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  1. I want to tow my Sportster behind my Suburban There are three significant vintage weekends upcoming. I want to drop in. Has any one connected a surge brake into the vehicle to be towed?
  2. Here is one for the talented and ambitious.
  3. Today I cleaned my carburetor and put in new parts kit. Cost of the kit $$32. It’s really amazing the engine ran the insides were so dirty. Tomorrow will instal and see if the engine will restart.
  4. Wanted, complete pair of park lights. 1954 Plymouth. Dr’s appointment today, back-in the shop tomorrow. A new kit in the carburetor and I’m mechanically on the road. Work now is cosmetic so I can get it legal via CHP/DMV. Since my truck has a bad rod, we need a 2nd car.
  5. I find it interesting how closely how closely The grills and auto body designs are so similar going back decades. My 53 Plymouth has the “teeth” so does the ‘53 chevrolet, etc. I can recall few break out of the box designs. I think the 49 Ford was one, the 56 Pontiac “Wide track”, American Motors unibody, and curved side windows, More recently the Mack Truck Dodge grills to name a few. What others occurred?
  6. Required parts to finish the Sportster back ordered until July 9, so with better knees, back on the Suburban and now will remain so until it is licensed to drive every day. It’s “ drivable “ as is, what remains is safety and cosmetically related. Sportster is close also. Will tow the Sportster behind the suburban when I go to CHP and DMV. Enjoy July 4!
  7. Check the bolts that hold the top on the carburetor bowl. If they do not have lock washers, or the washers are flat, they will work loose. I check mine regularly. . When even slightly loose the engine will run but only that!
  8. Old, is a relative phase in the lifespan. some are old at 49, some at 65, some never get old, just stif, sore, and slower. At 82, that’s where I am. By the way, ordered a kit for my carter carb, will clean and reassemble it tomorrow!
  9. Fro the looks in the photo, the light blue really looks great.
  10. Didn’t Johnney Cash write a song about that truck which sold a million copies?
  11. If I rebuild it, irs restored, doesn’t matter to me others opinions, or any vehicle put back on the road is restored!
  12. This, makes us novices want to quit! Incredible work!
  13. Started to install the engine today. Late in the day, discovered the front engine mount was installed backwards and upside down. That raised the transmission nose by nearly two inches which made it impossible to fit in. Will resolve that and “bobs your uncle” it may go together.
  14. For the man who needs everything!
  15. Good day today, received some very, very nice VW hubcaps for the Sportster, then later for my 63 Beetle.
  16. Bob, it is now called Vintage California Gold!
  17. The road leads to sequoia.national park and the big trees. another trip took into the back roads of the coastal mountains to the west. It was fantastic 120 mile drive one way.
  18. It often takes a longer trip to sort out those hidden issues. It is 45 miles uphill from ny shop to 6500 feet elevation with some rather strenuous stretches. That drive is my test drive.
  19. Update: most of the work has been on the harness. Since, a project, one off, car the harness had to be constructed in the car. That really pushed my limited knowledge but it’s done. Engine installation this weekend. Weather here now is 100+ through this entire week, 107 next three days!
  20. I’m just too old. Straight and auto transmission
  21. I bought this motorcycle lift for $25. The jack needs new seals, otherwise like new. My grandson wants to rebuild a 1978 Yamaha Enduro I bought new, so this should be useful. With its low profile, maybe useful for removing and replacing a transmission.
  22. Many of us have been where you are and where you are headed and we applaud you and encourage you as you rebuild. I know you will keep us informed and it will NOT be a faux TV reality build, which I presume they get their new parts gratis from their advertisers! my Empi is not a MOPAR, but like you and many others, rewarding to work at making a silk purse out of a pigs ear.
  23. I suggest you just hang around, you never know when a find has your name on it. I chanced upon this garage find two years ago. Paid $700 for it and it has an overdrive. It was stored inside for 40 years! Once tuned up will drive it! Will have MAACO paint it its original colors.
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