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  1. If you lived near NC I have a 270 poly you could have
  2. Well if you don’t, let me know. Mines a straight 6 but anything is better than nothing
  3. Does anyone know where I can find the medallion that goes on the front of the hood of a 53 Meadowbrook?
  4. I’ve used come alongs to get mine on there. The bigger the better. I used one and a log chain or a tow strap with hooks
  5. Is the vin/serial number on a 53 Dodge station wagon on the rear frame rail like earlier models? There doesn't appear to be any numbers on the tag on the drivers door jam on mine.
  6. The other two pieces are heater parts I believe
  7. I really hope they’re not seriously expecting that for that car
  8. Would I use sedan rear floorboards too?
  9. Would I just use rockers from a 2 door sedan?
  10. I recently got my 1953 Meadowbrook wagon home and the floorboards are toast. What I was wanting to know is where to find replacement panels and rockers for it? Would rockers from a two door sedan work? What floorboards to use?
  11. That's what I have is a 53 Meadowbrook Wagon
  12. What was the Designation of the Dodge station wagons? D-what?
  13. https://www.flickr.com/photos/146056989@N06/46564584335/in/dateposted-public/ Well I got them home. Now I just have to figure out where to begin
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