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  1. A few weeks ago I posted about needing some help identifying items left in the truck by the previous owner. I forgot one item. The original rubber floormat for the front of the car. Today, for the first time I unrolled it and laid it out. Its rough and in several pieces but it is 99% all there. My understanding is that item is impossible to buy so I am thinking about trying to save it. Not sure if it will work as it may fall further apart. It's cold out but I think if it was warmed up the rubber would become pliable. It's a molded piece to go over the hump so it cant be pieced back together fl
  2. Plymouthy, You are correct. I saw the pivot pin was not removable and assumed it was made that way. However it is actually spring loaded and prys out of its pivot slot. I think it was just in upside down. It makes sense now. Thanks for the input Jeff
  3. Thanks for the good info. The drainage holes in the wheel well puzzled me. After reviewing the two Jack's again I am not sure either is correct for this car. They are assembled correctly and both work. However the larger one has tabs that are bent over. I remember bumpers that had slots and you would insert the tabs on the jack into the slots to prevent movement. The other one just looks weird. Why the lip is upside down just doesnt look right. The bolt hole in the hook is at the top and it would not work if reversedAlso neither one lines up with the hooks/hardware to the right of the wheel we
  4. This was all left in the trunk by the previous deceased owner. The two upper right things are cut out of foam rubber. Not sure if they belong to the car or not. Two bumper Jack's. Not that I would ever use one but I assume one belongs to the original car and one doesn't. A old leather bag with a white cloth Interior? The Jack handle and a wheel chock. Original to the car?? Also there are 3 holes in the bottom of the wheel well. Is this correct or should I get some rubber grommets to seal them? Also to the right side of the wheel well are two hooks. Maybe I am missing the hardware to attach/mo
  5. I know where Sardinia is. I grew up in cincinnati, then spent 29 years in Harrison before relocating to Versailles in southwest indiana. I have a 49 chrysler royal and fortunately have not had any engine issues. Don's crankshaft was always my machine shop of choice but they are long gone. I have also used Smyth automotive for head work, flywheel work etc. They used to have flat rate pricing but to be honest it's been about 10 years since I used them. Just a option to talk to that's not too far away from your location Jeff
  6. Tanner, I did the same thing with a vise and used a socket to beat on. I finally gave up out of fear of damaging or breaking the pin/master cylinder. The shop used a hydraulic press to press the pin out. I took quite a bit of pressure to get it to move. The other issue is reinstalling it into the new master cylinder. It took quite a bit of pressure to press it back in place. Only took them 10 minutes and they didn't charge me because for them it was a small job. But for me it was a huge relief. Maybe sometimes they can be knocked out with a vise, punch and big hammer but in my case and p
  7. When I replaced the master cylinder in my 49 chrysler I had the same issue. I had to take the old master cylinder to a shop and they pressed the pin out and then reinstalled it in the new master cylinder. I remember thinking why in the heck couldn't the new master cylinder come with the mounting pin already in place? It's probably a 2 dollar piece of steel. It's frustrating when a simple job morphs into a trip to a machine shop
  8. This steering wheel project had a happy ending. A forum member sold me a wheel at a fair price that was in very solid condition. A coat of adhesive promoter then a coat of self etching primer followed by 3 or 4 light coats of rustoleum high performance enamel and done. Actually the can of enamel spit a few times so it took a bit of sanding between coats. But one of the few times I successfully painted something without runs. Lots of interior work left to do and this wheel will just be the beginning. Just need some warmer weather. Jeff
  9. After a break in several years ago I bought two wireless security cameras that plug into a outlet, one in a shed aimed at my back door and one in the house aimed in a hallway. The main unit is hidden in the garage inside a box. They are motion detection and record everything on a sd card. I have to delete or review the card once a month. Anymore i usually only review if there is a reason. No issues then I just delete everything. A while back I caught some kids sneaking on my property fishing at my pond. They walked past my back door and I caught them on camera. I've caught jehovah's witnesses
  10. Over the past year I've had a few issues with Bernbaums. I ordered a brake overhaul kit and they sent me the wrong brake return springs. After struggling to make them work over a weekend I finally gave up and called them on monday and told them they were a half inch too short. A week later I got the correct ones for no charge. Recently replaced the front motor mount while doing the timing chain and the new mount had holes that were a quarter inch less wide than my old mount. I could have drilled them but chose to call and complain. They knew what my issue was immediately as others had the
  11. You can also buy the DTE Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32 at your local W.W. Grainger store. It should either be a stock item or one day to get it in store. Best price and no shipping assuming you have a grainger store near you
  12. I bought a champion 3 row off of ebay about a year ago for my 49 chrysler royal. I had to redrill a couple of holes to make it fit but it was easy to measure since my old radiator was out at the same time. I looked at having my original radiator repaired but the radiator shop consensus was that they could fix my leaks but it would just pop more leaks due to age. So for 200 bucks the champion radiator was a easy choice. I think it looks good and if you dont like the chrome look you can paint it black. I look forward to years of no radiator leaks.
  13. Dodgeb4ya Thanks for the education. I definitely want to keep my 49 hub and front cover so you have answered my question. I was optimistic that it would work. I have a much greater understanding of the differences and now know exactly what I need. Most of the steering wheels on Ebay are advertised as buyer beware, no returns, best of our knowledge, unsure of year, etc so I now more than some of the sellers Bob, just saw your post and I will be contacting steve tomorrow The interior in my car is 100% original and my goal is to upgrade back to original one section a
  14. Wow great advise and exactly what I needed. Dodgeb4ya, great pictures. The bottom of the wheel is the main issue I have now. Mine is smooth as shown in your first picture of the 2 blue wheels. The bottom of the NOS wheel on Ebay looks exactly like the second blue wheel in your first picture with high and low spots. But will the chrome hub # 1141455 piece ride at the same depth on both wheels? If so and it looks like a 3/4 shaft size,I may be able to make it work If not then it's back to Ebay with a lot more knowledge of what i need than i had before
  15. I did get a quote from dennis at quality restorations for $1885 for a solid color or $2100 for a marble pattern. Really not looking to go that high though the steering wheels he does look perfect. Looking at options at this point
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