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  1. Hey @Plymouthy Adamsyou wouldn't happen to know where to get the square HEI coil would you? I just want to make sure I have more than one source of these. Thanks, FG.
  2. James, FYI, called over to the DMV today and they gave me another number for CA DMV to check YOM plates status: 916-657-8035. Might want to add that to your list. Thanks, Jon
  3. Here are the photos from my car being painted by Overhaulin's fabricator, Skratch. He painted my car at Skratch's Garage in Burbank, California. This is a DeSoto two tone blue.
  4. My car is finally painted!

  5. My switch just went to crap today. Does anyone know where I can get one? Bernbaum is out. Thanks, Jon
  6. Wowza, I was going to make it at 0730. I thought that is when it started. But if you're going to be there at 0700, I'll do it. Jon
  7. Topless? Aren't you going to be cold. Jon
  8. Guys, Apologies as I did not think that the surgery recovery would be so hard. I was talking with Tony, and my apologies for being delayed...we think that NEXT WEEKEND MARCH 27TH at 0730 to 0900 would be good to meet at Carcadia. PDF of the event that is held the 4th Sunday of every month in Arcadia is below. And I feel terribly sorry Rod, so I promise that if you come, your meal is on me. Carcadia is held at the Denny's parking lot. It's a wonderful event. I'm hoping that Tony will chime in on his experiences at this event. My car is still on the rack and will be for quite some t
  9. Don, he's truly a really great guy. He knew I had surgery this week and drove the parts by. Even came in the house, chatted for awhile and just awesome all the way around. I couldn't get up, but I was able to shake his hand. FG.
  10. Hey guys! I saw MikeMaker today! He came by my house to drop off some parts and some really great art! I'll take photos later and post them. I wish Norm were still around to tell this to, but I know the rest of you are...so I was told to tell you guys "MikeMaker says hello!" FG.
  11. Gents, sorry about the delay. I have had some medical issues that took me away from interests. I am going in for surgery on Monday, but I think I should be good by next weekend. I was thinking we could meet in one of three places. 1. The next Carcadia in Arcadia 2. Bob's Big Boy in Burbank on a Friday night 3. Norm's Diner on La Cienega 4. Andy's Diner in Pasadena 5. The Peterson Auto Museum What do you guys think? Jon
  12. Alright gents, once again I call on your grand MoPar loveliness to request a get together. But this time, in Los Angeles County. Who would be up for Sunday, March 20th? I've got the perfect place for us to meet. Thanks, FG.
  13. Thanks for these Tony! And Rod, that's the only way to do it! Drive it till the tires need replacing.
  14. Okay, I could use the Meetup. And it has federated authentication too, so people don't have to create new accounts. Jon
  15. Gents, if some of you are on Facebook, I have thought about putting together a SoCal P15-D24 Group so we can keep in touch. Would anyone be up for that? Jon
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