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17th Annual Clements Tailgate, in Clements California BBQ

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              APRIL 6th 2024



                   Home of the largest meet up of Dodge Pilot-House Era Trucks

                               in the WHOLE WORLD!!! MARS AND JUPITER TOO!!!

                    We get invaded by Vintage Cars and Trucks from other makers,


                                                          ...at least I don't.....lol   :D

                                                           Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!!! Woohoo!

               Its on a private ranch, my ranch, no admission, no tickets to buy, plenty of 6 feet of clearance for everyone, still!!


Big Blocks, Small Blocks, L6, Straight Six, Old Hemi, New Hemi, Modern Hemi, Don't care, just love your ride and share the story!


                                                                          Timothy A. Estrada aka 48Dodger 

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Well if I don't go, seems Delta willstop flying to CA.   Flights booked, see ya Thursday evening!

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Only land boats....or any muscle rigs, oh, and priorly approved stuff....lol 






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Sadly, no truck this year coming with us and our air bnb isn’t available, we will be staying way down in Lockford! ?

this sucks! Gosh, Sure hope it rains!! (JK)


can’t wait to see everyone.

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We'll figure out where you're staying Brent!


And OMG! Please tell me Hank And Blanca are coming!!!!


This year is shaping up to be fun!



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1 hour ago, 48Dodger said:

Anybody remember the Air Flow?


Yep, there's gonna be one at the show!



Wow 48, that is just mean! 
I just call him Mark ?


(JK buddy) 

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On 2/15/2024 at 7:39 PM, HanksB3B said:

Hi Tim,

Hope you are well. I really want to take my truck. It will be great to see everyone again. 

Thank you for being the greatest host ever !!!






Perhaps you can drag Jay Leno along this time? haha.....

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He can't show up if he is not invited.


John-T will ya give Jay a call and invite him and his wife to come?


Have never seen her at filmed shows but since this is a family type get together and maybe Tim can clear off a landing strip for Jay's jet on the back 40 and she can come along  and bring something to BBQ?


Jus'  a thought.  ?



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