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  1. I'm looking for some help on the clutch pedal lift springs on a 1952 Plymouth Concord. While I was diagnosing some clutch shudder, I noticed that my clutch rod between the torque tube and clutch pedal linkage is missing the two clutch pedal rod lift springs. I borrowed the pic below from a member's, post. I hope that was ok. I have a service manual, a motors manual and a old guide book, but they don't really describe the purpose of them. I assume by the name that they help lift the pedal. Is that all they do? If they are missing can they induce any kind of chatter? If I don't replace them is there a risk of the rod holes galling out and causing problems? The only part number that came up in a search on this site or anywhere is a Chrysler number of 1329-486. I don't have a part number book. If someone could verify the part number, I would be eternally grateful. I looked on oldmoparparts, dpmotorparts, obertsmotorparts , moparmall to no avail. If I can't locate some, I will have to bend some up myself or locate used ones. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thank you for the link! I really appreciate it! I need to replace my exhaust next. The PO used straight pipes and did 45 degree cuts to make curves and it leaks in most of the joints.
  3. My 1952 Concord 218 has a split exhaust and its got Allied Blue Streaks on it. Pipes go over the axle and a little past the rear bumper. It's really quiet at idle and low rpm. I don't know what the equivalent muffler is today.
  4. I did this early last year. I didn't have to bend the mounts, but they came close to the upper arm. I put a plate on the outside and a plate with nuts welded on, on the inside. The sting was to help locate the inside plate. Prior to this it boated in turns even with the factory sway bar. The new shock mounts really helped a lot.
  5. On my 52 218 out of a Concord, it goes all the way through. I had to seal the threads on it.
  6. Bob's Auto Glass in Oregon has glass for a 1940, if that helps.
  7. Speaker pics, if anyone is interested.
  8. Good idea. I made a new thread called Backup Camera and Stereo Schematic.
  9. I recently added a double din size Kenwood stereo, an inexpensive backup camera and a universal power antenna to my 1952 Concord. The stereo does everything except for nav. My radio plate was buggered up already because someone cut it up for an aftermarket radio. The car was already converted to 12v when I got it. On Kenwood stereo's if ground out the Park Switch, you can play DVD's without it being in park...not that I will play DVD's whilst driving but we don't have a 'Park' mode, unless you put a switch on the service brake. I molded the stereo into the radio plate using a universal bracket. It had to stick out a little because it hit the wiper motor behind it and I wanted it as high as I could get in the radio plate. Below the radio and behind the radio grill is the microphone. I haven't tested the bluetooth\hands free with my phone yet. I have speakers in the kick panels and in the back deck, all Kenwood. Sounds pretty good. This is a Concord, so it has the shorty transmission. There was no backup switch in it. The schematic in my book didn't have anything about a backup switch, so at first I thought I was going to have to fab something, then I looked in the index and in the the back of my book it had the backup light and switch as an accessory and it showed where the switch went. I checked out the transmission and it had a plug in place where the backup switch goes. I got a backup switch off of ebay and it worked. The transmission was out so it was easy to put it in and test it. Why stop with a stereo and backup cam, why not add a power antenna. So I got a universal power antenna and put it the drivers fender which had a plug where the antenna would go. So the stereo comes on, the antenna goes up. For the backup mode operation, one terminal on the backup switch goes to key on power, then the other terminal splits into two...one to the stereo to actuate reverse mode, the other provides power to the backup camera. Video goes straight from the camera to the stereo. When you put it in reverse, the backup switch closes, the backup cam gets power and the stereo goes into backup mode and gets the video feed. This stereo will allow you to manually turn on the backup mode while driving so you can see how much smoke you're putting out. I attached a pdf of the schematic I concocted. Backup_Camera_Schematic.PDF
  10. Thanks. It stuck out farther than I wanted because of the wiper motor. I put the mic behind the grill. Haven't tested it yet.
  11. With the "plain janes", I think you can get away with mods that you wouldn't normally do with a pretty car.
  12. Me too. It was nerve racking getting the side windows in. I wrapped them in bubble wrap so they wouldn't get scratched. The pain was the window sweeper. It's generic stuff. I could find any clips but they may be out there. For the outside, I used those plastic push holders. I poked a hole with an awl and trimmed the button part. Thr inside ones were put in the existing staple holes with t50 staples. Worked ok for my non-original car.
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