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  1. My 1950 B2B has a 218 with 3 speed on the column and fluid drive.
  2. That is a water distribution tube. It’s purpose is to direct coolant to the valve seats. Yours is in very good condition. Most of the time they have been installed so long that they are a rusty mess that usually takes a good deal of time and effort to remove, and even then they usually come out in numerous pieces.
  3. My experience has been that this type of damage is caused by improper adjustment of the gearbox. The gearbox is designed to have the least amount of play between the sector shaft and worm gear when the wheels are in the straight ahead position. If someone adjusts the play in the steering while the wheels are left or right of straight, when the wheels are returned to the straight ahead position, there will be no clearance between the worm and sector shaft. This condition leads to galling. I would be concerned about using JB Weld in this type of application. If a chunk of it were to become
  4. That is a beautiful truck. Nice job, and thanks for the pictures.
  5. I’m no expert, but I would assume if the housing was sealed, as the temperature increased, so would the pressure. It could eventually push oil out the seals, or worst case I guess it could possibly blow out the entire seal.
  6. You call it a 1948, but the dash and windshield wipers indicate it is not. I’m not familiar enough with the dash layout or exactly when the dash changed, but it was sometime after 1950. It appears someone replaced the grill with one from a 48-50 model. Someone with more knowledge than me can probably say what year it is.
  7. Beautiful truck! I wish my projects would go that fast!!
  8. Boy that looks like a hard hit. Glad you’re ok!
  9. This is just my opinion and someone more knowledgeable may want to chime in, but you may have created a future problem using bondo on your water pump. Body filler absorbs water which will allow the metal plate behind it to rust. Eventually the body filler will flake off and may plug up your radiator causing over heating problems. If it really needs smoothed out, you may want to consider fiberglass or epoxy. David A.
  10. I’m not sure what model truck you are working on, but my 1950 B2B is completely stock other than having a 2.76 rear end from a Chrysler New Yorker under it for many years. It didn’t have any power, but it would move right along on the interstate. I have since put my original differential back under it with a 3.54 carrier from a plymouth sedan. I have never had any steering issues. On one trip I drove mainly interstate, running 60-65 mph, from the tip of the eastern shore of Virginia to Harrisburg, PA and then back home to South Carolina. About a 800 mile trip.
  11. This is what the machine shop recommended I use for the welch plugs. So far I haven’t had any leaks and it’s been a number of years since I installed them.
  12. Nice truck. Enjoyed the pictures and the video!
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