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  1. Do you have a better picture of the long oval trim piece where the ignition key is at?
  2. Looks like the 53 and earlier guys have a nice option for power steering. The 54+ guys are out of luck on this setup.
  3. Loving the fuel pump. I think I have the same one and its the noisiest damn thing on the truck!
  4. Took her out to a local cruise night burger joint. Definitely need to get the new tranny installed and a heavier clutch built. Maybe once car show season slows down.
  5. These are my favorite and are $100 each...
  6. So today I got a wild hair and decided to try something different since I was at a show last weekend and I spotted about 8 cars with the same wheels. I thought i would try some old school Mooneyes Racing spinners to give it a different look. I am on the fence about the look. The center bullet is a bit much and maybe the American Racing ones with a flat center would of been a better choice. What do you guys think?
  7. That one pictured looks like it mounts differently than my early 55.
  8. Saw this old switching locomotive on a truck yesterday on I-5. Looks like there used to be a Plymouth Locomotive Works. Thought I might share even though it wasn't the same Plymouth we all think of.
  9. I swapped to 3.73's from a 54 Plymouth and run 225/60/17's at 27.5" tall. I drive it to Vegas as back yearly. I can hold 70mph at 3200 rpms all day. A quick sprint up to 3400 would get me to 75 for passing. This was with my 218 flathead.
  10. Fell in love with the speedo bezel that came on the 58. One of the folks posted one on here recently. Actually, I really like the whole 58 cluster too. The speedo should be he shortly and I can paint or chrome the bezel and put it on my best speedo.
  11. Wow! I love the bezel on the speedo compared to the earlier flat ones. I'm gonna have to go hunting for one of those. I like that late madel instrument cluster as a whole also!
  12. Thought I would post up a recent pic. Everything I have dont lately isnt visible since it's been under the hood!
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