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  1. On my 52 218 out of a Concord, it goes all the way through. I had to seal the threads on it.
  2. Bob's Auto Glass in Oregon has glass for a 1940, if that helps.
  3. Speaker pics, if anyone is interested.
  4. Good idea. I made a new thread called Backup Camera and Stereo Schematic.
  5. I recently added a double din size Kenwood stereo, an inexpensive backup camera and a universal power antenna to my 1952 Concord. The stereo does everything except for nav. My radio plate was buggered up already because someone cut it up for an aftermarket radio. The car was already converted to 12v when I got it. On Kenwood stereo's if ground out the Park Switch, you can play DVD's without it being in park...not that I will play DVD's whilst driving but we don't have a 'Park' mode, unless you put a switch on the service brake. I molded the stereo into the radio plate using a u
  6. Thanks. It stuck out farther than I wanted because of the wiper motor. I put the mic behind the grill. Haven't tested it yet.
  7. With the "plain janes", I think you can get away with mods that you wouldn't normally do with a pretty car.
  8. Me too. It was nerve racking getting the side windows in. I wrapped them in bubble wrap so they wouldn't get scratched. The pain was the window sweeper. It's generic stuff. I could find any clips but they may be out there. For the outside, I used those plastic push holders. I poked a hole with an awl and trimmed the button part. Thr inside ones were put in the existing staple holes with t50 staples. Worked ok for my non-original car.
  9. Last year I replaced all the glass in my 52 Concord except in the back. I ordered them from Bob's Classic Auto. Each of the 8 pieces was a perfect match to the original. I got a front window seal and vent window seal from Steele. The front window seal wasn't cheap but it fit well. The door seals came from Bernbaums and it was in lengths. This was the first time I ordered this kind of stuff so I don't have a comparison. I thought about deleting the vents but that was beyond my expertise.
  10. I got it at an antique store. It's a mini pool ball. I drilled it with a forstner bit, ground down a nut and epoxied it in.
  11. I have a 52 Concord Fastback. You can tell by the hood ornament too, a 52 is round, not a crest. If mine were closer to stock I would have absolutely left it alone, but it had a lot of work done to it, so I added to it. Motor (p23) is in the shop for a rebore. All the top rings were broken and the #6 was scored. I just put in a double din radio and a backup cam. The radio plate was already botched up. I have an original if I ever take it out. Transmission had a plug in the backup switch location so it was as easy as finding a backup switch. I messed around with lowering it but it rode
  12. I can't help very much, but I just pulled one with the same casting number from a 1952 Plymouth Concord 2 Door Fastback. I believe that the 'short' tailshaft is for the short wheel-based cars. I don't know about trucks though.
  13. I ordered a glass kit for my p22 from Bobs Classic Auto Glass. For mine they had clear or green tint. I got a kit because I took my drivers door window to a local shop thinking that I would support local businesses and they wanted 260 for two door windows, safety glass. The kit was 425, so it was more cost effective. The glass I received looks good and matches the originals so far. They may do individual pieces. Andy Bernbaum lists individual glass, but I passed on it because the kit was cheaper.
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