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  1. While trying to diagnose my charging problem, I saw my crank pulley doing this.
  2. Could this be the issue... watch the crankshaft pulley
  3. I gave the BR a tap. Didn’t seem to do anything. Thien I swapped out the VR with one from another car I just started working on - but I don’t know for 100% that it is good. Car didn’t charge unless I flashed it again and then only temporary again. disconnected the F and Arm terminals, jumped the two and checked voltage with a voltage meter..... nothing (but don’t forget that the amp meter had previously shown a temporary charge ... before it didn’t). I don’t understand why it would temporarily charge after flashing... is it even possible that a generator to work intermitten
  4. My ‘49 has been converted to 12v. It was one but last night after a short drive my 1 yr old battery was dead. I suspected the generator (yes I elected to keep my originality) it the regulator. After reading other threads, I started my testing. 1st the residual voltage in the gen. ... I had 1.2v instead of the .5-.75 expected. So I re-flashed/polarized the generator - flashing the Arm terminal while the regulator was disconnected. Thought I’d check out the car and wallah- the amp meter now shows as it should (turn key/discharge; start car/ charge; let it run/slight charge). Went on to do a get
  5. Looking for sources for 230 flatheads rebuilt as I’d like to put the original engine type/size back in my truck (actually 3 trucks).
  6. I’ve just picked up 3 Power Wagons and in trying to figure out exactly what I have I found that one on the engines has a code that starts with an N306. I can’t seem to find anything like it on line in the engine decoders or lists. The whole engine number is N3066900AL (the last 0 may actually be a C). Anybody know what that engine may be from and if it is a 218 or a 230? Thank you
  7. As I mention another thread, I’m now the proud owner of 3 PWs. Now comes the time to decide what to do with them. My goals are to have them (1) get up to freeway speeds in short order and to brake similarly as they may be city trucks. (2) have a comfortable ride - not like a car.... but smoother than an old truck. (3) have some creature comforts such as a/c, heat and a nice radio Here are some of my initial thoughts: these are all 1954-1958 trucks. I’m told by the PO that 1 or two of them should’ve too difficult to get running. They all have their original 230 Flathea
  8. Anybody have any used books relating to the 1952 power wagon that they no longer need. I need to start learning about my new projects and have no experience with the PW. Owners manual, shop manual etc.
  9. Well, I’m officially the proud owner of 3 projects..... or 3 1952 Power Wagons. Since I know nothing about the PW specifically, you can be sure I’ll be seeking advice from the forum often as soon as I start these ... which won’t be immediately as I have another (car) project to finish and had to promise the wife some work around the house will get done first .... just another collateral cost
  10. I wasn’t able to find the receipt yet, but I believe it was just over 300. As mentioned before, I didn’t really have a choice
  11. I’ve bought a lot of things from AB but unfortunately I had to send 2 sets back as they weren’t made properly (one of the sealing fins must have had mold issues as it was rough and tapered). I ended up with Steele. Not a perfect fit but better than I had - no air leaks and the car will probably never see rain 😉
  12. Couldn’t find the cost in my e mails but I did find the company that I went with. Wayne at northwest radiator in Spokane (the other was ABC in Stockton). I’ll get the cost for you tomorrow.
  13. I posted this in the truck forum but thought some of you may have input/knowledge
  14. Hi Marc, I did have a choice with the 49 Plymouth woody as the tanks were special for that car and I couldn’t find another model that used the same (or even similar) tanks. I cleaned mine out and when I cleaned all the rust and varnish away, found that it was Swiss cheese/ lots of pin holes top and bottom. Radiatshops just looked at me funny and a few said they could try (I think with epoxy), but didn’t seen confident. I found a system called re-nu. They have a inner and outer naked on finish (after media blast and prep.) that comes with a lifetime warranty (as long as you own the car). They t
  15. I’m looking at purchasing 2 (possible 3) power wagons that are in pretty rough shape. There are two 1952-54 and one 1950-51. I just finished a ‘49 Plymouth Woody so I’m somewhat familiar with the era but not so much with the power wagons. The frames look solid, some of the cab walls have rust. There are no bed sides, back or tailgate and the wood beds are present but rotting. Two have the original winches and most of the badging is there. Two ran when parked 10 yrs ago. I can typically weld Sheetmetal, make the wood beds, handle all the electrical, brakes, and fuel system. I typically send the
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