . No problem with the material it was great.
  2. Thanks to everyone for their input solving this problem . I will definitely run it first and longer and listen for the change . This forum has helped me again and again and I highly recommend it to everyone on other forums that I frequent. Thank you again
  3. Hi I recently installed an electric fuel pump close to the gas tank . I have tried it a few times with mixed results . The last time the car would not start I had to resort to poring gas into the carb ,as soon as I did away it went . What I have been doing is a couple of pumps on the gas full choke and the electric pump for about 5 seconds don't know if this is the right way or do I just let the pump run until it starts ? I tried it once and could smell gas which concerned me . I checked for leaks around the new pump and line could smell gas around the mechanical pump no drips just the smell . Does the Mechanical pump block the flow of gas until the starter is turning the engine ? If i was to let the pump run does it stop when the carb bowl is full ? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Just checked mine with all the problems with these pumps better to check than be sorry . It has been a couple of years since I installed the new pump, I plan on checking it annually.
  5. Mine is also worn . I purchased a cushion.
  6. Both my front and rear pans squeak thanks for posting . Another winter project anti squeak.
  7. An update on my car running rough . I had a friend come over to help with this problem he reset the point gap and changed the rotor which was warn. e started the car and test drive no hesitation at all and as a added bonus it starts much easier . Thanks for all your suggestions PS I had just purchased a electric fuel pump to help with the starting problem. I will hang onto it but hopefully it won't be needed.
  8. Kieth I got under my car and had a look see. Marks is hooked up properly and my turnbuckle is also bent like Marks .
  9. Thank you I will look at it all today . Coil is fairly new not sure what the plastic rub block is but will look it up as with the grease will look that up also.
  10. I had my car out for a spin today and on the way home it started running rough .At 50 MPH it started hesitating felt like it was going to backfire . IT idles just fine, it had the hesitation through a three gears .Any ideas would be helpful I thought of replacing the spark plugs they are three years old . the carburetor has been rebuilt . Thanks
  11. I am no mechanic but I would flip the tie rod ends back to there original positions to see if that solved your problem. Like I said i am no mechanic but why did you flip them to begin with?
  12. If I was you I would drop the oil pan give it a good cleaning along with the pickup pan. I would also not use a detergent oil unless your engine has been rebuilt .My 48 is a Canadian dodge with the 25 inch 218 i purchased a Plymouth manual to make it easier while doing repairs . Good luck love your car.
  13. Cleaning the vent is part of my spring check up for the season ahead ,but when I did the rear break shoes and cylinders I didn't change the seals and bearings. Opps.
  14. I am Odi's most Saturdays We are there from 5 to 7 its a good reason to get out for a drive .
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