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    My new 54

    Nice project Moose. Here in southwest Missouri where I have lived the past 50 years.....I have seen one 54 convertible (light blue) that I did not buy. Back in the 70s I had a 54 wagon (nice), a 54 hardtop (white over yellow) (fair condition), and white over pink 54 four door sedan (run down but drove it a couple years). Also a 54 four door (white over dark green) with factory painted wire wheels (not running--sold car, kept wheels). So, there were a few 53s and 54s around here but not very many by the 1970s. I like the look of the 54 best....but they were both decent cars.
  2. Nice looking car. Color looks to possibly be the old Chrysler "Midnight Blue"....but I don't think it's an original shade for your model car. Paint chip folders for our old cars can be bought on eBay. You also need to buy (in my opinion) both a Repair Manual and a Parts Manual either old original or reprint if you have not done so. Yes, there is a short piece of trim which joins the rear window trim.....not sure how difficult those are to find. Check eBay for such things......may not be cheap but can often be found. You have probably noticed by now---there is a letter L and R on the head of the lug bolts so's you know where they belong. Radial tires will make these oldies drive better on the road, but are harder to turn when at a stop or maneuvering into a parking place. They will work on the original style rims. If you have a battery specialty store near you, they should be able to make you O or OO gauge cables of needed lengths. Need larger cables to carry 6v. Otherwise, I think there are cable vendors on the Net.
  3. Looks like a P15 to me too. It looks like there is a hole with rubber grommet on the side of the air cleaner into which a hose may go. Can't quite tell where the hoses go to. There also looks to be either a wire or a small hose running into the driver's side of the vacuum pump on the firewall. Need some more detailed pictures with description of where hoses go.
  4. Would those possibly have started out with plastic on them, which over time became cracked and brittle and was removed from the chrome portion.....leaving one with just the item shown? Just a wild guess as I have seen lots of old plastic items that became brittle and damaged. Looks like a slot in the center shaft of the escutcheon......could that have been for a tab on the plastic portion?
  5. Looks to me like a dash from a 46-48 Plumouth P15 Deluxe (the cheaper model). It might fit your car if yours looks like a Plymouth. It does not have the radio grille in the center. And that steering wheel/horn button look like from a Deluxe. Does your car have a dash now?
  6. How about that vacuum reserve canister used by Don Coatney.? Wasn't it simply a canister off a newer car added in the line?
  7. As was said earlier.....the 46-48 Plymouths had a vacuum operated top. The metal tubes ran from a push/pull switch on passenger side of the dash. along the floorboard to the area under the rear seat/and top well.......with tubes which crossed over to driver's side vacuum cannister. As you can see, this is no help to the Dodge question. Just explaining how the Plymouth was different.....as I have one. You might check with these folks to see if they have anything for your car. Hydro-E-Lectric Auto Upholstery Directions Website Address: 5530 Independence Ct Ste 4, Punta Gorda, FL 33982 Phone: (941) 639-0437 Hours: Closed · Opens tomorrow 8:30 AM Days of week Open hours Tuesday 8:30 AM - 5 PM Wednesday 8:30 AM - 5 PM Thursday 8:30 AM - 5 PM Friday 8:30 AM - 5 PM Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Monday 8:30 AM - 5 PM
  8. Sumac Red and Charlotte Ivory (a light yellowish tan color) were only available on convertibles and woody wagons in 1946-48 Plymouths.
  9. Hi. Nice looking car. I see it has the original white metal wheel trim rings. ....although most are now rusty. Those would have come on the car when new since rubber to make whitewall tires was still in short supply following the war. The rings gave the appearance of having the white sidewalls.
  10. In 1956, did they even make a 4 door Plymouth wagon? I know they did in 1957.
  11. Those caps are definitely cool Robin.
  12. I would say the Plymouth wagon has likely been lurking, Tim. Will drive past the place in a few days just to see........
  13. Your car is very impressive looking. I have chauffered two or three newly married couples in the convertible. They had fun sitting up on the boot as we rode around town. One couple even wanted to stop at a local drive in restaurant....which we did. Got lots of looks 😁
  14. I wonder if that number relates to a paint chip color card put out by Chrysler Corp.. If you know the original color of your car, you can see if those two match. Just a guess.
  15. We were traveling to an area town a few days ago.....took a small state highway to the south of where we live. In one front yard was a Halloween display which featured 3 older vehicles......one truck and two other cars......one of which appeared to be a 1950 Plymouth Suburban. Black in color.....don't know if it runs or general condition. Always a surprise out there.
  16. Greg.....I have forgotten.....is it 24 or 26 zerks?? Had a young fellow in a local quick change oil shop who found them all a few years ago....I was impressed.
  17. I also have an aluminum water tube purchased at a swap meet. But per an earlier post on the subject, others said they would not suggest using it. So it will have to sit on the shelf and collect dust. Would they have possibly used aluminum in the late 1950s at the end of the use of the flathead engines in Mopar vehicles? Or was this item just some manufacturer's bright idea (that wasn't so good)?
  18. Am using original set of Chrysler wire wheels removed from a 1955 Chrysler New Yorker back in the 1970s. I am running BF Goodrich branded radials purchased from Coker Tire. ********Oops......in looking thru earlier posts I saw that I had posted similar pictures ....oh well.....I still use the wheels and still like them. I also have a set of 15 inch original style wheels with wide whites on them.......plus the original 16 inch rims that came on the car, with a set of black sidewall radials sitting around to use on them. They need to be cleaned up and painted first. Then there is the set of 15 inch painted Chrysler wire wheels which also need to be cleaned up and repainted, plus need new center caps. Always something in the garage on which to spend time and money. Painted factory wire wheels.....got them on a 54 Plymouth Savoy fourdoor purchased in a neighboring town. Sold the car with a different set of rims on it. Am thinking yellow to match the car.
  19. I think the original door handle pins are slightly bigger on one end, but haven't looked at one for awhile. Have seen nails used - the head kept them from falling through.
  20. ok thanks for the input guys. will try one of the suggestions. i would be afraid that if you put the thing in with a coating, the stuff would eventually work off the metal due to being in water and stop up some of the openings.
  21. Bought a new distribution tube from a well known supplier. Has this brown stuff coating it. What do you use to clean it off? Thanks.
  22. I thought a ferril is a little weasel-y looking animal.
  23. On my 47 Plymouth, I just found a used door mount mirror I liked at a swap meet. Not exactly an original looking mirror, but it suits me. I wanted one that stands out from the side of the car far enough to see around the "bulge" in the body. Only wanted one mirror, not a pair. There are many options for mirrors.
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