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  1. getting smoother. I found that the rod that goes to the pedal had a tendency of Rotating just a bit but enough that it would bind up in the holes that it went through. In addition, the end by the pedal had no clip and was able to just fall out. I drilled a hole for a cotter pin and used some washers. Doing that made it safer and got rid of binding. Also, I’ve decided to use the higher hole on the lever that rotates at the carbs (thinking that the higher leverage would be a benefit as well as keeping the rod off the lip of the air cleaner. Finally, I shortened the short rod that runs parallel to the head (just before the rotator) which raised the pedal a bit. Waiting for a new linkage rod to come in the mail before this is hopefully 100% ..... but to answer your question: I don’t feel a difference with or without the return spring. But as I said, it is getting smother and a bit less stiff
  2. I had a chance to work on the linkage a bit today with what I had in the garage. Basilisks extended the swivel with a pice of metal and put a twist in it to get a vertical. From there the linkage is straight with a less sever bend in the horizontal. It seems to have less play but the pedal is still stiff (but smoother). Any additional advice? I don’t know how to reduce the return spring tension on the 2 motorcraft progressive carbs (was thinking that might make for a more comfortable pedal).
  3. I came up with the linkage shown below. I’ve never driven a 40’s or 50’s American car, but to me the gas pedal feels a bit off. I might describe it a heavy or stiff. With my heal on the floor I don’t seem to get enough leverage so I end up lifting my foot and pushing the pedal up higher. Even then it doesn’t feel smooth. I suspect that it is my home made linkage. Issue was that I needed to have it positioned as it is so that it pulls the throttle lever. I made the vertical linkage out of a threaded coupler and drilled out the threads for the vertical portion of the rod (I rounded the top of it so it wouldn’t look like a hardware store part). It is secured to the swivel with a bolt from under, the theory being I wanted it tight to the swivel so there was no play but needed the rod to turn as the swivel came around. One option I was thinking of trying was to leave the coupling threaded and put threads on the vertical rod with grease or anti seize and possibly support my linkage with some 45’s but I was hoping that there is a better solution (suggestions please) ... or is the pedal supposed to feel as I described?
  4. A friend came over to help me tune my carbs (which I know nothing about). He discovered a small tube which he thought should be plugged like the others on the carbs.... I noticed 1 carb has the tube and the other doesn’t. Below are pics of the carbs - one with and one without. The one with has a black tube hose that he added and plugged with a bolt but for the pic I had removed the plug/bolt. What is the port and should it be plugged ... and just out of curiosity, why would one have it and the other not when they are supposed to be the same Motorcraft carburetors?
  5. I bought this off eBay and it is an exact copy Of the one I removed ... granted it is for a 49-50 but they were great to work with (in fact I got a call out of the blue to tell me that eBay overcharged on shipping and they were giving me a partial refund) and may be able to help you out. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Emergency-Hand-Parking-Brake-Cable-for-1949-1950-Plymouth/321060224498?fits=Year%3A1949|Make%3APlymouth&hash=item4ac0ae3df2:g:IdQAAOSwZQxW53Jz
  6. Time Left: 20 days and 10 hours

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    Looking to put a 12v gen in my 49 Plymouth (converted from 6v to 12v). If anybody has gone to an alternator and has a spare please let me know.


  7. Generator View Advert Looking to put a 12v gen in my 49 Plymouth (converted from 6v to 12v). If anybody has gone to an alternator and has a spare please let me know. Advertiser JSabah Date 02/17/2020 Price Category Individual Member Classified Wanted Ad  
  8. I'll look for your posts. I was able however get my pedal to return....at least most of the way. It turns out that I had the spring that keeps a bit of tension on the clutch fork on while I adjusted the clutch rod. When I disconnected that (small/light) spring, I was able to adjust the rod to the proper location. In fact there was so much that needed to be adjusted, that I had to turn the bracket that holds the rod on the pivot side around. Once I did that, a bit of adjusting of the "over center" spring as per the manual and it started working. A bit of lubricant and forcing new grease in the zerks helped too. Your setup being an earlier car is a bit different as I dont believe you have an overcenter spring but rather a main spring and a return springs. I think starting with the rod correct may help you and then use the manual for your setup. My pedal doesnt quite cone all the way up but it comes up enough to not "ride" the clutch. Maybe it will work itself out a bit or a bit more fiddling.
  9. Hubcaps are done but I was waiting on double checking my brake rebuild before I fully torque the rear hubs (they are snugged up well for now) as they were a bear to get off even with the correct puller. interior pics... sure... (I still have the headliner to do, install the interior windshield frame and a few other odds and ends). Rear seats are original material, front seat is new.
  10. Yes it will remain cream. For some reason in the picture it looks more white than it is. I actually changed it from Rio Red (maroon). Here is a better picture in terms of color (you can compare the car to the whitewalls)
  11. No I did not. Had it towed. I’ll test the generator next week as well as the regulator (and clean the points/contacts). Then I’ll see if I have any more issues.
  12. That was my initial thought as well but I didn’t even know if it was possible. I think I will take the generator and regulator to a reputable auto electric shop. I did not see any evidence of an issue in the wires tho.....
  13. What should I be reading the temp on? Radiator? Generator? Something else)? Newly rebuilt temp gauge read a steady 160
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