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  1. Engine wiring about done. Now to wrap and attach to the floor. Next the lights harness.
  2. Update! Yesterday I swapped my 63 VW and parts for an S10 T5 transmission for the truck. A friend gave me a good complete 230 engine to replace my 218. Those two items will significantly improve the performance in power and highway mileage. Will make the swaps when I finish the Sportster. That is nearly done, some electrical and paint the body.
  3. Re: lifts, were I younger and would keep wrenching, the first tool I would buy is a lift. If it would not fit in my garage or shop, I would find a place outside some where.
  4. Today I coated the back side of the fenders with a rubber protectorate. Takes 24 - 48 hours to cure. In our heat, possibly closer to 24 hrs. It’s still tacky, by morning should be able to put it outside in the shade, still quite warm there, but direct sunlight might be too hot. Did it for sound deadening and rust control.
  5. My thanks to Ulu (Greg) who cane and helped me. 1) how to solder. Learned what tinning is, tat a ball of solder will stay on the soldered tip for application. 2) how to make a secure joint, A, wrap a snake wire around the new joint, then solder it all, 3) how to make a wiring diagram for a new rewire. He had the specification diagram taped on a board, over that tracing paper. Then drew the new wiring diagram on the tracing paper. Genius. Always something to learn. The above probably known by most, but exciting for me. Now, with his instructions I can complete my Sportster. Photo is curren status. Will take today off to get new required parts.
  6. Are there any members in this area?
  7. Thank you. Very helpful.
  8. I’ve been surfing for the Better S10 T5 Transmission name and numbers, the model best for open road driving! TKS. I haven’t heard of any forum member who has caught the virus, so very pleased on that. Hope I’m correct!
  9. V8 pull, will bring the OD out at the same time, but will need both red and white wines! LOL
  10. Bob, do I get credit for hooking you up to this suburban? I suggest you take what you need, then ship the carcass to Plymouthy. I will contribute to freight expenses, I’m certain others would also. have you pulled the engine yet?
  11. The body of this Sportster is hard and thick, like a tank. I just viewed a video on sharpening bits. Will learn how.
  12. I ofte have a difficult time to drill holes in metal with a hand drill. I center punch and use oil yet bits do not cut. On larger bits I do a pilot hole, should I always do such. I realize I should know this by now, but I don’t? Will a worn drill chuck be a factor? Thank you for your indulgence for an old man.
  13. I wonder if it may be the Sarah Palin effect! LOL
  14. Later, after posting, it all occurred to me. Sometimes a bit dense!
  15. Can this be for real? Must be, what is missing?
  16. In the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s I was an English Literature teacher / debate coach in a high school of 3,000 students. I was the first teacher to wear a beard of any kind,
  17. The content of that episode is ironically prophetic. Acted by non other than Jack _______, , even more so. Is it Lemon?
  18. I don’t remember age 31! That was half a century back. Dang, that was 1970! Nam war, if I recall, pre viagra, Johnson/Nixon era, Liz Taylor was still a beauty, John Wayne and Ann Margaret were making great movies, Elvis and the Beetles! Radical times!
  19. Suburban. It is mechanically complete. On the truck, I have a spare good engine, so only need to do a swap. With help, a one day job. My knee and arthritis have significantly slowed me down, so will use the summer to get the suburban sold and the truck engine swapped. The virus issue, may keep us in California and go to Maine In the fall. Best to all.
  20. Now here’s one you won’t see everyday. Guess year and model!
  21. Tires and rims today, closing in.
  22. Yes, but not for long. Will cut them to conform. Will trim, fit, and secure them today. I have a paint booth reserved for Friday. Plan to paint then and leave in the booth until Monday. Engine is ready, minor brake work, good tires and it’s a driver! About there. Cortisone shot in my knee is starting to get my leg pain free and strong. I trust all are virus free. Normality will now start to return.
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