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  1. When I fully disassembled the front suspension on my ‘53 I asked the same question. A long time mechanic told me to check the bushings with my thumb nail. If they would indent, do not change. They are better than current new ones!
  2. Thanks Rich. I’m in Maine until mid September. Then back to California to down size my shop, MOPAR parts and vehicles. Nice up here. July 4 , the temp a chilly 60 degrees. Love it!
  3. VA has AC for VW’s. The condenser is designed for VW 30 hp engine. That’s what I will put in my truck!
  4. Have free time here in Maine so been surfing more. I notice that the Sisson auto choke often lists at $200 +. I have three, are those prices realistic?
  5. It depends if it was marked on Monday or Friday! Mine has only two numbers!
  6. Monday, in Maine, we purchased a very clean 2010 Subaru Impreza 4WD . Price of $3200. Possibly only a two summer car. It is small and low in and out but will serve a temp need!
  7. Didn’t realize their value. I have two sitting on the shelf.
  8. Question: are these as pricy as seen on eBay, etc, I.e, $125 +/-?
  9. Just trying to relearn how to post photos. The response I get is entry too large. . . . now in Maine for the summer. All plans are to sell the Suburban and the ‘53 coupe next winter, ship the truck and Sportster to Maine, then do an estate sale, sell the California house and move permanently. so my suburban and coupe are about to go on the block.
  10. I’m surprised me how many are in life changing health situations. I was going strong until I hit 81 a year ago. Will be 83 in September. I'm battling leg issues, primarily bursitis in my right knee area which has affected a lot of things. I moth balled my shop in March to try to get better and stronger. Now in Maine for the summer probably until September. Then return to finish the Suburban and the ‘53 coupe, both very close. Then will sell both. Will ship my ‘52 truck and Sportster to Maine where we will go and stay next spring. To day, walking is difficult, I just co
  11. Wow, the last post was July 2020, and now it’s June 2021. We are in Maine for the summer. We bought a 35’ fifth wheel RV which has three pull outs. all vehicles at home arevery nearly complete. With a second knee problem, my work ethic has waned. Passed 82 in September, that may be a contributing factor. So this just an update.. if you are in VT, NH, ME, or eastern NY, message me, we will be doing some short trips this summer. chow
  12. How often does your wife drive that car? Your abilities are greatly envied!
  13. I missed the foot clutch, manual shifting and the sound of an engine until I restored my B3B truck. I miss the sound of a two cylinder John Deere. even miss milking a cow by hand., miss home grown fried chicken! Miss milk, cream etc delivered to our front door Miss formations Of 40, bombers and p38’s during WWII being ferried from Detroit to West coast,but don’t miss the war with the ration of fuel, rubber, sugar, while flour, don’t miss the loss of so many young men and women miss the great steam engines
  14. We are in Bath Maine, on a piece of dirt on the bank of the Kennebec River. This is stage one of two stages. Will return to Calif for the winter to complete and sell the Suburban and the Empi Sportster. Will ship the truck to Maine and restore and drive my ‘ 53 coupe with overdrive out. At an average of 350 miles a day, with stops along the way, will take 20+ days. enoh! All have a great summer!
  15. The longest drive I’ve taken with my B3B truck is 277 miles one way. Major modifications include front disc Brakes, 3:73 differential, 15” radial tires, lowered 2” front and rear. I easily cruise at 65 but usually just stay with the semis. It’s a great feeling to lock the foot and let it hum. So much more fun than a new car where the engine is not heard. I have a T5 transmission that will go in this coming winter, that will solve the problem of the large range between 2nd and 3rd especially on a long grade. So that’s some of what I enjoy. I’m from central California.
  16. I look for gravel roads, that’s where the true America lives.
  17. Wow, last post March 16. I’m still at it. But going very slowly.. Two days ago I found and bought another r 10 overdrive, the 7th one. While hard to find, they are out there. my knee went out again, so Last week I moth balled my shop. Tomorrow I get another cortisone shot, will likely get a knee replacement next winter. Next Tuesday, the 11th we fly to Maine for the summer, return around the first of October. I've been researching metal bonding (“gluing with job weld, etc). I’m going to learn how to do that. Tests show it’s stronger than welding and no warpage. Body sho
  18. I have the same issue on my 53 Plymouth Suburban. Only four numbers, top of the arch.
  19. Been a while. Don’t work very fast anymore. Time has caught up with me. I just learned that the coil must be in polarity with the battery. I don’t understand polarity. So researched it, answer, if the battery is negative ground, then the wire out of the coil to the distributor must come from the negative post. what difference does negative ground vs positive ground make? I’m negative ground now.
  20. I reluctantly post these days, but this interested me because I’m torquing the rear axles on my suburban, just now. I have really slowed down, at age 82 my mobility has become very limited, but generally feel ok! The 53 suburban and the Empi Sportster are nearly completed. It has been a great hobby for the past 10+ years. It’s been quite a learning experience, classical literature not so demanding. I would love to take my truck and spend 60 days on the road visiting many of you. Thanks for the advice and the memories! paul flaming
  21. I’m no authority, but the proper way to tighten the castle not is to torque it, then back off to the nearest hole and insert the cotter key. Thus the washer now is not tight, and with the tab, the washer, drum, axle washer all rotate as one. We’re the washer without the tab it could free spin and work against the nut or drum to change the tightness, could even work the nut off, should the cotter key remove. Some one with engineering expertise could explain the washer, et al.
  22. This was only the third one I’ve missed and I missed it all day today. I’ve had leg and fatigue issues this winter, a rod went out on the truck and I just couldn’t get the suburban ready. Send photos. paul flaming
  23. I do not understand the above comment. The tab locks in the washer to the axle thus rotates with it. I always thought the tab was to keep the washer rotating with the drum and the axle so it could not looses nor tighten the castle nut.
  24. The above replies have been very helpful. Conclusion: i will leave engine as is. Will build a one high side panels on the box, use that to ship items, and ship it East. No time to do more here. And will, ship my replacement engine TKS for the input.
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