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  1. Yes, the seals go on the bottom side of the floor. They are thin, but at least on my truck they do keep the pedals from banging into the floor board.
  2. In Don Bunn’s reference guide book, on page 101, in the bottom left of the bottom picture you can see the small part that I believe he is referring to. When they moved the bottom door seal from the door to the cab they apparently put these small seals on the door edges. My B2B has the holes for them but I could never find anyone that reproduced them, nor did I ever see any that were in good enough shape to even see exactly what they looked like.
  3. To my knowledge no one is producing those parts. If your originals are good enough one of the companies such as Steele Rubber may copy them and start producing them if they think there is enough demand for them.
  4. When I disassembled my B2B high side bed there were traces of blue paint between the lip and the bed sides where the front of the bed was bolted to the sides. So it appears that at least on mine it was painted before it was assembled. I assumed the floor was still black but I’m not sure as most of the wood had rotted away. The side strips were spot welded on.
  5. Thanks for the video. I enjoyed watching it. That’s a neat little machine!
  6. I used Bill Hirsch’s silver engine enamel. It’s not quite as bright as some of the aluminum paints I’ve seen, but it still matched up well with my silver exhaust manifold paint.
  7. On page 32 of Don Bunn’s book under engine compartment colors, he says clutch and brake pedals were painted black.
  8. I bought those washers from Fastenal several years ago. I did a quick search on-line and didn’t see them listed currently. If you have a fastenal store locally they may be able to look them up for you. They only had 2 sizes. 5/16” & 3/8” and they came in packs of 100. I don’t remember what I paid for them, they weren’t giving them away, but it wasn’t anything near what McMaster Carr was charging. Here are the numbers off the bags: 5/16”= part # 10229-11704. It also had another # DSTP-0312-16-02. 3/8” part # 10229-11705. The other # on that size is DSTP-0375-16-01. I don’t think I could find them on-line back when I was looking either, but they had them listed in their catalog. As for bolts with the logo, I haven’t had any luck locating any. Some NOS ones have turned up on EBay from time to time.
  9. I bought a NOS one several years ago and it was black. I assume they probably all were.
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