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  1. I have nothing to add, but I enjoy looking at the pictures.
  2. That is a beautiful Plymouth!
  3. I think I know what you are talking about. This thing is fastened to the clutch pan and not the oil pan. I found the same thing on my 47 Plymouth. I had never found one on any other Plymouth I had owned. The only reason I could think of that it was for was dust and dirt protection. Mine looked like felt to me , so I bought some 1/4inch by 1 inch felt and riveted on. I am still not sure what it is for but have had no problems.
  4. Hi Billy.  Please go check your private message box for a follow up message from me.  Let me know if you read it.    Bob Toft, Joplin, MO  47 Yellow Plym convert.    3/17/2021

    1. Billy


      I did read your message.  If I ever go back to that area I will try to contact you.  I would like to go back to Sarcoxie for the Chief Sarcoxie Days one more time before I get too old to travel.

    2. BobT-47P15


      Billy....hope they hold the Chief Sarcoxie Days this year (in relation to the corona virus stuff).

      I haven't been to the event for several years.....since I played in an old rock band which

      entertained there occasionally.    My regular email is:  bmatoft@mediacombb.net and my  cell

      phone is  417-483-8407.  I'm 77 and will try to keep going long as i can.    Bob      3/27/21   

    3. Billy


      I am 86 and I am trying to keep going as long as I can.

  5. Billy

    E Mail.

    How do you change your E Mail address on this site?
  6. I see that your location is Joplin, Mo.. I lived in Sarcoxie, Mo. for a period of time. I attended a car show in Carthage and saw a yellow plymouth conv. I didn't own one at the time and was happy just to see one as I did own one as a teenager. Could this have been yours?
  7. Billy

    Body Style.

    Thanks for the reply. The information was very helpful for a situation I am in.
  8. Billy

    Body Style.

    Then a 4 door sedan or 2 door sedan would be a 5 passenger?
  9. When the parts book refers to 7 pass., which body style are they talking about?
  10. I found a roll on E-bay 1/4 by 1 inch . I had to buy the whole roll, but it worked well.
  11. That is a nice looking car. I am also looking forward for warmer weather. As far as working on your car, I have had my present Plymouth for 25 years and am still working on it.
  12. Billy

    Axle Shaft

    Thanks for the reply.
  13. Billy

    Axle Shaft

    Does the 1950, 51, and the 52 Plymouth have the same size axle shaft as the P15? Do they measure the length of the shaft from end to end or from the small end of the taper to end of splines?
  14. I am actually an old newby. I joined the P15 D24 forum in 2016, I never posted and only browsed. Lately I have asked a question or two and was asked why don't you post a picture. Well to be honest, I didn't know how. My grand daughter gave me a lesson and now I am going to try. This is my Plymouth which I have owned for twenty five years. I had a 41 Plymouth when I was 14 and traded it for a 47 when I was 17. Traded it when I was 21 but always wished I hadn't, Forty one years later I located another 47 and bought it. It is the one in the picture. Her nickname is Rosy. Rosy and I have spent many hours together. Her back wheel wobbles a little and she leaks some, but we all do some as we get older. In the 21 years between the 47's I restored a 1922 Dodge coupe, a 1926 Ford roadster, and owned a Plymouth pick up. I enjoy the P15 D24 page.
  15. Billy

    Steering box

    The project is good. I don't know how to send pictures
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