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  1. I run at 70-75 on the highway but also run low profile radials. Sway bar is on the list after getting my Hilborn working. Hopefully you will figure it out shortly!
  2. The damper will just mask the problem. I think fixing the box would be more important. As for the sway bar, I plan on doing front and rear. With the speeds I drive, I think it would help with handling. The rear is pretty easy and I have an Explorer bar I was going to use. The front I haven't figured out yet.
  3. I would love to see what you come up with for a front sway bar. That is on my list!
  4. Pretty sure we chatted about this already! 😆
  5. I run the Scarbird up front and a Corvette dual master in the stock location. Stops great and no booster needed. I will have disc's on the back once I figure out what rear axle I will use.
  6. Not sure yet... I gotta get all the Hilborn stuff figured out first. That could be a while the way things are going.
  7. Most likely it was a 4.10. There was a lower gear set like a 4.89 or something that is a little more rare if memory serves. Do you have a pic of the rear axle? Is it a stock housing with different gears or a whole different axle? The stock housing can have different gears swapped in from other Mopars of that era. I put 3.73's in mine out of a 54 Plymouth.
  8. I installed a 54 Plymouth differential into my 55 with 3.73 gears. Night and day difference from the 4.10's. I regularly cruise the highway at 70+. Those pop up from time to time on craigslist and ebay.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. I have searched the internet and only came up with my original bumper style with the license plate indent and the horrible aftermarket diamond tread styles. I might see if I can find a better stock indent style that I could have chromed. This one would block the plate and I dont want it mounted under the tail light. My original bumper took hours of press work for me to repair. It looks fair in flat black but I doubt I could ever make it chrome worthy. The truck was used for logging for many years. The bumper really took some abuse.
  10. I have one in fair condition with the license plate indent and would never be straight enough to chrome. This one would need rechromed, but I wouldn't want to waste money rechroming it if it isn't the proper bumper.
  11. Scored a chrome front bumper this weekend! It's old chrome and will need rechromed to match the rest of the truck. However, the hard work of smoothing out a factory bumper to be chrome worthy is already done. I also scored what the seller says is a stock rear bumper. I posted another thread on that one.
  12. Ok everyone... looking for help identifying this rear bumper I score this weekend. The seller claims it was off a 55 or 56. It came with a nice chrome front bumper that matches my 55 perfectly. Just needs to be rechomed. The rear however, has the right mounts but I have never seen one. Anybody confirm if this is for a 54 and up?
  13. I have alot to do such as fool with my lifters again and find a weird noise I have had from the beginning. Of course there is also the R10 to put back together and install. I have plenty of time to decide what to do with the 8 3/4. With the torque the hemi has, I rarely need to get it over 5k to have fun. I think 3.73's or 3.55's will be a good street light to street light and highway combo. I will decide once I get her back together and get a feel for the R10. Then I can decide if I need a higher freeway gear or not. My original rear with the 54 Plymouth 3.73s works well and is rebuilt. I like the idea of the 8 3/4 because it looks more factory than a 8.8 or D35. Secondly, a disc brake upgrade is cheap and easy to find versus making one for the tapered axle setup.
  14. When I did mine, I put the strips on top of the wood without using a router. It helped protect the bed a little better since the pine is kind of soft.
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