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  1. That must have been some rifle ,that is one nice car congrats
  2. Great idea but my wife would shut the monitor off once I started swearing .
  3. You need a L2 unit I looked on amazon and E bay struck out Good luck.
  4. I bought the same Universal hub puller as you are thinking about buying . It worked just fine .
  5. My vehicle is a D25 and my door panels are the same as photo # 1 . I have seen both types of panels at car shows. Once again it won't let me insert a photo.
  6. I took pictures but it won.t allow me insert photos .I have run into this problem before it only allows 3 MB sorry.
  7. I also was visiting a graveyard. Take it for a run every week .
  8. I waited a year for my fabric ,but am happy with the material.
  9. I love the look of your car the way it is .
  10. Got my baby started yesterday no problem ,she is dying to get cruising and so am I .Too many puddles full of salt water will wait for a couple of good rainy days.
  11. Quickest way to to if the generator is working is to start the car then remove a bat cable if it stops your generator isn't working .I will stand corrected if that isn't true .I had this same problem with my rebuilt generator ,did what you did drove it like that the whole summer just kept charging the battery .Eventually cleaned all contacts tore the generator apart again found oil cleaned it all repolerized the gen.and away it went.
  12. Cannuck

    My new 54

    Love your posts the step by step reminds me of the restoration of my car in the 80s. I looked up the 54s love the looks of the hardtops .
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