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  1. Some of the best conversations about my 50 have taken place under those very circumstances, gas station stops and people reminiscing about a similar car they once had. You gotta love the smile it brings to a person's face when they see a car that takes them back to their childhood.
  2. The store was closed, couldn't go in to look. I figured it out, 57 Oldsmobile.
  3. Mine was also a continuous wire from contact plate to relay. On my car, the connection at the contact plate seems to offer some rotation, but it seems like the wire itself does most of the work when the steering wheel spins.
  4. When I pulled the steering wheel off my 50 Dodge, I disconnected the wire at the horn relay and pulled the wire out the top of the steering tube. The wire has a male bullet type connector at the relay. When going back together, I found it easier to feed a piece of wire up through the tube, attach the horn wire to it and pull it back down. The hole at the bottom of the tube is small compared to up the steering wheel, which makes it difficult to feed from the top side going down. The horn wire on my car attached to the horn contact plate pretty firmly and didn't want to come off nicely compared
  5. I was walking past an antique store and spotted this in the window. Anyone know what this hood ornament belongs to?
  6. Very envious Keith, I'd love have a mild winter like that! We got another 40 miles in this morning. It could be my imagination, but it seems to run better with the new wiring. Probably better voltage and current to the coil. It definitely starts better with new battery cables.
  7. Let's all share some pictures of the first drive of 2021! I know some are well into the driving season, but those of us in the snow/salt belt are just getting our cars out. Today I took the family out for the first drive of 2021. It was a nice 30 mile test drive after completely rewiring the car and taking care of a bunch of maintenance items. In a few weeks we will be taking a trip to Galena Illinois with it.
  8. You are correct about not having any accessories like radio or heater. The firewall still has the block off plates for the heater and controls. So does the firewall pad. It currently has a driver and passenger sunvisor. The PO put stone shields on it and other aftermarket accessories. The thing that baffled me for a bit was the VAC BSTR in the open field towards the bottom. Right away my mind went to power brakes, which this car doesn't have. Then I realized that the car originally had vacuum wipers and VAC BSTR may refer to the fuel pump/vac pump that it probably had on it. Im just happy
  9. While putting my interior back in after re-wiring and minor floor repair, I found this tucked into a coil spring in the seat back of my rear seat. The serial number matches the number on the drivers door plate, so I'm certain it's for my car. Am I correct is saying that my car originally came with no options other than a horn ring and 1 sun visor? Anyone able to decode some of the not so obvious info? I appreciate any insight. Also, my thumb is covering it up, but there's an X under accessory group 1.
  10. Thanks again for taking time to stop by. I learned a ton from you, it's much appreciated. I'm excited to start working on it, should be within a month or so. You can count on me using your restored truck as a reference! And yes, it's crazy how small the world really is!
  11. I just found a write up for rod length. Interesting stuff. https://www.chevyhardcore.com/tech-stories/stroker-engines-long-short-connecting-rod-length/#:~:text=A shorter rod will decrease,degrees before and after TDC.
  12. This is just me guessing...is the rod shorter on the 230 to provide clearance between the rod and the bottom of the cylinder wall when the piston is at the half way point in the stroke. With a shorter rod, you move the piston further down in the bore, providing more clearance between the rod and cylinder wall when the piston is at the half way point of the stroke. I can see it in my head, but not sure if it's making sense when I put it into words.
  13. I also recommend Fluke. They are expensure for average use, but they are accurate and trustworthy. I've had mine for almost 20 years and it has never let me down. I've worn out a few sets of leads, but the meter has been flawless.
  14. Dirty little secret......my buddies 96 Chevy pulled the trailer that got my Dodges home. And my 96 GMC pulled both of them off the trailer! Please don't hate me 😜
  15. A disease with only one known cure, more of the disease!
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