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  1. I figured out that the rear cross member had been taken out so trying to keep it lookin like it was I figured I should fill that hole in the rear frame rails....Pete and Jakes to the rescue again... No instructions with this kit...I finally figured it out...more chin scratching for sure...I didn't weld anything in place as I have not idea what the pinion angle will be once I get all the stuff put back into the car...
  2. I didn't really want to tear it that far apart but it is what is...right down the bare bones the car went...the frame for being a race car was fairly straight...the hodge podges were not too bad...I bought another angle grinder and more ear plugs...this was gonna be grinder paradise...
  3. After much chin scratching and internet searching I was able to find some very very vague hand stamping for a VIN number...my past project all had a sheetmetal tag screwed to a frame rail...or in the cowl area of even on a door post...I guess Ford stamped his stuff right on the frame rail...so I guess if I want to drive it again then at least I know I can paper work for it... I thought I would show the nifty bucket seat...looks like early 1960s MG or Triumph bucket seat...love the channel iron bolted thru the rusted sheet metal floor pans...cool stuff to think about how far we actu
  4. During the search for the rear end....I looked at the rear suspension...it was a hodge podge to say the least...more chin scratching again...internet searches too...finally remembered way back in the late 70s and early 80s I was a avid street rod fan..there was company that was around then and they were still around so I figured I would give a them a shout...Pete and Jakes...I talked to them on the phone and we came up with a kit that would work and keep the old heap low to the ground and a lot safer too... Took more money than I hoped (From Pete and Jakes) but I don't think outsid
  5. After we got the cage out of the car...I was scratching my chin for sure...the rear end was an old 1950 vintage Ford truck rear end and it appeared to have been cobbled with a little...so I thought...what can I use that will keep it a little racey but I would be able to actually get parts and drive it...most all the street stock / Hobby stock guys around here use 9" Fords...so I found one...in a old Junk yard...it was from an old Ford Bronco... It was a $300.00 part...I thought that was a lot but I told "oh no that is a great price for 9" Ford"... I got it cleaned up and I found rot
  6. After I got to talk to the fellow that raced it....it appears to have been sold to someone in the New Jersey area and it looked like they were trying update it with a different motor(JB Davis drove it with a 312 hooked to the original 3 speed)...and they stretched the cage about 12" too... They were going to add side bars to the cage as well...they were 4 slightly bent 1" pieces of black pipe laying on the floor of the car...they numbered them as well...GOD only knows when this happened...after 1966 I guess... Pictures here are the original cage... Gotta lov
  7. So I was gonna try to do a quick rehab on it and maybe race it again or maybe do some parade laps at the local track...but the more I dug into it the worse it looked... This old hot rod was run when the young boys had no fear at all...this car was scary for sure... Typical I guess for that era...
  8. So the story is kind of weird really...I raced roundy rounds for years at the local dirt track...I ran either the number 4 or 14...when I was talking to the former owner he told me "oh yeah the number on the door is 14"....I was sold hook line and sinker.... I was told the car was raced in New Jersey so I was on face book on a couple of the old New Jersey race track sites (Pleasantville Speedway was one of them)...I was posting pics as I found it and every couple of months I would post more pictures...finally last fall I got a PM from a fellow named Mark Thorne he was pretty sure h
  9. Hi Mopar folks I picked up a 1940 Ford Coupe race car from a fellow in PA in May of 2019 that was last raced in 1966...even found the old builder of it living in North Wilkesboro NC...I over spent on it from the get go but ever since I was a little kid I wanted an old coupe race car...this car raced in New Jersey from 1963 to 66. I was told it sat in New Jersey warehouse for 40 plus years... I had to blow it apart as the frame rails needed some cutting and chopping to save it.... I knew the older Jalopies were not well built but this thing was death trap fro
  10. Not sure but I guess my typing did not make any sense...I work at a local county as a DPW employee (in the office)...as a full time job...my second job is in retail at the local Home Depot Store... Does this make sense now?
  11. My neighbors look at us like we are crazy...we love nature and all the bugs and bees that go along with it...so I am the neighbor that is looked upon as a wacko...we always leave huge patches to grow...and believe it or not...mother nature gives us color all season long...the bees and bugs love our place...no toxins used at all at our place... these are from a couple of summers ago now... MikeC
  12. Been working 2 jobs since 1981...one has always been retail and for the past 20 years my second job has been Home Depot...never lost a day of work as we are considered "essential" workers...found out a week back one of our cashiers died from it...our store manager came down with it on Christmas day...my wife took early retirement from her teaching job because of all the stress involved from it... With less than 2 years before I can leave the county job...time is getting close...hoping and praying we make it to that point...COVID is not a fun deal at all...I still see people in the
  13. Hi Mark I am following along on this build...getting this thing to go down the road and not break the bank is key for me as well...I as well always look at it when I go to sell it who much of a loss will I take...I love your set up so far... Cant wait to see how it all turns out... Thanks for posting your progress on here... MikeC
  14. Hi Mopar Guys I am thinking now that probably the smartest thing to do is to pass on this project....if I could steal it I might consider it but he is asking $2000.00 for it...I just lost my mother last week so I have had time to really think about and I am still sitting on the fence...so to me if I am hemming and hawing still after all this time...maybe I should let someone else lose their shirt on it...I might be better off finding something that runs when I buy it...(still not sure how much I really want one)...I can see in my mind my dad and I bumping down the road back in the
  15. Wow...thank you thank you thank you for all the insight... I think I need to go look at the heap and see if I really want to take on such a project.....I have saved up some money from the sales of some of my old projects...but that could all go away in a hurry if I try to do this truck...On another thought tangent I was watching some videos on the Road Kill Customs folks and the Jeff Potter Your tube page and those guys are taking Dodge Dakotas and leaving all the running gear in them and mounting these old truck bodies on top of those newer chassis for a not so shabby price either
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