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  1. We wish you the best in whatever you do, but you can still stick around here and share some of that sage advise you have gathered over the years!
  2. I have had two dimmer switches from NAPA literally fall apart during he installation process! Are there any good ones out there?
  3. rallyace, I agree with you. Thank you for taking the time to make it known so the moderators can (hopefully) do something about it!
  4. I have a couple of problems for the electrical experts. The gas gauge in my P15 has not worked since I inherited it about 6 years ago. It always reads empty, or less than 1/8, even when the tank is full. I keep track of the miles it is driven, so it is not a huge problem. I just get gas after a certain number of miles. My battery recently died, so I put in a new battery. I noticed the ammeter showed a discharge, even when travelling at 55 mph, so I had the generator rebuilt, and it charges as it should. Here is where it get interesting. I started the car yesterday and let it run at a high idle for a few minutes when I noticed the gas gauge read 1/2! But when I slowed the engine, the gas gauge went back to empty! I played with it a few times just to make sure. At higher rpm's the gas gauge would come up, and at lower rpm's it would go down. The gas gauge is mimicking the ammeter - it just moves slower than the ammeter. The car is 6volt positive ground. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  5. Great job! You will have to make a trip to sunny Florida for a few days. I have three cars for you to hone your skills on!
  6. I ALWAYS enjoy seeing good neon!!
  7. Harnesses Unlimited also offers complete looms with correct color coding for your vehicle. We're all looking forward to hearing more about your project!
  8. Nice job!! If you think you still need more practice, I have a couple of cars you can "practice" on !:-)
  9. I am doing the same thing to my 47 Plymouth - replacing some older repairs with correct cloth-covered wire. I got mine from Harnesses Unlimited. You can order the length you need in the correct gauge and color for your car. Their pricing is very reasonable. Lots of luck on your project. Let us know how it turns out!
  10. We are still wrestling with the steering wheel on my '36 Plymouth. We found one of the recommended pullers, and cranked it as tight as two people could get it. We have heated it with a torch, chilled it with dust-off, and whacked it with a hammer. Next we drilled into the keyway about an inch-and-a-quarter, and then tried the puller again - all to no avail. That thing is not moving. We have had the puller so tight that it breaks the bottom of the steering wheel without results. There has to be something we are missing. Any suggestions?
  11. Sam, that looks great! How did you fasten the leds to the ornament?
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