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  1. Another thing to remember when working on bearings. Keep it clean - no grit allowed. While growing up I had a friend that always complained about wheel bearings going bad. I was at his house one day when he was working on the front brakes. When he took the drum off he laid the outer bearing on the ground - in the dirt. Mystery solved.
  2. Getting under the dash is not a big problem. Just kind of fall into place. Getting back out is the hard part. I make sure my phone is where I can get to it in case I need to call someone to grab my feet and pull me out.
  3. The clutch pedal on the P15 stopped returning to the top one day. I went under the car and this is what I found. The linkage shown below was about to fail. I was able to weld these up and re use them. There were other worn areas also. After the repairs were made the clutch works as it should.
  4. Wear old clothes and cover your eyes. Once you have the majority of the old grease and dirt cleaned up then you'll be able to see where the leaks are coming from. Fix those as you have time. One of the other culprits on these old cars are the five hundred (I lost count) or so lubrication points that need regular maintenance. We would pump grease in one side until it came out the other side. Then just leave the extra grease - and over time it would turn into the monster you are dealing with now. After you have the majority of the old stuff cleaned you'll find that working under the car will be much more pleasant.
  5. Also while you're at it check the vent on the rear axle. Make sure it's not plugged. Simple to do. Just unscrew it so you can check it on the bench. If the vent is plugged the rear end grease will be forced past the new seals when everything heats up and cover your new brakes with grease. I learned this lesson the hard way.
  6. Can't believe you found the parts after mulching your keys
  7. I gave the fixture to my friends son before I knew what the lights were. So the nice housings stay with his project. I get the 6 volt bulbs and I'll figure out another way to mount them. Going for a steam punk look. The 6 volt meter and indicator lights will work when it's complete.
  8. A few years back I found an old emergency light in a pile ready to be thrown away. I was working at a pipe fab shop at the time. So I rescued it, cleaned it up and put it on a shelf. A few days back a friend's son was looking for a light for his room. Told him I have just the thing. We stripped all the old 6 volt charger, battery and lights out of it and plan to go back with LED lights. Turns out the lights are 6 volt sealed beams. They are GE 4510-1 auto utility bulbs. 4 3/8" diameter. In good shape. I think I can turn these into fog lights for the 47 P15. There are a couple of old antique tractor light housings in my parts bin. I think these can be cleaned up and used for fog lights. Just need to build some brackets.
  9. I've never checked for leaking spark plug gaskets - Great - now I have to worry about that. Maybe not. 😄 I have a solution for rain water in the spark plug wells on the 47 P15. I try to not drive it in the rain. Everything leaks. Windows, doors, floor, hood. Got most of the oil leaks fixed so now it's time to work on the water leaks. This could take a while. I can fix that - I think
  10. That's not a ball bearing to be removed. It's a plug. That's at the accelerator pump jet. Go to Sniper's link to see how to remove and clean that area. The link in Sniper's response above is a great go by for these carbs. The bent area is part of the spacer. Not sure if it's supposed to be there but I don't think it will be a problem.
  11. I wear disposable rubber gloves when hand packing wheel bearings. Much cleaner. Also keep a roll of paper towels near by.
  12. Your carb looks good. You should probably use a thin wire to clean out all the passages. There could be corrosion left in the small areas. I use small gun cleaning brushes where they will fit. Then use compressed air to remove the remaining dust. I would have thought that you were going to have to soda blast that carb but it looks like vinegar did the trick. Thats a lot of solder on that float. Could have been repaired at one time.
  13. The last time I had the intake and exhaust manifolds off the P15 I blasted and painted them with high heat silver engine paint. It's been a few hundred miles and the exhaust has changed color and smoked a little at first but the paint has stayed on. Be careful with the intake. You don't want to get anything in there that could get into the cylinders and cause scoring. Time will tell if the paint will last. But it couldn't hurt
  14. Yep - Came into a little extra cash and decided to fix the house before I spent it on more cars and parts.
  15. I don't mind getting covered in grease while working on an old car but I just can't get motivated to work on a house. Not my thing. Guess that's why I put it off for too long. Give me an old car to work on and I will drift off to my happy place. For the past few months, I have had contractors working on the house. Replacing rotten wood, painting and re doing one of the bathrooms. Have used this group before and they do good work. But I am tired of having people wondering around here all day every day. It's almost done - another few weeks. What a mess and the yard is a disaster. It will be worth it when it's done. Really looking forward to having my home back when the work is complete. Venting done - - -
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