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  1. just to to re-cap, you had a speedo that didn't work you re-magnetized the bar and now it works?
  2. Rear seat of 1999 chevy silverado. BUT, I centered on original seat frame and ended up about 1" to the right of center of steering wheel "Missed it by that much"
  3. I had brand new fuel pump with the blue felpro gasket and the thickness of the gasket was enough to make the truck not run. Re-assembled without gasket using just a thin coat of rtv sealant and it runs great.
  4. I have a '71 B250 van (motorhome) with drum brakes. Looking to change to disc, I see in the manual later years did have disc, then I read that the 78 or 79 control arms would bolt to the 71 frame along with the calipers etc, making it a bolt on from later years. Anyways any info would help. Btw it is a Balboa Motorhome, they were built by Jensen marine (a boat builder in California) from 71 to 74, approx 1100 were made. they used the Dodge B250, as well as GM and Ford conversion vans as the platform.
  5. autometers. the chrome rings are from broken speedo's drilled the rivets and used the bezels to bolt to the dash
  6. I put the booster under the cab, it take some custom work on mounting plates. I purchased booster, master and pedal as an assembly the proportioning valve went into the frame rail under the drivers seat. The only problem with this set up is to access the master for filling I had to remove the tranny cover plate.
  7. when I did the rusty hope disc conversion I went with a 7" brake booster with dual master attached, also I had a proportioning valve from a Chevy nova that I used to get the disc/drum pressures.
  8. I replaced the line using steel (brake lines) tube. Because of the frame flex, I used two short rubber hoses to transition from frame to tank and motor to allow for movement.
  9. Very cool. I was really surprised to see the Jaguar XJ 6 front suspension was almost a direct fit.
  10. sounds like its shorting at the distributor. There is a bakelite sleeve that insulates the small wire that passes thru the Dist. After 70 years it breaks when you look at it. I would check continuity between the coil wire and the dist case, and would guess you have a short. I fixed mine with the body of a bic pen, using the clear plastic as the insulating tube.
  11. thank you. Rims were 16x7 and the rubber was 235/85.
  12. these are my stocktons for the 1 Ton, bought them in 09, the rim is great.
  13. I do it for show, great fun. Never realized how much quieter it is OUTside of the cab. I do chock the wheels cause I don't trust the park brake.
  14. out of curiousity as a late 1955 is it a positive ground 12 volt?
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