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  1. The first pic is with worn out factory springs and added overloads. Notice they are pretty flat anyway. The second is a new set of springs with 3 leafs removed.
  2. I have not done coilovers, but if you want a smoother ride and lower stance, you can remove leaf springs from the pack. I removed 3 starting at the second from the bottom and remove every other one until your ride height is where you want it. I believe I have 4 leafs left. Free and easy...
  3. The High and Mighty... One of the chief engineers of that car is my buddies father who passed away a few years ago. They called him "Mr. Hoover".
  4. Sluggish... it's a great idea but it's for 53 and earlier that have a completely different steering setup.
  5. Need to pull the flywheel off. Its 4 or 6 bolts depending on the flywheel.
  6. If anybody likes to play drag racing games on thier phones/ipads etc, CSR Classic now offers a Dodge B Series as one of the old hotrods you can race. I was getting my daughter updated on her games last night and ran across it.
  7. Great story and looking forward to your build. Looks like you have a pretty solid start! I have a 55 and added the Scarebird front disc kit and used a Corvette dual master cylinder. It stops good and I dont think I need to add a power booster unit. I am going to add rear discs in the future and think it will stop even better. I did swap in a 3.73 differential from a 54 Plymouth which helped with the cruising speeds. I am still working on some sort of overdrive transmission. I have a full build thread on here with all of the mods and upgrades I have done. Post up pics and ask away with the questions!
  8. I would be curious as to what the front of the frame looks like. I have looked at my frame pics and the others who have posted pics of theirs. I would venture to say that is not a c series frame. The hard part would be figuring out what it actually is. After looking at your pics, it appears you have independent from suspension. With that said and looking at the canted rear spring hangers, I an gonna guess 72 up Dodge pickup which will help in getting the right parts. Below is a frame diagram I found of a 72+ and a 77 truck with the bed off. Hope this helps.
  9. With Viva cancelled, I have slowed down a bit but still working on the R10. 1 gear replaced and 1 to go. Then clean it up and slap it back together.
  10. Nostalgia Sids Dropped Axles - https://www.droppedaxles.com/ Scarebird Disc Brake Conversions - https://www.scarebird.com/
  11. The original bulls eye headlights can be found as burnt out used units on ebay and then converted to modern plug in bulbs. There is a thread in the tech forum and a couple pics in my 55 C1B build thread.
  12. Got it in today. It's a little heavier than it was before but not really stiff. I had them rebuild it to stock since they said it was so worn. Once I get the tranny back together I will see if its slipping. If so. I will have them put in the extra heavy springs.
  13. I tore into my R10 to find my 1st/reverse slider gear missing some teeth. I decided to be brave or foolish (you choose) and tear it apart to fix it. I just got the new gear in the mail from eBay and installed it. Now to source the reverse idler gear and put this guy back together. Looks like they didnt make too many changes to this tranny over the years which is great for hard parts.
  14. So I am trying to get ready for car show season. Slipping clutch and overdrive are on the top of the list. I went to Franklin Truck Parts and had my pressure plate rebuilt and got a new disc. Now to get it installed and move on the the overdrive.
  15. I took it to Franklin Truck Parts in Victorville. They sent it out for the actual repair. They do clutches, drivelines etc.
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