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  1. Who needs Reverse anyway ? Anyone knows you can always Flintstone when absolutely necessary. Not that Rod needs any help figuring anything out, but I've saved my complete replaced steering column for parts and think fixing Rod's is a worthy cause. Everything on Rod's looks flip-flopped and there are broken parts Mickey Moused together (note hoseclamp) Lever 19-46-16 looks to be reversed and the tab that should be on the column (spot welded? just above the spring) is missing. My shift mechanism. It looks fixable don't you think ? Any help appreciated. Friends don't let friends drive messed up trucks Hank
  2. Thanks to everyone that contributed in the previous thread: http://p15-d24.com/topic/34658-carter-carb-fuel-filter-fuel-line/ Your words, pictures and advice made me realize why I should have taken notes and carefully photographed line routings before removing them. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ wallytoo, on 06 Nov 2013-04:70 AM said: what don said. the only rubber piece used was a short section from the frame rail to the pump. the remainder was steel line. it appears you have a hard line directly from the tank to the pump. you may run into flex breakage at some point. maybe not. that's where the stock short section of rubber fuel line goes, to attach from the hard line at the frame rail to the pump. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ When I removed the short length of hardline, (that should have been flex hose between the frame and fuel pump) I discovered it was single flared at both ends. Was lucky to discover this. (so thanks wallytoo). If you are just starting, there is a good chance the correct fittings and factory routing on your truck were modified by previous owners. I hope this thread helps, Hank
  3. Now there's a catchy Thread Title....and the thing of it is neither do I. What I'm referring to is; I don't think I've ever seen what type of Jack our trucks came equipped with and I'm real curious if anyone has the original jack or for that matter the original tool-set that might have come with our trucks. I have an original lug nut wrench and a tire spoon. I know DesotoDave has some original cranks, but I'm interested to see what's out there. Was there ever a leatherette roll-up case for these tools? Was there a standard tookkit and were there any kits available as assessories? and remember: If it's a Mopar, it's a Mystery, Hank
  4. Ouch that hurts. Seems the longer you wait (and parts are so scarce nowadays) the more you will pay. Hank
  5. HanksB3B

    Forum member Jerry Brown passed away.

    Sorry to hear that Keven. It's good to know he walked with Jesus and a big difference knowing he is with him now. Hope his family are doing o.k. Hank
  6. HanksB3B

    Carter bb carb flooding

    Hope this helps, I have some extra parts so PM me with your address if you'd like. Hank
  7. That's wierd, my Roberts Floor Mat still looks to be in good shape despite how long it's been on and how much abuse it gets. I have to agree with Gary and he has always made good on anything that I purchased from him. The only time something wasn't right for me is that my 51 has the "hump" on the door panel. I got the straight one and when I asked Gary about it he sent the correct one out to me no charge.I know Gary and Gary always tries to do the right thing by us. Hank
  8. HanksB3B

    New member, here's my truck.

    Quite Magnificent ! If it still has the siren, it would be perfect to drive in LA (especially for Jeff, but maybe for Rod too) It's getting close to gridlock, I don't do Freeways (yet...pending new differential and dsc brakes up front) Welcome, Hank
  9. HanksB3B

    Clements BBQ raffle.

    This year we can both run away from Paul ...How's that sound..Funny last year Paul was running away form me too..what's with that Guy. Plymouthy will probably keeep him occupied kind of like Trump on Hillary ? Geez it's less than a month away... Hank
  10. HanksB3B

    Lug studs.....revisited

    Better'n a dump truck anyway... Hank .. minicooper enjoy the short turning radius while you can...(Just Kidding...don't worry you'll love your 3/4 ton they are all great trucks !)
  11. HanksB3B

    Brake Troubles - Opinions Needed

    Best way to go ! Always have two master cylinders, one installed and working the other rebuilt when you have time and are not in a crisis. I'm also planning to change to discs up front and am also interested in seeing pics and hearing how other forum members accomplished this. I'll be lurking, Hank
  12. HanksB3B

    Steering box re-build

    Hope this helps http://p15-d24.com/topic/19395-steering-box/ Hank
  13. HanksB3B

    Clements BBQ raffle.

    Kev, Wish you were coming, Hank.
  14. HanksB3B

    52 b-3-d stuck in gear

    I never heard of doing that, but what do I know about ice, I'm in Southern California (I went swimming today) Hank
  15. HanksB3B

    SoCal Old Mopar Breakfast Cruise-In

    May your gears not grind, may your oil not leak and may your Flatties runs smooth as silk. Sorry I'm not going to make it and get to meet all you guys and your rides. Have a Great Time, Hank
  16. HanksB3B

    Shifting issues

    Paul, There's a little known adjustment for just that. The adjustment allows the shift lever (the steel cane looking part) to lift the cane more so that the transmission has an easier time finding first (and reverse) Hope that's all it is and you get it shifting properly. Hank x
  17. HanksB3B

    Woody Wagon sold (maybe?)

    Most likely Ash. A beautiful wood to work with. Protected, it will withstand the elements pretty well. I'd love to have that Woodie too, Hank
  18. It's just cut down fender welt. When cut/trimmed I believe the web is about 1/2" wide. It's tough stuff so marking with an ice pick and then using a Harbor Freight Hole Punch Kit will work like a charm an old single hole paper punch would probably do the trick. Good Luck, Hank
  19. HanksB3B

    Block markings

    I think P means passenger car and T means truck ? Hank
  20. HanksB3B

    Code 504

    Did I miss it or is there a link to a Dakota/Pilothouse swap somewhere ? Not planning to switch just curious, Hank
  21. I'm following this thread that's for sure ! Hank
  22. HanksB3B

    Rod's Great Find

    Look what Rod found this past Saturday at Woodley Park. It's still true that nice things happen to good people. They are in excellent shape and even 30 years ago these four would have been a great deal. and really nice patches: Had a great time even though there was not one Pilothouse, Our trucks are really becoming scarce. Nice find Rod ! Hank .
  23. HanksB3B

    B3B Brakes Dragging, Pressure in System

    Yours is better, there won't be any chance ants and roaches getting into your engine. Hank
  24. HanksB3B

    Rebuilt carb update

    Let the fun begin hopefully your truck is garaged and you have a heated slab.Hope you'll have time during the winter to work on your brakes and be running in the spring. Welcome, Hank (my brake job hope it helps) http://p15-d24.com/topic/35370-factory-brake-job/?hl=hanksb3b

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