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  1. Thank you! If you could post a picture since you already exposed, it would be great. If not, no big deal the measurements are great. Thanks again, Josh
  2. My floors are new and newly repaired. I have the old switch but do not see evidence of where it was specifically located. My seats are not in yet so determining where a comfortable place is isn’t an option. All wires are being replaced. I was hoping to get a location from the Doritos that I didn’t have to wait until the seats are in to pic a place to drill
  3. I can’t seem to find the hole where my hi-low foot switch was. I don’t know if they were welded up when fixing the floors, covered with undercoating or ??? Can someone please measure the location of the foot switch for me (49 Plymouth). Thank you
  4. Getting closer..... front grill and bumper is going on, front end before and after and gauges
  5. Finally getting the painted dash installed
  6. JSabah


    Finally getting it installed.....
  7. I’m installing my new wiring and the diagram shows to reuse the old in line 3amp fuse. I had a clock converted to 12v. I did not previously have a clock - so I don’t have an old in line fuse (not a problem to get) .... but now that I’m 12v do I need one (car was 6v and I’m using a 6v wiring harness (ie heavy wires). here is my clock being installed in my refurbished dash....
  8. Can someone please post a pic of the hinge portion of the cowl vent. it looks like there are 4 screw holes (2 on either side) of the vent that go thru a slotted part that is fixed tot he car. I tried using 4 screws but it doesnt seem to work. THank you
  9. JSabah


    Any recommendations of someone to make a new exhaust system for my woodie? I have a duel exhaust manifold so off the shelf wont work.... Los Angeles/Reseda area. I think Im going with 2 pipes to a single muffler (maybe 2 in/1 out... but I don't know the sizes. Not a rod (I have other cars that will wake the neighbors if need be) , just a nice driver.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I ordered the pitman shaft seal... we will see how it goes. In the meantime I came across something from the Ford Forum .... Cornhead grease. Apparently it was developed by John Deere for leaky gearboxes on their farm equipment (it is well spoke about on the tractor forums as well). It is a grease that does flow but the viscosity is such that it prevents/slows the leak while still being able to flow (except in very cold weather - not an issue for me 😉 ) ... check it out. If may be worth keeping in the back of your head for the future If you can’t fix something the “right” way ...
  11. Does the steering box need to be out of the car in order to install new seals? If so, other than using a grease to slow the drip, is there any “stop leak” which can be used (I’ve used an additive on another car for a rear main seal and a Lucas product for a power steering rack.)
  12. Thanks. I think I'll try and anneal them and reuse...just because I like to have original type parts when I can.
  13. I seem to have these odd crush washers on my ‘49 P18 (woodie). The wheel cylinders are obviously held in place by the adjustment bolts but these also seem to cover the backing plate .... but since they are “soft” I don’t see the point (other then sealing). Are these original, and needed or can I just use 7/16” regular crush washers from big box store? If I need these, should I heat to red hot and let cool to re anneal? I could not find details on this in the service manual.... thank you
  14. Knowing that those disks had to come off made all the difference.... afterwards it was easy peezy. Boot done, now shocks installed, suspension painted, all greased up, new bearings and dust seals, shoes adjusted, and all nuts torqued to correct values. Only things left to do on this side are make sure the axle nut is tightened correctly, install cotter pins, get a copper washer for brake hose and install/connect to hard line..... then do the other side of the car
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