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  1. Yep knuckle, I'm a Duc guy 100%. Not to derail but I take my little air cooled monster to the track. I built it from a pile of crashed parts
  2. I drive my 53 Plymouth and 59 F100 almost every day. Factory everything no ptoblems. When not driving, I ride a carbureted Ducati monster 900. Once again, no problems. I think people worry too much. Just drive and enjoy it.
  3. There might be a valve to turn the hot water off so it doesn't flow through the heater. My 49 and 53 both have them. My 53 has "summer" with an arrow pointing in the direction to shut the water off on the heater box.
  4. How was it running before? If it was running good then all of a sudden started to run like crap, I'd look into possibly some debris in the carb. Easy enough to pop the top off and pull the jets and needles. Also, while the fuel line is off, crank it over to see if the pump is pumping. Make sure to put the end of the line in a container to capture the fuel. If that all checks out, move onto checking the ignition parts. Just a process of checking and eliminating stuff, you'll get it going. Good luck.
  5. Mikes carburetor parts kits are great. They include a leather accelerator pump. Buy a gallon can of berrymans carb cleaner. It has a basket you can set your parts in to let them soak. You won't need to soak them for a day or two. 15-30 minutes usually does the trick. Rinse the parts off and blow them out after they soak.
  6. Just wanted to add real quick to the sway bar option. I finally got a chance to get a few pictures. If this isn't factory, whoever installed it did a darn nice job!
  7. At one time these cars were new and people drove them every day. I still drive them every day, just saying.
  8. Big swap meet here next month. I'll find you one cheap and ship it!
  9. Kanter has complete rubber kits. Not cheap but less expensive than buying pieces here and there.
  10. I'm with Sniper and Wraith. I run 87 with whatever percentage of corn they put in. But I drive my car almost every day so the fuel never has a chance to get old. Every now and again I'll toss a little seafoam or marvel mystery oil in the tank just because. Figure a little extra cleaning or lube can't hurt. If you are going to pull the carb apart, a drop of oil or two on the accelerator pump leather helps keep it pumping. Good luck and enjoy your ride.
  11. After the time and expanse of swapping in a v8, why skimp on the rear end? Plenty of good axles out there sitting in junk yards for cheap. Perches are under 20 bucks.
  12. Check for debris in the needle and seat. Also, What is your float height set at? Might be too high.
  13. Go to your local glass shop. They should be able to use yours as a template and cut you a new one. Should replace both, modern safety glass is pretty inexpensive.
  14. How low are you on oil? Probably has nothing to do with your problem, just curious.
  15. I believe under/oversized bearings would have a number after the -SB- stating the size. I'd say yours are standard. Wouldn't hurt to mic the crank. Then there is no guessing. Good luck, you'll be on the road in no time.
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